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          Calvin Wong
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            Ronald Ching
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                    Actual Chemistry Tutoring Requests

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                    • “F4 Chemistry”

                      King M.

                      Kowloon-Sham Shui Po

                      What is the student's current Chemistry level?S.4 - S.6
                      Which medium of instruction from the tutor do you want?Cantonese
                      Purpose of attending classes:Improve Academic Performance at school, Preparing for the HKDSE exam
                    • “Prepare for the exam”

                      Sky Chan

                      Kowloon-Diamond Hill

                      You areThe Student
                      What is the student's current Chemistry level?S.4 - S.6
                      Which medium of instruction from the tutor do you want?English
                    • “Poor Basic Chemistry Knowledge”


                      Hong Kong-Sheung Wan

                      Which area do you prefer?Central and Western / Wan Chai / Southern District, Eastern District
                      What is the student's current Chemistry level?S.4 - S.6
                      Which medium of instruction from the tutor do you want?English

                    Customer Reviews

                    Average Chemistry Tutoring Rating:
                    Based on 207 reviews
                    • Janet Yeung Wong
                      December 7, 2017


                    • 柏里海德
                      November 14, 2017


                    • Chris
                      September 12, 2017

                      very good

                    • Ivy
                      December 10, 2017

                      很好的老師 持續補習中

                    • miss cheung
                      November 4, 2017


                    • 銘峰
                      October 4, 2017

                      我覺得個導師好有heart,可以好好咁針對番我唔識既topic黎教,而且每堂都係教哂先走而唔係一夠鐘就走 好評👍🏻

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                    Average 200 /hour in Hong Kong
                    Average$ 200MinimumMaximum$ 150$ 220

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