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  • oceaen chan
    (11 Reviews)
    Hello, everyone, I am Ocean, specializing in teaching pop drums. The courses are as follows: Pop drum course: Under the tutelage of the famous Hong Kong jazz drum instructor Simon Chui-Xu Shixing, I have studied and furthered Jazz drum, jazz style drum music. Passed Rockschool Grade 8 Drumkit With Merit in 2011 Passed Trinity Pop & Rock Grade 5 Drumkit in 2015. I have been teaching at E & L studio for several years. I will have a systematic professor to read music correctly, with the same coordination, from shallow to deep, so that students Master drumming methods in a short time, and patiently guide and arrange for students to participate...
  • 相信音樂|MusicPhile
    Supreme Service
    Gold Tier
    (39 Reviews)
    Led by graduates of Master of Music Education and supported by senior performing musicians, the company is committed to providing high-quality diversified music services in the region. The principal has many years of music education experience. He has worked with Perth Music Group, Boyin Music Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Youth Association, Hong Kong Christian Missionary Association and other leading music companies and organizations in different industries. He has toured in many places and has played on stage with well-known local bands including the Tie Shulan Band. Have sufficient experience in institutional training and organizing large-scale music events. Welcome to inquire about music equipment, banquet music, concerts and institutional training. Company characteristics✅Students can choose their own tutors✅The tutors have deep experience in teaching adult men, women and children.✅Has a high-quality acoustic room✅Uses internationally renowned award-winning musical instruments...
  • 全職流行鼓導師|Tam ka ho
    Supreme Service
    (94 Reviews)
    🎵Full-time pop drum instructor, Tam ka ho🥁 📌More than 11 years of teaching and accompaniment experience 🎖 Obtained Rockschool Drum Kit Grade 8 (Merit) 🎼 Participated in the CD recording process of a church organization, professionally responsible for the preparation of existing drum performance courses ✅ Pop drum class ✅ Jazz drum class ✅ Wooden box drum class ✅ African drum class One-on-one class Area 📍Diamond Hill welcome for more details 🤳
  • G_drumsworkshop
    (5 Reviews)
    💢G_drumsworkshop💢 💁🏻I learn from the famous local tutor Marco Leung (Xiwei) 🎵 Since 2011, he has taught in primary and secondary schools, music centers and private music rooms 💯Professor more than 80 students, the age of the students ranges from 4 to 50 years old , during the period, all students can pass the level exam, the success rate is 100% , Pearl River Delta region, Taiwan participated in various music festivals, such as 2014: Taiwan Chunna Music Festival, 2016: West Kowloon Local Jiang Music Festival 🎙️Zeng...
  • P&B流行音樂教室
    (12 Reviews)
    The P&B pop music classroom mainly provides professional audio and lighting rental, and later the service is extended to offer various types of music courses, such as wooden guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, pop drum, wooden box drum, electronic organ, Ukulele, piano , P&B pop music classroom for singing, etc., and Wai's Amplification Workshop for repairing electronic musical instruments. Website:
  • Jackson Yuen
    (1 Reviews)
    The drum instructor has a Grade 8 Certificate of Merit from Trinity College (Holy Trinity College of Music) in London, UK, and has many years of private drum teaching experience. Provide comprehensive drumming knowledge, practice methods and self-made teaching materials for students of different levels. Flexible private teaching hours, convenient for students and working professionals. Beginners or interested friends are welcome to try it out for free. Interested friends can whatsapp 971***56 or go to FB PAGE or email to bzk***@*****.com for inquiries :)
  • Wong Kwan Nam
    I have passed grade 8 music theory, grade 8 guitar and grade 8 drum. I graduated from the famous American music academy Musician Institute in 2015. I am a professor of pop drums. I design different styles of teaching materials for students with different preferences, such as Pop Rock Funk Jazz. For those who are interested, it is not necessary to take the grade test. You can teach students to designate pop songs to teach music theory courses from elementary to grade 5. If you want to take an exam, you need a grade 5 music theory qualification to apply for the exam.
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    Samuel Lau
    Jun 04 2022

    Very good teacher

    May 30 2022
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    One on one 👍👍

    Apr 15 2022
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    Good, learn super fast, teach super well, get started very quickly

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