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Featured English Tutors

  1. English Tutoring - English Tutor-Whitney Too
    Whitney Too
    4 Reviews
    Founder and Director in Hillstar Education English and Mathematics Tutor Journalism and Communication ... Wedding Organiser in Wedding Maestros ... Starting off as a PR, not only has Whitney been always eager to design, organise and facilit...
  2. English Tutoring - English Tutor-Tiffany Ip
    Tiffany Ip
    3 Reviews
    Hi, you can call me Miss Tiffany or Miss Ip :) 本人為加拿大University of Toronto (多倫多大學)畢業生,雙主修英文(English)和專業寫作(Professional Writing),現為一名全職私人補習老師,擁有多年補習經驗。 - 專補中小學全科、英文、英文拼音、Toefl托福、Ielts雅思、數學 - 專門幫副學士、大學生、碩士生、博士生修改論文 - 對象:幼稚園、小學、中學、副學士、大學生、成人英文 - 精於拔尖...
  3. English Tutoring - English Tutor-廖sir
    3 Reviews
    全職補習 本人於中大工商管理畢業,獲2級甲等榮譽學位,會考成績優異,並具多年補習經驗,尤其擅長英、數、理科(物理、化學、生物公開試全A),中文地理亦為A。專補英 、數 、科學,曾有不少學生班內排名升20名以上。現及曾經補HKU Space 、聖士提反 、英華 、喇沙、伍華、漢華、民生 、維多利亞 、順利天主教 、播道書院 、Nord Anglia 、禮賢會等,學生成績均大幅躍進。 中文書法 $550/hr (是為坊間市價,可議),2人同行$250/hr每位開心價,3人$160每位,以期望遇...
  4. English Tutoring - English Tutor-Simon Leung
    Simon Leung
    4 Reviews
    Experienced private tutor. Tailor-made lesson for students. Equip students with clear understanding of subject matter. Graduated from CUHK. Hold Master degree and PGDE. May conduct lesson in English and Cantonese May teach individual or small clas...

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  • “English Oral practice”


    Kowloon-Kwun Tong

    What is the student's current academic level?S.5
    What content of English tutoring do you want to include?Speaking
    Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Want to Practice Speaking English with a Native Speaker
  • “English Homework Guidance”

    Ariel Kwan

    New Territories-Yuen Long

    What is the student's current academic level?P.1-P.3
    What content of English tutoring do you want to include?Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, Integrated Skills, Homework Guidance
    Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Two days per work English tutoring
  • “English Tutoring & Phonics Training for K2 student”

    Rachel Tong

    New Territories-Ma On Shan

    What is the student's current academic level?K2
    What content of English tutoring do you want to include?Speaking
    Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Phonics

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  • 吳智超
    4 months ago


  • Yuki
    3 months ago

    細心, 很有禮貌的一位老師。

  • Yun Yuan
    3 months ago


  • fanny yu
    20 days ago

    超級有禮, 值回票價, 相當專業, 極有效率, 態度很好, 頂級質素

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