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  • 港大通識教育及社會科學雙學士Marco Tang
    (68 Reviews)
    Hong Kong University General Thinking | Skills | Framework | Evolution In 2017, every 2.3 students have a lv5 or more Marco Tang general course features: High-order thinking arguments - perfect for all topics. A versatile example - use the changes appropriately, read less and read more. Different question types such as data questions, comics, comparison questions, etc., comparative skills, perfect refutation and comparison of different arguments. The strongest thinking method. Topics taught by common frameworks for different topics include: Personal Growth Today Hong Kong Modern China Global Public Health Energy Technology and Environment
  • Scarlett Iu
    My name is Scarlett and I have been giving English, History and Liberal Studies tutorial lessons for over 4 years.
  • Stephen Wong
    (5 Reviews)
    Former Secondary School Teacher. Familiar with local public exam requirements. Specialized in Liberal Studies tutoring. 經驗教師。熟悉文憑試作答技巧及模式。
  • 堅持為學生做到最好!...
    Supreme Service
    Supplier of the Year
    (163 Reviews)
    🔥堅持為學生做到最好! 🔺補習介紹|免費搵私補導師|星級改文服務👩🏻‍🎓👨🏻‍🎓 💯政府註冊|已累積服務6892位學生

  • Tutor Circle 尋補
    Supreme Service
    (121 Reviews)
    Tutor Circle-Provide the most suitable tutor
  • Jerry Chak
    🌟 Graduate of Ying Wa College, currently studying at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, majoring in General Education and minoring in Geography and Resource Management. 🌟 Got 5* in Geography and 5 in Liberal Studies in 2016 HKDSE. 🌟 Currently a part-time member of the team of tutors of a large tutoring agency, and also privately tutoring high school general education and geography. 🌟Professional analysis of previous exam questions, providing precise notes. The class mainly teaches the core content and the necessary skills for taking the test. 🌟 Regularly distribute custom mock papers for professional assessment and analysis of exam question trends. 🌟24 hours whatsapp inquiry service, make suggestions and analysis according to individual performance. 🌟Welcome to whatsapp for inquiries, there are samples of class notes for viewing and testing.
  • Alex
    DSE Mathematics, General 5* English, Chemistry, BAFS 5
    - When I was in secondary school, I only attended secondary schools of average level in Tuen Mun District, and I was recognized by the school that I could only get Lv3 grades. I attended a large tutoring school in Form 5, but I felt that the content was the same, and the advertisements boasted about students' grades. In Form 6 Decided to stop enrolling in all classes, made notes and studied past paper, and finally won a star in Chinese and a fifth in liberal arts. We understand that what students need is not a lot of handwritten notes or ancient and modern examples, but the use of skills and review methods, even if the cultural foundation is insufficient, the learning efficiency can be improved in a short period of time. Instead of wasting hundreds of dollars every month on videos to buy notes that everyone has, let me help you make up for it one-on-one. -- Middle School Chinese: $90-$...
  • Law On Ying Veanna
    I am currently studying in the third year of Social Science and Education (Double Degree) at the University of Hong Kong. I have achieved 5** in the general education examination, 5* in Chinese composition, and 5 in general English, Chinese reading and economics. . I actively participate in both academic and non-academic activities. I have won the winner of the trial and best witness of the trial awards in the Interschool mock trial competition. At the same time, I have achieved A- in Cambridge IGCSE, an international English test, and can speak fluent Mandarin and English.
  • KC
    Graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy, specializing in teaching Chinese, philosophy, and general education, and only accepting students who are serious about their studies.
  • 雅文補習中心
    I have 8 years of tutoring experience. I have served as a private tutor for many famous school students, and I also have experience as a tutor in a tutoring agency. In the past year, he worked as a research assistant to conduct in-depth research on Hong Kong education.
  • Duffy Learning Centre
    My center instructors have rich teaching experience and are enthusiastic about education. We will first understand the needs of students, and then teach students according to their aptitude, so that students can enjoy the learning process. We are committed to helping students regain their confidence in learning, and hope that they can learn actively and no longer shy away from revision. English lessons: 🎈Duffy Story I want to tell stories (K2-K3) Encourage children to read and speak more through interesting stories, and increase their interest in learning English. This course uses Cambridge textbooks to learn everyday words and answers in a pleasant format, allowing them to communicate naturally in English. 🎈Duffy Drama Master of Drama (K2-P2) Through the practice of different drama elements, interactively train children to be brave...
  • Customer Reviews
    Based on 308 reviews
    Sean Chiang
    Dec 27 2023

    Professional, structured and insightful

    Sep 16 2022

    Miss Chong is a patient teacher. My son loves her lessons!

    Aug 06 2022
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
    show original review

    Very friendly and approachable, teaching strategies are very good and effective in helping me improve my weak areas

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