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  • Quentin
    (21 Reviews)
    Master Professor of Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele, Level 5 Music, Second Composer, Arranger, Window Computer Music Production (SONAR X2)
  • Miss Lam
    The LTCL Diploma and Level 8 Lecturer has fifteen years of teaching experience. He teaches elementary to playing pianos, five to eight and music theory. The students have achieved excellent results.
  • Zoe Mak
    Teaching piano and children's music singing and piano classes for more than 10 years experience Trinity ATCL performance level diploma Royal College of Music 8 certificate Royal College of Music 8 music theory certificate Other cognitive instruments: Harp, Ocarina, Ukulele, Guzheng, etc.
  • Kam Ka Yiu
    Provide classical / popular piano / music theory teaching services. I am currently studying music at the Hong Kong Baptist University, majoring in piano. Piano performance level DipABRSM . Teaching students include individuals, small classes, ages from kindergarten to adults, and experience in teaching different types of students. The dormitory is close to the city and it is convenient to go to different areas to teach classes. The flexibility of class time can be matched as much as possible. Not only the examination, but the teaching of music. With the popularity of the piano, in addition to becoming a musical instrument for the primary and secondary school students, many people think that the piano is too ordinary, ignoring its beauty and the music philosophy behind it. "Music" can be preserved in this era of musical instruments and tutoring.
  • Miss Chu
    (1 Reviews)
    About the Instructor: Graduated from the Music Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (BA Music), majoring in piano performance. Ten years of teaching experience, the teacher of Hong Kong famous pianist Dr. Zheng Hui. Teaching piano performance techniques, music analysis, and training for absolute sound. As a teacher, I don't just teach how to play the piano. I also want to lead students to learn how to appreciate music, because I believe that the meaning of music is not just a bunch of notes on the score. Learning music and music can cultivate us to learn to persist, enhance sensitivity to various things, bring us joy, and bring rich spiritual food. Who am I teaching? Anyone who is not limited to age, is willing to practice piano, and wants to learn classical music. I can teach in Cantonese, English and Mandarin. Place of study: Students can take classes in Sha Tin or Wan Chai.
  • 泉大有限公司
    Graduated from Brahms College Music in Austria (mainly focusing on bass cello minors), with 20 years of music education experience, including music management and teaching in the first-line piano industry in Hong Kong, cello tutor in primary and secondary schools, bass violin in Hong Kong /Cello group tutor. The teaching method mainly uses the easy and pleasant way to explore the students' musical talents to realize their unlimited potential, so that students can find their own musical talents in a relaxed and enjoyable learning environment. In the past, many primary and secondary school students or adults have been instructed to pass the music level to the performance level exam. For amateur study, you can tailor the course to your own conditions.
  • Grace Chan
    本人已考獲演奏級文憑,歡迎查詢。 如有問題,可直接 WHATSAPP : 633***83 LTCL - Licentiate of Trinity College London(倫敦聖三一音樂學院 碩士) ATCL Pass with distinction - Associate of Trinity College London(倫敦聖三一音樂學院 名譽成員) ABRSM Grade 8 Pass with merit - Associated Board Royale School...
  • Graduated from the Music Department of Baptist University, majoring in piano, loves to teach children and children's music, has been teaching children's piano experience for 5 years, has patience, can make children happy to learn
  • Alexandra
    Teaching and selling piano and music music master's degree, holding CTABRSM, 20 years of teaching experience, excellent student performance. Teaching kindergartens to adults.
  • Wong kin mui
    It has been teaching music and related activities for more than 15 years. The K.Kawai RX-2 is used in the piano, which helps students to appreciate and enhance the appreciation and demand of music. The class is taught in a step-by-step manner, hoping that students can learn in a pleasant and confident environment and develop their interest and appreciation for music. Piano lessons range from beginner to performance level, and trombone, trumpet, and music theory provide primary to octave degrees. There is also an accompaniment service to assist with the needs of the exam, competition or performance.
  • Oscar Lam
    Now he teaches five-level music theory, eight-level music theory, and acoustics and bass guitar. He is dedicated to the development of bass in music education. He also has several years of performance experience including live concerts, church worship and other genres (Pop, Rock, Jazz, Funk or Bossa Nova, etc. and playing skills (Slap Pop, Tapping, etc.) also have an in-depth study of the five-level music theory. The course is taught by the Royal College of Music. The eight-level music theory instructor will promote the professional textbooks. The professors will bring their own paper to help students. Kao Lili
  • Miss Lai
    Since the age of 7 began to learn the kite, enlightened by Wu Yaoshan teacher, after the follow-up with Hong Kong's famous guzheng player Qian Qi teacher professional kite. During the middle school period, he participated in many inter-school music festivals and achieved excellent results. He also lived in different international competitions such as the Huaxia National Instrumental Music Competition and won the outstanding performance award. She is also fortunate to be selected as the guzheng musician of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra Group and the Youth Music Training Fund. The orchestra participates in concerts, domestic and international exchanges, community performances and other activities, and has many professional performances. After graduating from high school, she did not give up the guzheng music. During the university, she actively participated in the performances of the Chinese Orchestra and the Guzheng Group. At the same time, she also served as a guzheng tutor in different schools and music schools to develop music education work to promote the guzheng music. She was also admitted to the Hong Kong Island Youth Chinese Orchestra as a guzheng musician, with a few...
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    Dec 01 2021
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    The teacher is attentive, fun to go to class, but also to learn how to use methods to keep children focused 👍

    Oct 29 2021


    Oct 19 2021
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    The teacher is very attentive and patient, punctual, polite and diligent, and very considerate of the user. During the class, we will try our best to let the children experience the fun of music. If you need to learn music theory or ukulele, it is highly recommended to find Quentin to teach.

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    Actual Music Theory Lesson Requests

    • "Looking for a teacher for my son"

      Kowloon - Kwun Tong

      What is the student's current music theory level?No Experience
      How old is the student looking to learn music theory?Younger Than 10 Years Old
      Which language do you prefer to conduct the lessons in?English
    • "Music Theory Lesson for School"

      New Territories - Yuen Long

      What is the student's current music theory level?No Experience
      How old is the student looking to learn music theory?10 - 15 Years Old
      Which language do you prefer to conduct the lessons in?Cantonese
    • "Grade 8 Music Theory"

      Hong Kong Island - North Point

      What is the student's current music theory level?Grade 5
      How old is the student looking to learn music theory?21 - 25 Years Old
      Which language do you prefer to conduct the lessons in?English

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