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    Charlotte Tsang
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              • “Homework Tutor”

                Carl N.

                Hong Kong-Admiralty

                How often would you like to meet?4-5 times per week
                What is this tutoring for?Homework Guidance
              • “Chinese, English, Maths Tutoring”

                Tina C.

                Kowloon-Kwun Tong

                How often would you like to meet?2-3 times per week
                What is this tutoring for?Exam Preparation
              • “Prepare for the exam”

                Tiffany L.

                New Territories-Sha Tin

                How often would you like to meet?2-3 times per week
                What is this tutoring for?Exam Preparation

              Customer Reviews

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              • KM
                June 23, 2019
                Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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                Mr. Zhong’s services are complete, for example (1) Contact me in advance to provide a place to pay attention to when purchasing a violin, and accompany me to the store for trial use; (2) Remind me of the time and content before class; (3) Prepare enough lessons to provide background information on the tracks; (4) I also have a space to think about my lack of skills during the learning process, which makes me more deeply impressed; (4) I follow up my practice regularly after class and encourage it. In conclusion, I am more interested in learning and increasing my sense of accomplishment. Thank you, Mr. Zhong.

              • Queenie
                January 16, 2019
                Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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                Kim is a very good teacher. He will live in your degree and teach you how to be a sneak peek. I myself have had several Korean classes in the same school, all of whom are taught by Korean teachers. The grammar and grammar must be explained by the Hong Kong people better than the Koreans. ~ Most of them are a large group of people. The progress will definitely be private. If you want to return a good Korean, or I want to go to South Korea to study. I recommend you 搵Kim :)

              • LEUNG HEI YU
                January 15, 2019
                Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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                On the left side of the hall for about half a year, the real department feels that it is good to teach, patience, and ulterior motives. The teacher will correct one by one, and the accompaniment will be accompanied by a small test, which can increase the progress and make a few fun. The teacher teaches well and the teacher is good.

              • Leo Tam
                May 9, 2019
                Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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                I know that my language is so high, I have been to the same language school, but I am always on track with the progress. However, since I have studied Korean with the left Melody teacher, the progress has been obvious. Melody teacher will respond to my level of study and ability to prepare a course to teach me. I don’t think I am stupid and stupid. Every time I teach me, Melody is super good! !

              • 小天使
                August 17, 2019
                Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
                show original review

                A good teacher worth recommending, the teacher is very patient, will encourage the students, and can remind the students of the subtle part of the attention, which style of music can be provided to the teacher, the teacher will teach you, the teacher also has a special magic weapon Remind you to practice >_< every day

              • LAU PO SANG
                January 12, 2019

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