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Featured Primary School Tutors

  1. Primary School Tutoring-Primary School Tutors-Charlotte Tsang
    Charlotte Tsang
    4 Reviews
    本人現為香港中文大學醫科生,在IB考試中取得44/45。 另外,本人考獲ABRSM 鋼琴及大提琴8級distinction。 有兩年補習及教琴經驗 :)
  2. Primary School Tutoring-Primary School Tutors-Angel Lee
    Angel Lee
    2 Reviews
  3. Primary School Tutoring-Primary School Tutors-allstareducation
    143 Reviews
    星河教育分校: 九龍灣、太子、荃灣、葵芳、沙田、元朗、屯門、炮台山、香港仔 (查詢熱線:288***99// ) 提供中小學及成人//小班,大班,1對1//各科補習!
  4. Primary School Tutoring-Primary School Tutors-eunice suen
    eunice suen
    1 Reviews
    本人於香港理工大學時裝設計系畢業,中學為英華女學校,自中六開始已幫小朋友私補,已有約7年經驗。本人會考成績是 25/30。於CE 和AL 中,英國文學均奪A的成績。本人曾幫助新來港小朋友從全級尾10的排名進步至全級頭三名的成績(英文)。那位小朋友現於傳統名校高主教就讀。 本人語言能力頗強,以往在讀書時因修讀英國文學的關係,常常要寫論文,因此會代名人上司寫演講稿(中英對照),及修飾文件詞彙。 另外,因本人從事設計行業,所以頭髮顏色不是傳統黑啡色,請家長不要以頭髮顏色來質疑學歷與經驗。
  5. Primary School Tutoring-Primary School Tutors-Queenie Tang
    Queenie Tang
    1 Reviews
    你好, 本人在大學畢業後, 有數年在大型會計師行及MNC之審計及內審工作經驗, 現時已註冊為會計師. 另外, 本人有豐富的補習經驗, 在中學及大學求學期間,曾為超過十名學生 (小一至中五) 進行私人補習.
  6. Primary School Tutoring-Primary School Tutors-Jack Wong
    Jack Wong
    New Pro
    Hi! I have recently finished my GCE IAL exams and have attained A in maths. I have previously studied in Wah Yan College Hong Kong as well as St Joseph's College, so I will be well equipped with both the curriculums of HKDSE and GCE. I am a swimme...
  7. Primary School Tutoring-Primary School Tutors-Chow
    New Pro
  8. Primary School Tutoring-Primary School Tutors-Tutor Circle 尋補
    Tutor Circle 尋補
    110 Reviews
    Tutor Circle (尋補) 我地係一個補習平台專為家長同學生搵上門補習導師嫁!我地已經服務超過3000個學生及家長,導師好評數目接近1000個! 1.實力保證 - 我地嘅精英導師主要來自三大,實力保證,高中科目90%配對導師為該科5*以上。 2.彈性課堂 - 時間、價錢、地點、科目、興趣由你們決定,彈性度極高,適合不同學生選擇。同時上門補習亦可。 3.好評如潮 -我地只為提供有質素的導師俾學生同家長,並認真服務每一位同學及家長,絕不收介紹費用。 我地Tutor Circle 尋補好...

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    Carl N.

    Hong Kong-Admiralty

    How often would you like to meet?4-5 times per week
    What is this tutoring for?Homework Guidance
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    Tina C.

    Kowloon-Kwun Tong

    How often would you like to meet?2-3 times per week
    What is this tutoring for?Exam Preparation
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    Tiffany L.

    New Territories-Sha Tin

    How often would you like to meet?2-3 times per week
    What is this tutoring for?Exam Preparation

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  • Chan CT
    3 months ago

    有耐性, 細心

  • Carrie
    7 months ago


  • Ivy
    2 months ago

    很好的老師 持續補習中

  • miss cheung
    4 months ago


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