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Featured Runners

  1. 林先生 (Lemon)
    林先生 (Lemon)
    New Pro
    資深跑步/路跑教練。 專項長跑,着重改善跑姿及制定跑步訓練計劃。 跑手堂教練團隊教練之一及私人教練。 Senior distance runner. Focus on improving techniques and the development of training program. Runners Athletic Club (RAC) coaching team coach and personal running trainer. English speakers welcome!
  2. R Studio
    R Studio
    16 Reviews
    我們的服務主要提供一個舒適的訓練環境,推動及幫助客戶達到訓練目的,培養良好的生活品質及健康的飲食習慣,提供專業的運動訓練課程如功能性訓練,耐力訓練,拳擊,瑜珈,混合健身,TRX,燃脂,增肌方案等等。 運動與不運動的人,隔一天看,沒有任何區別。 若十年後再看,也許就是兩種不同的人生了。 多一天猶豫,少一天圓夢,加入我們,追尋不一樣的自己! Comparing people with or without workout in a short period of time seem no an...
  3. Hey Girls!
    Hey Girls!
    New Pro
    The POWER of GIRL# 💕 香港女子運動綜合平台, 推廣女子運動及交流, 提供全女班教練教學, 定期更新活動資訊, 搜集各類運動課程及優惠!! 支持女士力量!! 支持香港女子運動!!
  4. 5 Reviews
    Joe graduated from HKBU (Bsc, sport and recreation) and get certified NASM personal trainer. He is former HK junior athletics team member and HK development rugby squad member. As being an athlete about 12 years, he knows the way to improve sports...
  5. Outdoor and Fitness
    Outdoor and Fitness
    New Pro
    我主張戶外健身,擁有多年戶外健身及教學經驗,希望提供最便宜但最優質的服務,讓你以低價享受每次的訓練。 戶外訓練?室內健身? 戶外訓練,顧名思義就是把一般健身房的訓練帶到戶外進行。其實戶外訓練在世界各地都盛行多年,為甚麽?對比於傳統的健身房訓練,戶外訓練主要有以下幾點優勢: ========== 1)錢:最直接的原因,一般Gym的營運都依靠兩大類的收入,一是顧客於健身房的月費,二是教練的費用分賬。所以不難發現,為何聘請私人教練這麼昂貴,原因就是給了健身中心。而Freelance的私人教練會比...
  6. Max
    New Pro
    現役拳手及健身教練 為客人提供專業的健身 瘦身 增肌服務及指導 亦善於 運動創傷 痛症問題等 健身 打拳 拉筋(運動創傷,痛症問題等…)
  7. Boyi
    New Pro
    NASM認可私人教練 2016 HKCBBA 全港沙灘健美賽 Sport model A組季軍 2017 仁愛堂主席盃 Sport model A組冠軍 2017 香港街頭健身極限力量挑戰賽 女子組冠軍 Follow me: Ig: boyi_girlsfit 詳細可直接查詢:988***65(wha
  8. 健身好友
    New Pro
  9. 田徑運動員 Kobe
    田徑運動員 Kobe
    New Pro
    Kobe 現役香港大學田徑隊隊員 400米及800米香港大學大專代表 兩年香港培正中學田徑隊及越野隊長 曾在兩年學界越野取得冠軍 曾中學學界(第一組別)400米取得殿軍 接受系統性田徑及越野訓練越10年
  10. running 3
    running 3
    New Pro
  11. NIL
    New Pro
  12. Essential Fitness & Recreation Management Limited
    Essential Fitness & Recreation Management Limited
    New Pro
    Essential Fitness and Recreation Management Ltd We are committed to providing our clients with professional and tailor-made consultation, management, and administrative services in the field of Sports and Recreation, including, but not limited to,...

Actual Runner Requests

See other similar requests in Hong Kong

  • “running training course”

    Esther Sun

    Hong Kong-Sheung Wan

    What is your experience level?No experience
    What is the objective you are trying to achieve?Half marathon
    Anything else you would like your Pro to know?need some tips for my speed distribution
  • “plan a train running schedule for my son”

    Mrs Li

    Kowloon-Ngau Tau Kok

    What is your experience level?Beginner
    What is the objective you are trying to achieve?60 metres dash
    Anything else you would like your Pro to know?eight years old boy
  • “need a running training plan”


    Hong Kong-Siu Sai Wan

    What is your experience level?Intermediate
    What is the objective you are trying to achieve?will join full marathon
    Anything else you would like your Pro to know?I am a slow runner but want to finish 2019 marathon

Customer Reviews

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Based on 59 reviews
  • kenny
    10 days ago

    非常專業的體能教練 能有效增強我的體能,爆發力,速度和敏捷 由最基本的熱身、訓練動作,各方面都有詳盡指導 講解訓練要點,背後原理

  • mandylee
    10 days ago


  • Alvin Ho
    12 days ago


  • AP
    8 months ago

    非常專業, 態度認真, 很有禮貌, 速度很快, 結果很滿意. 教練對教導充滿熱情,態度準時認真,很有耐性及清渺地指出及每個動作細節,及作出糾正。

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