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  • 資深跑步/路跑教練
    (11 Reviews)
    資深跑步/路跑教練。 專項長跑,着重改善跑姿及制定跑步訓練計劃。 針對各紀律部隊考核項目進行訓練 跑手堂教練團隊教練之一及私人教練。 歡迎英語學員! Senior distance runner. Focus on improving techniques and the development of training program. Conduct training for various disciplined forces assessment items. Runners Ath...
  • R Studio
    (16 Reviews)
    Our services mainly provide a comfortable training environment, promote and help customers achieve their training goals, develop a good quality of life and healthy eating habits, and provide professional sports training courses such as functional training, endurance training, boxing, yoga, mixed fitness , TRX, fat burning, muscle building programs and more. There is no difference between people who exercise and those who don't exercise every other day. If you look at it ten years later, it may be two different lives. One more day of hesitation, one less day to realize your dream, join us and pursue a different self! Comparing people with or without workout in a short period of time seem no an...
  • Hey Girls Hong Kong
    The POWER of GIRL# 💕 A comprehensive platform for women's sports in Hong Kong, to promote women's sports and exchanges, provide coaching for all-girl classes, update event information regularly, and collect various sports courses and discounts!! Support women's power!! Support women's sports in Hong Kong!!
  • 4.8
    (5 Reviews)
    Joe graduated from HKBU (Bsc, sport and recreation) and get certified NASM personal trainer. He is former HK junior athletics team member and HK development rugby squad member. As being an athlete about 12 years, he knows the way to improve sports...
  • Outdoor and Fitness
    (1 Reviews)
    I advocate outdoor fitness and have many years of outdoor fitness and teaching experience. I hope to provide the cheapest but best service so that you can enjoy every training at a low price. Outdoor training? Indoor fitness? Outdoor training, as the name suggests, is to bring the training of the general gym to the outdoors. In fact, outdoor training has been popular all over the world for many years, why? Compared with traditional gym training, outdoor training mainly has the following advantages: ========== 1) Money: The most direct reason is that the operation of Gym generally relies on two categories of income. The monthly fee for the gym, and the second is the cost of the coach. So it's not hard to see why hiring a personal trainer is so expensive, the reason is for the fitness center. And Freelance's personal trainer will be more than...
  • Max
    Active boxers and fitness coaches provide customers with professional fitness, weight-loss and muscle-building services and guidance. They are also good at sports trauma and pain problems and other fitness boxing and stretching (sports trauma, pain problems, etc.)
  • Boyi
    I am a NASM-approved coach, an amateur bodybuilder, and I am good at taking targeted exams for disciplined forces training. I am a woman who slims and loses weight. There are countless successful cases, and the training time is optional.
  • 健身好友
    Vigorously promote fitness activities. The combination of exercise and diet
  • 田徑運動員 Kobe
    Kobe is currently a member of the track and field team of the University of Hong Kong in 400m and 800m. Representative of the University of Hong Kong for two years. The track and field team and cross-country captain of Hong Kong Pui Ching Middle School. He won the championship in cross-country for two years. Sexual track and field and cross country training more than 10 years
  • running 3
    I am the second-level coach of Tian Zong. I have regular long-distance running practice at Sha Tin Sports Ground every Wednesday at 7:30 pm. People who have never or experienced are welcome to participate. The fee is $200/8 sessions, each session is 2 hours.
  • NIL
    (11 Reviews)
  • Essential Fitness & Recreation Management Limited
    Essential Fitness and Recreation Management Ltd We are committed to providing our clients with professional and tailor-made consultation, management, and administrative services in the field of Sports and Recreation, including, but not limited to,...
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    Jan 08 2024
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    Richard is a great coach. He helped me change my running posture. In addition, I ran so fast and broke my own record. The coaches themselves are very kind people and teach students with great care. So I sincerely recommend you.

    Oct 04 2022

    Very good👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

    Jul 30 2021
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    What a caring coach! Teach according to your aptitude! Help guide the development of an exercise program!

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    Actual Runner Requests

    • “running training course”

      Hong Kong-Sheung Wan

      What is your experience level?No experience
      What is the objective you are trying to achieve?Half marathon
      Anything else you would like your Pro to know?need some tips for my speed distribution
    • “plan a train running schedule for my son”

      Kowloon-Ngau Tau Kok

      What is your experience level?Beginner
      What is the objective you are trying to achieve?60 metres dash
      Anything else you would like your Pro to know?eight years old boy
    • “need a running training plan”

      Hong Kong-Siu Sai Wan

      What is your experience level?Intermediate
      What is the objective you are trying to achieve?will join full marathon
      Anything else you would like your Pro to know?I am a slow runner but want to finish 2019 marathon

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