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Shortly after gaining popularity as a fun, high-intensity workout back in the homeland, Muay Thai took the Hong Kong fitness world by storm. Unfortunately, like most businesses in Hong Kong, and given the massive number of gyms nowadays, it’s hard to know who’s the real deal or who’s just trying to cash in on the latest trend.

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  • Karl Ng Personal Trainer - Fight Hard Fitness
    (3 Reviews)
    We offer the tailor-made health and fitness guide to all ages by providing an encouraging place with the finest facility, professional services for everyone to incorporate exercise in daily life. There are 3 distinctive programs that best suits ea...
  • Owen Chung Lai Yin
    (1 Reviews)
    He has been a coach since 2004 and holds a personal trainer certificate issued by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and two special trainer qualifications, including weight loss and mixed martial arts (MMA). At the same time, he holds a black belt, an international coach and referee certificate issued by the International Taekwondo Federation. He has also worked as a Muay Thai, MMA and personal trainer in a large chain fitness center with rare experience. The purpose of training is to complete the goal of happy class. Welcome to consult. Being a trainer since 2004, holding the Certificate of Personal Trainer from NASM and two special...
  • Him
    (1 Reviews)
    Helping customers in need, providing more suitable sports and fitness can improve physical health and appearance Muay Thai training can increase body agility and response, it is a special training
  • Wood Li
    (8 Reviews)
    Hello🙏🏾 You can call me Wood🙋🏽‍♂️ Dedicated to promoting the development of Muay Thai in Hong Kong💪🏾 Teach my friends who want to get in touch with Muay Thai, and use this to keep fit👳🏾
  • Ben Yip
    (1 Reviews)
    I am now teaching Muay Thai, and I can provide weight loss and cellulite methods and suggestions! Class location: B2 Group class, 3/F, Sovereign Industrial Building, 73 Yeung Chung Street, Tai Kok Tsui. Classes are held every Saturday- (19:30pm - 20:30pm) & (20:30pm - 21:30pm) 4 classes- $560/person (to be completed within 35 days) 8 lessons - $1040/person (to be completed within 70 days) If you have a friend for the first time, you can try the lesson. The trial price is $180/person (1 hour)
  • Reese Li
    (6 Reviews)
    The coaching services I provide: Personal fitness trainer to build muscle or slim, build a good posture Private Muay Thai/Kickboxing classes Physical fitness training to improve your own physical fitness Parts and posture returned to normal) Professional Qualification International Federation Personal Trainer and Instructor (IFBB) International Physical Fitness Personal Trainer (IPTA) Chinese Physical Fitness Personal Trainer (Shenzhen Association) Australian Physical Fitness Professional Kickboxing Instructor (ATFP) Australian Physical Fitness Able to Jump Rope Instructor (ATFP) Stretch Therapist (IPTFA) Nutrition and Weight Control Instructor (AASFP)
  • Gary GTFitness
    (12 Reviews)
    GT fitness service includes: one-on-one personal training (muscle gain/fat loss/disciplined force fitness/boxing), 3~5 person group training, large group exercise training, exercise training for the elderly and children, private fitness studio venues in Wan Chai and Sheung Wan/ For door-to-door lectures, please use Facebook and whatap to inquire about course information Tel: 608***43 Email: gar***@*****.com
  • speed thai boxing and fitness
    (20 Reviews)
    In addition to Muay Thai group classes, Speed thai boxing and fitness also provides private/group classes for students to choose from. The characteristics of private/group classes are that the coaches can focus more on the progress of the students in the class, and the students can also request the training mode. At the same time, the students can also attend the class with a relatively high degree of privacy, and the time of the class can also be matched with the class. The cooperation of the coach is not limited by the timetable of the regular course, and it is more flexible. So, whether you want to lose weight and keep fit, exercise to keep fit, train for competitions; need to work shifts during work hours, want to box during vacations, etc., private/group classes will definitely help you! 1 pair 1/1 pair 2 $500/class (1 hour) Buy 5 classes 9...
  • Alexayfitnesshk
    (10 Reviews)
    Professional Qualifications: Advanced Personal Fitness Instructor (AASFP) Muay Thai Instructor (AASFP) Physical Fitness Instructor for Children and Youth (AASFP) Stretching Therapist (IPTFA) TRX STC (Ops) Nasal Diving Instructor (NAUI) Diving Instructor (NAUI) 2015 Hong Kong Beach Bodybuilding Competition (4th place) 2016 Hong Kong Bodybuilding Championships 7th South China South China Men's Sport Physique Group B 3rd Runner-up 2016 Hong Kong Beach Bodybuilding Competition (1st place) 2016 Hong Kong Open Karate Championships Athletics Champion Personal Shape Athletics Runner-up I provide you with coaching services including-fitness training...
  • Henry Tong
    (11 Reviews)
    I am a Muay Thai and MMA athlete. I have practiced different exercise methods and weight loss methods through competitions for many years. I can provide plans for different people. As long as you have the heart to practice, I will definitely have the heart to teach. -Provide venue, with bathroom -1 on 1 training or three or five confidantes - Weight training, high-intensity aerobic exercise, Muay Thai martial arts, functional training
  • Peggy Kwan
    (1 Reviews)
    🥋 Born in a martial arts family, 👊 Started combat martial arts journey since 2002 🗣 10+yrs of Ving Tsun, 8+yrs of Muay Thai, and others, 🏋🏽‍♀️ 7+ yrs of fitness and running exp 🧪Focus on Scientific Training, Strength & Conditioning, Sport Pe...
  • R Studio | Crossfit TRX HIIT
    (16 Reviews)
    Cross-mixing weight and strength training, including endurance, strength, explosive power, agility, balance, speed, coordination and flexibility, and other movement elements. During training, we will use high-intensity training and cooperate with tools such as bell kettles, battle ropes, TRX, fitness balls and other tools to achieve better training results. Those wide range of sports and training are not only designed to increase the variety of transformation capabilities, but also to allow the body to develop and grow while having fun.
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    Yinping Zhang
    Feb 18 2024
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    The coach is very professional and can directly point out my current physical condition and areas that need improvement, and give professional opinions and training suggestions. The training environment is also very good. The gym room is very clean and the equipment is well maintained. It looks so motivating to train😁.

    Aug 02 2023

    good good good

    Jul 17 2023


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    Actual Muay Thai Class Requests

    • "want a private Muay Thai Master to teach me to fight"

      Hong Kong- Central

      Which area do you prefer?Central and Western
      Which type of lesson does student prefer?One-on-One Tutoring
      The main purpose of learning Thai Boxing?Professional Training
    • "Need a beginner's class to lose weight"

      Kowloon- Kowloon Town

      The main purpose of learning Thai Boxing?Keeping fit
      How old is the student?19 - 49 Years Old (Adult)
      Which type of lesson does student prefer?Small Class
    • "I want to grow muscles with Thai boxing training. Hope the price is reasonable"

      New Territories - Sheung Shui

      Which type of lesson does student prefer?Group Lesson
      The main purpose of learning Thai Boxing?Body Building; Keep Fit
      How old is the student?19 - 49 Years Old (Adult)

    About Muay Thai Classes in Hong Kong / Thai Boxing

    Muay Thai, an ancient kickboxing martial art originating from Thailand, has recently become a trending form of exercise that now seems much more appealing than running endlessly on a treadmill. With numerous Muay Thai studios around the city, HelloToby picks out the best muay thai classes in Hong Kong.

    HelloToby connects people who has a service request, with the one who has the skills to fulfill the request. We always hope to fulfill your service request no matter how important or how trivial it is. Whatever types of your request it is, from trivial to influential to your development, we can always help you get the job done. For example, we can help you fix your window or even find a pet trainer for your dogs. If you would like to have B2B services, there are professional business Pros ready in HelloToby. Our platform Pros are strictly verified. They have the most sincere attitude that you can hire our Pros without any worries.

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    What are the benefits of Thai Boxing?

    Like other aerobic sports, Muay Thai strengthens your cardiovascular function, promote metabolism. Thai boxing practices your flexibility and reflex as well. Besides stamina strengthening, Thia boxing is another good way to train your concentration and perseverance.

    What do you need in Thai Boxing?

    Boxing hand wraps are essential for Muay Thai, typically they are 3m or 5m long. Boxers should adjust and replace accoridng to personal habits. Other gear include, boxing gloves, kick pads, punching bags, head guards, mouth guards, boxing shorts etc. Students can ask whether the Muay Thai studio provides any equipment before purchasing.

    Can I lose weight with Thai Boxing?

    There are a lot of advantages to Muay Thai, it is an aerobic sport involving muscles all over your body that can burn up to thousands of calories per hour. Muay Thai moves can be categrorized into dodging, defensing and attacking. Practice includes punching bag, combat with elbow, knee attacks and side kicks and more. Muay Thai trains your muscles, abs, and aids in weight loss. With adequate diet control, MuayThai can definitely help you burn calories and enhance your metabolism which makes it easier to lose weight and get rid of water retension.

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