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Featured Violin Lessons

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    Jovin Lee
    • Violin Lesson - Violin Teacher-Miss Ho
      Miss Ho
      • Violin Lesson - Violin Teacher-Tony Yuen
        Tony Yuen
        • Violin Lesson - Violin Teacher-王韻婷
          • Violin Lesson - Violin Teacher-孫浩倫
            • Violin Lesson - Violin Teacher-Hong Kong Violin Academy
              Hong Kong Violin Academy
              • Violin Lesson - Violin Teacher-Chun Yin Kwan
                Chun Yin Kwan
                • Violin Lesson - Violin Teacher-悠奏流行音樂教室有限公司
                  • Violin Lesson - Violin Teacher-JUAN CARMONA
                    JUAN CARMONA
                    • Violin Lesson - Violin Teacher-黃查理
                      • Violin Lesson - Violin Teacher-Grace Cheung
                        Grace Cheung
                        • Violin Lesson - Violin Teacher-Joyful Music
                          Joyful Music

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                          • wanna get a violin teacher for my son ""


                            Hong Kong - Sai Yin Pun

                            What is the student's current violin level?Grade 1 - 2
                            How old is the student who wants to learn violin?6 - 10 years old
                            Which language do you prefer to conduct the lessons in?English
                          • "Preparing for a professional violin concert"


                            Hong Kong - Central

                            What is the student's current violin level?Grade 7 - 8
                            How old is the student who wants to learn violin?19 - 25 years old
                            Which language do you prefer to conduct the lessons in?Mandarin
                          • "Complete beginner. But I have plenty of time to practice Violin."

                            Mr. Yip

                            Kowloon- Kowloon City

                            What is the student's current violin level?Elementary
                            How old is the student who wants to learn violin?26 - 44 years old
                            Which language do you prefer to conduct the lessons in?Cantonese

                          Customer Reviews

                          Average Violin Teacher Rating:
                          Based on 59 reviews
                          • Peggy
                            May 20, 2018

                            Nice teacher, good teaching skills.

                          • Joey
                            May 2, 2018

                            對小朋友很有耐性, 睇得出是一個很有愛心的老師。

                          • Kitty
                            April 28, 2018


                          • Angel
                            April 27, 2018

                            王老師是位非常親切、耐心、認真跟負責的老師,上課的時候,會把問題講解得很仔細,也會陪學生練到準確。 老師也常針對學生的問題,給學生它適合的練習作業。跟老師上課會進步很多,是位十分難得好老師。

                          • 蔡晉瑋
                            April 26, 2018

                            對於初學者的我來說 能遇到如此有耐心的老師真的很幸福 最重要的是 讓我學習起來更有興趣

                          • Mr Chan
                            April 15, 2018

                            感謝Ms Tam非常細心及耐心的教導!態度親切亦很專業!是一位非常優秀的老師!

                          About Violin Lesson

                          Our violin tutors are well-experienced. Most of them come from different music centers with more than 10 years experiences. No matter what kind of violin classes you want to enroll to, our platform can find the best tutor for you. Under normal circumstances, the fees for a professional violin teacher will be affected by different factors. The tuition fee for 1 hour violin lessons may vary from 120 to $ 800. The qualifications and background of the violin teacher also affect the fee of the violin class. So, you may take the quotations from up to 4 violin tutors and pick the best teacher who meet your requirement and budget.

                          Compared to the group teaching, most of the students prefer an 1 to 1 violin course as the private violin teacher can comment, correct the error and give encouragement immediately. Students can also have more  time to ask the teacher if they have any questions. However, if you prefer grouping teaching instead of a private violin class, you can also make it clear in the form, the violin tutors will decide whether to offer a quote or not based on your request. You will be able to match the most suitable violin tutors if you make a clear note. After the end of the course, you can continue to hire the tutor and give him/her a 5 star rating  if you are satisfied with the violin teacher you have selected. We have the best violin tutors on our platform and you will be able to meet the best teacher in Hong Kong after you submit the request. Get the quote now!

                          Average Cost for Hiring a VIolin Teacher in Hong Kong
                          Average 350/hour
                          Average$ 350MinimumMaximum$ 120$ 800

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