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Featured Pet Sitters

  1. Pet Sitting And Boarding - Pet Sitter-Sun
    New Pro
    多年寵物美容師經驗 。專業上門寵物美容 。高質曰式造型 。免麻醉洗牙石 。寵物用品零售 。寵物託管 。代客上門照顧寵物(放狗及打理) 電話 938***28 sun
  2. Pet Sitting And Boarding - Pet Sitter-golden lucky pet shop
    golden lucky pet shop
    4 Reviews
    We offering pet sitting,pet grooming,pet training,spa bath for pet,we can drive in to pick up pets for bath(with little bit of additional fee),we offer our service with all affort with "show grooming"quality but reasonable pricy.
  3. Pet Sitting And Boarding - Pet Sitter-胡小姐
    5 Reviews
    本社已成立兩年。提供專業穩妥的寵物托管服務,我們亦有專業美容師承接狗狗美容服務,現在我們還主力提供狗狗散步計劃,讓沒有時間放狗狗的您也可保持狗狗的健康水平! 另外,貓貓民宿環境優美,光猛,民宿外景色靚,綠色和諧田園景緻寧靜,岩晒貓貓黎渡假!我們主張貓貓自由走動,有床仔有梳化,鍾意瞓邊都得。帶貓貓黎嘅主人又可以坐喺梳化,陪下貓貓,等佢安定落黎先離開。有興趣嘅家長歡迎跟胡小姐或郭小姐查詢。 寵物保姆page: 寵物美容page: ww...
  4. Pet Sitting And Boarding - Pet Sitter-波宿
    10 Reviews
    一個專業狗奴為毛孩家長提供托兒服務。 去旅行唔知毛孩去邊好?去狗酒店又怕佢困响個狗箱入面好陰公豬?「波宿」幫到你! 「波宿」波比家狗狗民宿是住家形式,24小時有狗奴看管, 狗狗可隨意在家活動。一日兩次去街街,可在本住所二樓過萬呎平台任意奔跑。 「波宿」店長Bobby是個三歲已浄身的中型狗狗(13kg), 能跟任何狗狗相處。跟「波宿」所有狗狗都相處融洽。 歡迎家長們於出發前帶同狗狗參觀本民宿,以觀察是否適合。 本民宿宗旨係希望家長們能於出門時放心、狗狗們亦可開開心心渡假。
  5. Pet Sitting And Boarding - Pet Sitter-蘇家莊寵物酒店
    New Pro
    本莊成立宗旨是宣揚毛孩能與孩童和諧共處,創辦人Soma有超過20年照顧寵物的經驗,同時亦是7隻狗狗的主人,本莊選址於元朗錦上路,並佔地18,000呎(6,500呎大草地),務求令毛孩能有一個最舒適和貼近大自然的寄養環境。 服務範疇:五星級的寵物寄養(狗)、寵物日托服務、犬隻訓練、寵物游泳池、寵物派對
  6. Pet Sitting And Boarding - Pet Sitter-Fey
    6 Reviews
    大家可以放心將你哋嘅寶貝交比我,因為小妹已考取B級專業寵物美容師嘅資格,亦於第二屆寵物及水族用品展獲得B級寵物美容比賽冠軍。2017於日本考獲PSIA日本寵物美容師C級證照。曾於動物福利機構及寵物店工作,已考獲St. John嘅。曾於動物福利機構及寵物店工作,已考獲St. John嘅寵物急救証書,以及寵物按摩技巧証書。有多年照顧毛孩經驗,對毛小孩絕對有耐性和愛心。 除上門寵物美容服務外,亦提供寵物保姆服務,保姆服務包括:上門照顧,帶毛孩外出散步,以及貓咪民宿暫托,令工作繁忙/想外出旅遊嘅你...
  7. Pet Sitting And Boarding - Pet Sitter-SAM
    3 Reviews
  8. Pet Sitting And Boarding - Pet Sitter-HY
    1 Reviews

Actual Pet Sitting and Boarding Requests

See other similar requests in Hong Kong 

  • “Find a Pet Care Professional”

    Vivian Lai

    Hong Kong-Wan Chai

    How many pets do you have?1
    What breed is your pet?dog: pomeranian
    Anything else you would like your Pro to know?twice a day - morning and evening. August 10 evening to August 22 morning.
  • “Looking for someone to stay with Elvis when we are out of town”

    Isabella Ng

    Hong Kong-Kennedy Town

    How many pets do you have?1
    What breed is your pet?Rescue Dog
    Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Friends of ours have offered to assist, but we do not want to burden them for prolonged periods. Therefore, we would like to get a quote for daily rates during the relevant time, to ...
  • “Dog walker”


    New Territories-Tseung Kwan O

    How many pets do you have?1
    What breed is your pet?Papillion
    Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Mainly taking them out for lunch and dinner time walk whils im at work and feeding them

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  • S Chan
    2 months ago


  • Fai Kin Chong
    2 months ago


  • Juju wong
    2 days ago


  • 溫柏堅
    last month

    很好的服務, 狗狗得到了很好的照顧

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