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              Actual Pet Sitting and Boarding Requests

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              • “Find a Pet Care Professional”

                Vivian Lai

                Hong Kong-Wan Chai

                How many pets do you have?1
                What breed is your pet?dog: pomeranian
                Anything else you would like your Pro to know?twice a day - morning and evening. August 10 evening to August 22 morning.
              • “Looking for someone to stay with Elvis when we are out of town”

                Isabella Ng

                Hong Kong-Kennedy Town

                How many pets do you have?1
                What breed is your pet?Rescue Dog
                Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Friends of ours have offered to assist, but we do not want to burden them for prolonged periods. Therefore, we would like to get a quote for daily rates during the relevant time, to ...
              • “Dog walker”


                New Territories-Tseung Kwan O

                How many pets do you have?1
                What breed is your pet?Papillion
                Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Mainly taking them out for lunch and dinner time walk whils im at work and feeding them

              Customer Reviews

              Average Pet Sitter Rating:
              Based on 36 reviews
              • Marie Coote
                July 9, 2018

                Cass is a great sitter. Communication was great and our dog Yogi loves her. Highly recommend!

              • Suki Pao
                June 26, 2018


              • Josefina yeung
                June 23, 2018

                非常專業, 態度認真, 很有禮貌, 速度很快, 結果很滿意.

              • Candy Ho
                June 16, 2018

                多謝你的提議 解決了寶寶給我的煩惱 真的非常謝謝你 非常細心 下次寶寶再找哥哥托管😊

              • Alice
                June 11, 2018

                Claire好細心又有愛心,好了解貓貓,因為我地都係養左貓一年到,Claire教左我好多野,好識同我地仔仔玩, 另外由於我地不在,阿仔好焦慮所以痾唔夠尿, Claire不怕麻煩地同我地溝通過後,幫貓貓做了飲食調整,好感恩搵到佢照顧我地隻貓貓! 下有有需要都會搵反佢!

              • Lam
                June 10, 2018

                第一次接觸寵物保姆,Kelly 保姆是一個好好的保姆!佢既悉心照顧又有交帶,比我可以有一個放心的心情去旅行。kelly好愛錫小動物,非常感恩有kelly照顧我的bb. 再次多謝kelly 你這三天的照顧bb😘😘😘😘😘

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              Average cost for hiring a Pet Sitter
              Average 195 /hour in Hong Kong
              Average$ 195MinimumMaximum$ 156$ 250

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