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Jul 07 2024
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Carsten is very efficient! Several problems have been solved in a short time! No time wasted! After that, I received some very practical advice, and other long-term problems are obviously improving!

Jul 06 2024
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The first time I came here, I was actually a little bit excited and a little worried, because there were many problems and different ideas and expectations when it came to interacting with dogs at home. I didn’t expect that the teacher was very patient and caring, and could point out the pain points and teach us. What should be done to achieve a good balance between the owner and the dog? He is very good at treating the dog. Although it is only the first time to meet him, it is really helpful. There are still many things for the owner to learn and work hard in the future. Originally, My dog almost had to be sent away at a young age, but now I feel like I have seen the light, and I look forward to making better and better progress together. I am very grateful to have such a good teacher~

Jul 05 2024
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My dog is now 10 years old and I thought it wouldn’t change at all. I don’t know if I can change his barking habit. Dennis taught me how to tell whether he was frightened or stressed. He first made me realize that what I had been thinking was wrong. After two sessions, the dog's barking problem improved significantly, but it was not 100% correct. Sorry, but I have avoided a lot of embarrassment😳😳

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