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  • David Ho
    Supreme Service
    (278 Reviews)
    Hi Job Seeker,

    很高興可以助你 CV 及 事業上增值!

    我有逾8年度身訂造CV 及 超過10年任職跨國品牌HR經驗(Louis Vuitton、Ferragamo,Calvin Klein等 ),成功幫助1,000+ 名專業人仕及學生改造CV,令interview 及 受聘機會 倍增。

    網頁/FB: l

    價錢由 $880 - $1,680 不等, 視乎行業、職位複雜程度。我會先了解你事業上的期望,由HR及僱主角度提供意見,然後大家再作決定。
    - 度身訂造CV (內容 & format)
    - 完成之後3次修改
    - interview + career tips

    註1:如配以 求職信 及 Linkedin page write-up,可另議package價。
    註2:可配合其他增值服務如interview skills training

    想知更多?可隨時whatsapp - 960***47



    Hi Job Seeker - I'd be glad to build a strong resume to land you a dream job!

    With 8+ yrs of resume writing + 10 yrs of MNC HR/Recruiter exp, I can customise you a winning resume for your next career level.

    Webpage: l
    My Background:

    Thank you for considering. For enquiry, pls whatsapp me @ 960***47
  • Queenie Tso
    Silver Tier
    (53 Reviews)
    Queenie is a professional HR Manager, Certified Life and Career Coach, and a Master NLP. Her interests in being a life coach stem from her professional experiences working with a diverse range of individuals and personalities from all walks of life during her ten years of hands-on experience as a HR Manager. CV Editing and Mock Interview service with TSO could achieve 98% hiring rate. Queenie is also a Certified RYT200 Yoga Teacher, in which she specializes in integrating yoga into psychotherapy to release stress, regain identity, and achieve a higher level of personal contentedness and balance in life. MA(Psy), MBEcon, BCom, ProfDipHRM, Master NLP Practitioner, Certified Life & Career Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher RYT200)
  • Simple Happy Translation House
    (2 Reviews)
    Provide professional services, including: translation, interpretation, proofreading, editing, essay writing, mediation, psychological counseling, art therapy, Liandong dialect class, English class, handicraft class... and other related projects, welcome to inquire.
  • Joseph Wong
    (1 Reviews)
    - University of British Columbia, Sauder School of Business (BCom) - English writing received 10% higher than class average - 4As top agency advertising manager
  • Albert Hui
    (2 Reviews)
    Strengths: Advertising copywriting and translation.
  • Customer Reviews
    Based on 436 reviews
    Feb 04 2024
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
    show original review

    David is a really good emcee! To be honest, as a bride, I was not in the venue for a lot of time that night, and many people could not hear the emcee's speech. However, after listening to many friends speaking in local dialect, I felt that the emcee's speech was very clear, and it was very easy to invigorate the atmosphere. And there was a special guest who appeared, David's son (of course we had communicated with him beforehand), he brought his son on stage to 'host' him for a short period of time at the beginning of the show. He was so cute and cute. The elders and relatives and elders were all very happy. Except for the person on the left, who is nice and has a good voice, which are basic skills that a host of ceremonies must have, David did a good job in all aspects and was very professional. He was very knowledgeable during the tea ceremony at the dinner. My husband and I introduced each other before entering the venue. Well, all the rituals at the end, etc. I did a good job of adapting to improvisations. Seeing that my husband and I are sometimes too nervous to react, or when my brothers and sisters don't respond properly, he will immediately pay attention to the year-on-year instructions, which is definitely helpful. There are so many left! My husband and I are very satisfied and feel so lucky to have David as the officiant for our wedding! When friends around me get married, they will 100% definitely recommend him to their friends!

    Jan 30 2024

    a very professional , caring , wholehearted master of ceremony !!! We had a very smooth and touched wedding !!

    William Wong
    Jan 29 2024
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    It was a very correct decision to invite David to be the MC of my wedding. He delivered a speech as the master of ceremony and introduced the new couple's acquaintance. His voice and diction were able to bring the guests into the mood in a short time. My newlyweds were also very confident in carrying out all the processes under David's leadership. David discovered some very inconspicuous details through experience. When I moved my wife during the wedding, and the whole wedding ended successfully, I I believe that if any of my friends get married in the future, they will definitely recommend David as their officiant.

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    • “show me some resume writing template”

      Hong Kong-Sai Ying Pun

      Where are you at in your career?Entry-level
      Which particular industry is your resume for?Financial services
      Which language do you want to write the resume in?English
    • “Please guide me to write a simple resume”

      Kowloon-Lok Fu

      Which particular industry is your resume for?Information technology
      What is your highest education level?Associate Degree / Higher Diploma
      What is your current status of employment?Unemployed
    • “How to write a cv for a job with no experience?”

      Hong Kong-North Poin

      Where are you at in your career?Recent graduate
      Which particular industry is your resume for?Education
      Which language do you want to write the resume in?Chinese

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