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                        Average Body Care Treatment Rating:
                        • Edward sung
                          June 6, 2019
                          Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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                          Many thanks to Sarah, the confidence in losing weight was not too big, but it changed completely when I met sarah. The confidence, expertise and encouragement Sarah gave me has reduced me by nearly 20 pounds in just over three months. Although there is still a small distance from the target (target 30 lbs), I am absolutely confident after I know sarah. Thanks again Sarah.

                        • Yvonne Wong
                          May 21, 2019
                          Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
                          show original review

                          In business, making money is a must. I personally appreciate ERIC's intention to understand the guests, their company philosophy is relatively positive, healthy and long-term. I don't like anything, I put a lot of packages, a few pounds, I just want to do a good stomach digestion, absorb more nutrients, health is naturally detoxification, appetite is good, people are thin, edema . I especially want to talk to the seriously ill patients. I can supplement my daily intake with nutrition. With healthy eating and living habits, I can have more exercise. I can understand that the family can't help, one by one. Silent but reluctant to feel the feeling of being alone, when you think the sky is gray, the medicine is not working, but try it, maybe God has opened a window for you, but you don’t know it.

                        • Tracy Chu
                          May 1, 2019
                          Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
                          show original review

                          Very effective and professional, with exercise for 5 months minus 30 pounds, body fat and visceral fat reduced to normal level, really full of thin and buried will be careful to teach you how to eat simple, both food, good diet The system can benefit a lifetime!

                        • Lau Heung Yi Nana
                          February 9, 2019
                          Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
                          show original review

                          The advice provided by Sarah is very professional, which reduced me about 8 pounds in a month, but I also eat enough for three meals a day. I don’t feel hungry. Even if I eat more weight, I don’t rebound, so I want to lose weight. I would recommend Sarah.

                        • LAI WAI MING
                          March 3, 2019
                          Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
                          show original review

                          Careful to talk, the suggestion is very useful, I do not eat biscuits, eat fruit between meals and meals instead of biscuits, the result is lighter than a dozen pounds! Worth recommending!!😃

                        • 胡少姗
                          June 5, 2019
                          Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
                          show original review

                          Sarah, Thank you very much for your help. In just 2 months, with a small amount of exercise, relying on your diet guidance, you have successfully lost 7 pounds. Sure enough, it is a star nutritionist. I hope you continue to help more friends who need to lose fat!

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