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  • GaGaBrows
    (33 Reviews)
    提供韓國半永久化妝服務,飄眉/霧眉/美瞳線/水晶唇/髮際線/孕睫術/駐顏粉底/...etc Provide eyebrows and eyeline tattoo/ lips tattoo / hairline tattoo / eyelash growth treatment / nano totale foundation (meso white) ...etc
  • Seoul U Nail 韓式美甲店
    (22 Reviews)
    Nail , Facial , Eyelash Extensions , Waxing , MTS... etc FB : Seoul Nail 네일아트 IG : SeoulU_Nail What'sApp Contact : +852 638***48
  • M Y Beauty
    (17 Reviews)
    Provide professional makeup and hair style (with wedding, magazine, concert, photography and other different makeup experience) Provide professional semi-permanent eyebrows and eyeliner services (floating eyebrows, fog eyebrows, inner eyeliner)
  • Eva chan
    (7 Reviews)
    你好,本人從事美容業將達9年經驗,易考取多項國際專業,包括美甲City & guilds ,韓國​​​I.B.H.G.U -​​​International beauty & health general union 及美容的​​​Head Masters​​Certificate III in Beauty Services
  • Adriana beauty1012
    Candy is a member of the IFBC Semi-Permanent Association of Korea and an outstanding teacher award in the 2018 World Embroidery Cup Art Tattoo Competition, and has won several Taiwanese semi-permanent qualification certificates.
  • explore beauty
    (4 Reviews)
    The company is customer-oriented and service-oriented. The customer's needs are the priority, and the service is attentive. The customer can try it at the experience price, and there is no other charge. There is no beauty consultant who sells the treatment. The entire beauty treatment will be carried out on a one-to-one basis. . The promise to the guests is: Absolutely true and false! No tricks! No cutting corners! Never Hard Sell! Clear price! This shop uses disposable items, all tools will be thoroughly disinfected before use, very clean and hygienic! The beauticians have many years of experience in the industry, and have also obtained the international ITCE certificate. They are professional and careful, absolutely guaranteed! Welcome to make an appointment
  • 恒美國際半永久眉、眼、唇
    (3 Reviews)
    Personalized customization, tattooing, spot removal, mole removal, eyebrow washing, electric eyelashes, facial cleansing, steaming, acupuncture, facial massage oil (shoulder, neck, gluten) mask, pouring mask, address: No. 12, Hing Yip Street, Kwun Tong 7th floor of Yongtai Center or your own phone number, 699***00 Miss Zhang makes an appointment
  • VSPM
    (3 Reviews)
    VSPM is organized by professional photographers and makeup artists to provide wedding photography and video services, as well as overseas video and commercial photography services. The photographer has won many overseas photography awards; makeup stylists will also provide makeup and hairstyles, Japanese-style planting. Eyelashes, semi-permanent makeup services, stylists have obtained professional makeup, beauty and semi-permanent stylist qualifications in the United Kingdom and Japan
  • Yoyoyomakeup
    (2 Reviews)
    Korean professional semi-permanent makeup artist bridal makeup. Banquet makeup won the first prize in the 🏆International Beauty Contest🏆🥇 Painless and semi-permanent brow shape service and eyeliner. hairline. Staying Foundation 💒 Studio is located in Causeway Bay 💒 🌈 For work contact, please contact directly 🌈 ☎️Whatsapp +852 949***94 📱Wechat 📱chuiyeeyo 📲FaceBook📲-Yoyoyomakeup 📱IG📱yoyoyomakeup
  • esther
    (2 Reviews)
    Provide floating eyebrows, eyebrows, eyebrows, eyebrows, eyeliner services using German / Korean natural ingredients pigments, with Korean micro-injection technology, the pigment is injected between the skin layer and the dermis layer, will be slowly absorbed by the skin decomposition, the effect can be Up to 1-3 years
  • BEAUTY+ medical
    (25 Reviews)
    Group ProfileBeauty+Haiken Medical Aesthetics Group provides a full range of beauty and medical beauty services, including collagen self-generation, medical peeling, medical injection and soothing SPA treatment services, professional senior medical beauty consultants and doctors in Hong Kong.
  • Beauty Blossom
    (2 Reviews)
    Service purposes. Customer first and service first ❤️Professional attentive ❤️✨Beautiful life✨ The charges are reasonable. Never hard sell. Single charge 👍🏻 Facial treatment is welcome. Professional needle cleaning. Acne. to print. Rejuvenated skin. Toner Laser. Laser spot removal. Hair Removal Care. Deinking. Wart removal. Foundation stays. Magnetic thin noodles. hot stone. Ear Candling. grass ball. Blue light soothes. RF radio frequency. Diamond Peel. Lemon Peel. Algae needles. MTS. AMTS. Electric eyelashes. Eyelash extensions. 4D eyebrows. Korean eyebrow powder. Water mist eyebrows. Silky eyebrows. inner eyeliner. Eyeliner line. outer eyeliner. Crystal Lips. hairline
  • Customer Reviews
    Based on 110 reviews
    Tang Koki
    Feb 24 2023
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    Very good, fast reply, punctual and good-looking!

    Feb 20 2023
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
    show original review

    The craftsmanship is so good that it hurts me! I will go again next time, and I can recommend it better than other friends

    Oct 11 2022
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
    show original review

    Agnes is very attentive and patient, and the studio is clean and warm. She has a unique aesthetic vision and exquisite embroidery skills. I am very satisfied with the final result! Highly recommended! ! !

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    Eyebrow Services Average Cost

    Total Price: $100
    Total Price: $120
    Total Price: $160
    Eyebrow Services cost table
    Total Price: $100
    Total Price: $120
    Total Price: $160
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    Actual Eyebrow Services Requests

    • "Want permanent long and thick eyebrows"

      Hong Kong- Central

      Which service are you looking for?Feather stroke Brows
      What is the problem of your current eyebrows?Too short; Imbalanced brows
      How long would you like the eyebrow misting to last?Permanent
    • "my eyebrows are too thick"

      Hong Kong- Sai Yin Pun

      Which service are you looking for?3D Brows
      What is the problem of your current eyebrows?Too thick
      How long would you like the eyebrow misting to last?One year
    • "want more 3D looking eyebrows"

      Kowloon- Kowloon City

      Which service are you looking for?3D Brows; Micropigmentation
      What is the problem of your current eyebrows?Too thin; Imbalanced brows
      How long would you like the eyebrow misting to last?Two years

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