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  • 沁靈坊 So Soul Simple
    (2 Reviews)
    Well, we are [So Soul Simple], which is the body and mind charging station.・袓 技 技 三十 三十 三十 三十 三十 三十 三十 三十 三十 三十 三十 三十 三十 三十 三十 三十 三十 三十 三十 三十 三十 三十 三十 三十 三十 三十 三十 三十 三十 三十 三十 三十 三十 三十 三十 三十 三十 三十 三十 三十 按摩 按摩 按摩 按摩 按摩 按摩 按摩 按摩 按摩 按摩 按摩 按摩There will always be a feeling of physical and mental exhaustion for a moment. I am eager for a place where my body and mind can return to the initial state, so that you can continue to enjoy every moment of life. Inquiry/Reservation Phone: 218***01 What's App:982***21 Facebook: So Soul Simple Instagram: sosoulsim...
  • Miabody Beauty&Nail
    (10 Reviews)
    Home beauty, beauty, massage service, I am very happy to pay attention to Mia body! 💪 Mia body👉 (Italian text: my body 🙆) I want to bring a generous and caring service to every lady who stays at home. I hope that every woman can relax and dress up. Our services include hand and foot care - soak off gel, hard gel, treatment, body massage, Hong Kong style, Shanghai style repair skin, can help improve the problem of armor and gray armor In addition, there are beeswax hair removal, laser hair removal, ear picking, deafness, lymphatics, etc. Welcome to query 652***05
  • Fairyland
    (4 Reviews)
    Fairyland’s service philosophy is to use natural healing methods to help guests relax and relieve the stress of daily life and work. A professional team composed of experienced aromatherapy therapists, audio therapists, beauticians and masseurs will serve each A variety of natural, environmentally friendly, organic and floral care products can be customized to achieve health goals. All products are made of harmless human chemicals and no animal testing products to reduce skin sensitivity and harm to the environment and animals, pursuing the original beauty of the same body and mind! Accept a single charge, set out with the heart to relieve guests. Tel: +852 252***88 Welcome to whatsapp: +852 699***26 Mong Kok Grand Plaza Phase II 1803...
  • Seventh Sense Beauty Parlor
    (5 Reviews)
    提供 全身薰蒸,足部薰蒸, 美容護理( Diana Dickson , BrunoVassari , Guinot , SkinClinic, BioTech , Eve Taylor 等歐洲品牌) 德國孕睫,孕唇術 光學脫毛 背部護理 全身經絡排酸 香薰耳燭,肚燭 艾灸療法 我們。是小本經營,保證不hard sell🚫 我們。是良心小店,貨真價實,無海鮮價🐟 我們。收得客人錢,定必做足100%💯 我們。用歐洲品牌,絕對行貨 ™️ 我們。只做有要求,有質素的facial 💆🏻 ?...
  • ATMA Beauty
    ATMA FITNESS CENTER was founded in 2009. In addition to the professional Muay Thai courses, the center also offers professional courses such as Western Boxing, Yoga, Dancing and Cross Training. In 2014, it began to cooperate with the international Thai boxing brand YOKKAO BOXING to become the designated training center in Hong Kong. In addition, in May 2014, we newly joined the beauty department "ATMA BEAUTY".
  • Cotton Rose
    (2 Reviews)
    Design a unique beauty and slimming treatment for you, and witness the moment beyond the youth. Cotton Rose offers a one-stop diversified beauty service: a variety of natural professional beauty treatments and a variety of traditional massage services such as shaping, slimming, and edema. The Center is committed to pursuing the "true, healthy and beautiful" of its guests. It is led by professionally qualified and experienced beauticians and masseurs. It introduces all kinds of the latest beauty equipment from abroad, providing professional analysis and opinions, meticulous and serious attitude. Tailor-made treatments for guests.
  • Esther
    TCM meridian therapist, with other therapies, such as fascia and craniofacial spasm therapy, over ten years of clinical experience, to relieve general pain, such as neck and shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, low back pain, knee strain, wrist dislocation, etc. The techniques are in place and hands are painful.
  • 王永良
    Since 2003, he has been engaged in professional massage work. In 2009, he obtained the certificate of massage from the Baptist University. The technique is unique and well received by customers.
  • Customer Reviews
    Based on 114 reviews
    Feb 18 2021
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    Because of my breast blockage, it caused me to have a stone chest, and it was so painful. I searched the Internet for a round and found the app toby. I left my request and service for the experts. Ah Xian was one of the experts who responded, talking on the phone. I have been taught how to deal with it. She is an experienced confinement and prolactinist...When she came to the service, she carefully and slowly helped me massage different acupoints, explained how to deal with it, taught me what soup, and continued after that follow up me

    Aug 24 2020
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    Kind attitude, gentle technique, friends who need to relax their muscles and invigorate blood, highly recommended!!

    Aug 20 2020
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    After scraping, the body is really comfortable! It is very important to keep your body healthy often, so push it (^^)

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    • "Need a massage for my chest and shoulder"

      Hong Kong- Central

      Which type of massage you would like to have?Chinese
      What body part(s) want massage?Neck; Shoulder; Back
      Which gender you prefer to provide service?Male
    • "Need physiotherapy to ease my injury"

      Hong Kong- North Point

      What body part(s) want massage?Others (Please Specify): Hips
      Which type of massage you would like to have?Thai
      Which gender you prefer to provide service?Male
    • "want professional Thai Massage "

      Kowloon- Kowloon City

      What body part(s) want massage?Foot
      Which type of massage you would like to have?Thai
      Which gender do you prefer to provide service?Female

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