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Featured Slimming Advisors

  1. Slimming Treatment-Slimming Advisor-資深營養師黃榮俊 (JOHN)
    資深營養師黃榮俊 (JOHN)
  2. Slimming Treatment-Slimming Advisor-SOS Beauty
    SOS Beauty
    • Slimming Treatment-Slimming Advisor-Sarah Chan
      Sarah Chan
    • Slimming Treatment-Slimming Advisor-Alexayfitnesshk
      • Slimming Treatment-Slimming Advisor-私人教練
        • Slimming Treatment-Slimming Advisor-Jason Li
          Jason Li
          • Slimming Treatment-Slimming Advisor-Max
            • Slimming Treatment-Slimming Advisor-Peter
              • Slimming Treatment-Slimming Advisor-Abby Lee Fitness
                Abby Lee Fitness
                • Slimming Treatment-Slimming Advisor-Ani
                  • Slimming Treatment-Slimming Advisor-Cotton Rose
                    Cotton Rose
                    • Slimming Treatment-Slimming Advisor-Jerry

                      Actual Slimming Treatment Requests

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                      • “need a healthy eating plan”

                        Mrs Hong

                        New Territories-Kwun Tong

                        What type of dietitian treatment are you looking for?Diet plan
                        What kind of slimming method have you tried before?Never tried any slimming method before
                        Anything else you would like your Pro to know?create a heathly diet plan for me
                      • “weight loss without hunger”

                        Miss Wong

                        Hong Kong-Central

                        What type of dietitian treatment are you looking for?Slimming Instrument
                        What kind of slimming method have you tried before?Slimming treatment devices
                        Where should the dietitian focus?Hips, Arms, Legs
                      • “loss weight”


                        Kowloon-Lok Fu

                        What type of dietitian treatment are you looking for?Exercise plan
                        What kind of slimming method have you tried before?Never tried any slimming method before
                        Anything else you would like your Pro to know?want to learn some weight loss exercise at home

                      Customer Reviews

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                      Average Slimming Advisor Rating:
                      • Zoe Lam
                        February 1, 2019
                        Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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                        A young and type of coach, at first he thought that he might not have experience at a young age. But after class, he found that he loves fitness. There is also a certain understanding and experience in this regard. The test hall is not like a salesman, every time I care about my fitness and progress. Also design a set of my own schedule. Some muscles are weaker and strengthen. The coach is very patient when he speaks. Sometimes he doesn't understand the movement or diet. He can coach the wts after class. He is happy to answer. I will always encourage me so that I can stick to it every time. At present, my progress is also very satisfactory, and I will continue to attend classes. (20 lessons have been completed)

                      • Chriselle
                        October 21, 2018
                        Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
                        show original review

                        Queenie is very attentive, so I have a heart to help me. And after the completion of the real system, it is effective, the price is reasonable, and the price is very high. Very recommended than everyone.

                      • Dionne Tai
                        August 8, 2018

                        I'd been playing on and off for years but was frustrated hence stopped. I am impressed by Einstein’s enthusiasm and passion. He is such a detail oriented and patient coach, he is observant, thoughtful, energetic and super skilful. His lessons are structured but not dull. He explained concepts clearly which made learning so easy to grasp! Within one lesson my forehand had improved dramatically and more importantly, I’ve regained the joy of playing! Einstein is now coaching my son as well!

                      • 梁太
                        June 20, 2018
                        Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
                        show original review

                        I invited Einstein as a tennis coach and taught me two grandchildren who returned to Hong Kong for summer vacations, a 6-year-old and a 9-year-old. Since the previous booking was due to weather changes and re-scheduled, it was only the first time today. Einstein coach is earlier than us, people are relaxed and cheerful, teaching children is very method and interesting, and we also lend rackets and utensils for us to use. My grandsons are very happy to learn and have confidence in playing tennis. Thank you very much, Einstein. I hope to have more classes for them to have a happy summer vacation.

                      • Moon
                        August 18, 2018
                        Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
                        show original review

                        The first time I officially studied tennis, Einstein coached me carefully, aiming at my grip and improving my ability to hit the ball. For me, for beginners, the enthusiasm of the coach today will speed me to continue to learn tennis attitude, hope 嚟I am able to continue to learn tennis with you.

                      • Kim Ye
                        June 17, 2018
                        Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
                        show original review

                        Because I don’t have a lot of resources to teach volleyball in general, it’s my glory and I’m very lucky to be able to go to his class. His teaching begins with the confirmation of physical ability and the foundation of volleyball. The easing movement is very smooth. My movements have also been corrected. Many can see the difference with my previous ones. Although there are still many bad habits, I believe that going on will become better. Feida teacher praises! Super handsome!

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