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  • 資深營養師黃榮俊
    Silver Tier
    (2 Reviews)
    Founder of Junjian Nutrition and Health Consultant Center, he has provided nutrition and diet consultation services to more than 20,000 clients, and has accumulated more than 200,000 pounds of weight loss. The difference between JOHN and general nutritionists lies in helping clients to establish a self-interactive healthy lifestyle. Through the mastery of nutrition, diet, exercise and psychological conditions, they can obtain truly relaxed and lasting weight loss results. So far, JOHN's best weight loss case record is 80 pounds, and the best one month record is 20 pounds. He is good at cooking, loves teaching nutrition, and loves helping people lose weight. Faced with Hong Kong-style diets, he adopts Hong Kong-style methods. JOHN also provides professional nutritional diet consultation and follow-up to the following people: pregnant mothers, postpartum confinement, skin allergies, eczema, gastrointestinal allergies, fat...
  • SOS Beauty
    (1 Reviews)
    The service aim of SOS Beauty is a professional, safe and effective one-stop beauty slimming treatment center. The company has more than six years of history and has two branches located in the downtown of Jotun and Causeway Bay with convenient transportation. We are equipped with the most advanced equipment and new medical beauty technology to provide you with the best service.
  • 首次諮詢$100|獲得多個文憑|資深營養師Sarah Chan
    Supreme Service
    Supplier of the Year
    Silver Tier
    (103 Reviews)
    I am Sarah, a nutritionist. I have 23 years of experience as a nutrition coach. During this period, I have helped more than 1,000 people successfully improve their weight, gain muscle and lose weight, improve the three high problems, and build a healthy physique. The scope of services includes regular health talks, weekly interviews, health assessments, menu configuration, personalized diet plans, personal follow-up, professional care, and guaranteed success. The founder of H Power Nutrition and Fitness Studio, a professional nutritionist, has been engaged in the health industry for 25 years. Experience and qualifications: UK TQUK Level 6 Diploma in Health Care and Nutrition Therapy, Australia AQF Level 4 Diploma in Nutrition, CIBTAC Diploma in Diet and Nutrition, Diploma in Nutrition and Food Safety Advanced Certificate in Nutrition and Food Safety...
  • Alexayfitnesshk
    (10 Reviews)
    Professional Qualifications: Advanced Personal Fitness Instructor (AASFP) Muay Thai Instructor (AASFP) Physical Fitness Instructor for Children and Youth (AASFP) Stretching Therapist (IPTFA) TRX STC (Ops) Nasal Diving Instructor (NAUI) Diving Instructor (NAUI) 2015 Hong Kong Beach Bodybuilding Competition (4th place) 2016 Hong Kong Bodybuilding Championships 7th South China South China Men's Sport Physique Group B 3rd Runner-up 2016 Hong Kong Beach Bodybuilding Competition (1st place) 2016 Hong Kong Open Karate Championships Athletics Champion Personal Shape Athletics Runner-up I provide you with coaching services including-fitness training...
  • 私人教練
    (2 Reviews)
    Sculpting fitness trainer - for cellulite, muscle gain, posture improvement. Worked full-time in a large center - with resistance training, functional training, fitness boxing experience, you can teach at your club, Central, Kwun Tong, government gym
  • Jason Li
    I have been in contact with fitness since I was a student, and I am passionate about fitness. I have participated in several bodybuilding competitions in Hong Kong over the years. After graduation, I joined as a coach. I hope to teach students how to do weight training in a safe and healthy environment and improve different physical problems. Strengths are muscle gain and fat loss and functional training
  • Max
    (7 Reviews)
    Active boxers and fitness coaches provide customers with professional fitness, weight-loss and muscle-building services and guidance. They are also good at sports trauma and pain problems and other fitness boxing and stretching (sports trauma, pain problems, etc.)
  • Peter
    (13 Reviews)
    Personal fitness trainers provide high-quality fitness information, muscle building, weight loss teaching, diet nutrition, encouragement, basic fitness correct action guidance fitness weight loss course health information
  • Ani
    (3 Reviews)
    I have obtained the IPTA international fitness coach qualification for more than 6 years of fitness experience, specializing in muscle building and fat reduction, with the concept of safe, correct and healthy methods to guide fitness. In addition to exercising, students can also gain correct physical fitness and healthy eating knowledge. There is also a group high-intensity fat burning Tabata class and a group battle rope class. A professional fitness trainer definitely does not need to use low prices to attract people, and uses professional fitness knowledge to guide customers to achieve the ideal body shape.
  • Cotton Rose
    (2 Reviews)
    Design a unique beauty and slimming treatment for you, and witness the moment beyond youth. Cotton Rose provides one-stop diversified beauty services: various natural professional beauty treatments such as shaping, slimming, and de-edema, as well as various traditional massage services. The center is committed to the pursuit of "truth, health, and beauty" for customers. It is managed by professionally qualified and experienced beauticians and massage therapists. It introduces all kinds of the latest beauty equipment from abroad, provides professional analysis and opinions, and is meticulous and serious. Tailor-made suitable treatments for clients.
  • Jerry
    I can provide you with a physical assessment and tailor-made training programs. Teach you to set goals and effectively improve your body shape for your clients to achieve weight loss, improve body shape, strengthen muscles, enhance physical fitness, strengthen muscles, recover from trauma, correct posture, and build body. The coach will design a diet prescription, improve your eating habits, help you achieve the best health status, and have a professional training program for your professional fitness training, design your personal fitness training course, and increase your muscles. One-on-one guidance, such as cellulite, weight management, diet, and postpartum self-cultivation. • Provide professional training, professional qualifications and years of teaching experience • Have rich experience in the competition and have participated in the 2015 fitness ratios of all major ports in Hong Kong...
  • Customer Reviews
    Based on 177 reviews
    Foong Ming
    Jul 24 2022
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    Thank you very much to Chris Nutrition Consultant for helping me lose my belly for many years. I never thought that I could lose 15 pounds in a month at the age of 70. If you want to lose weight healthily, I really recommend Chris

    Jun 19 2022
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    Very attentive and professional, can observe what the body needs

    Aug 22 2021
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    The coach is very professional and has rich experience, and can accurately prescribe the right medicine, not bad👍

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    Actual Slimming Treatment Requests

    • “need a healthy eating plan”

      New Territories-Kwun Tong

      What type of dietitian treatment are you looking for?Diet plan
      What kind of slimming method have you tried before?Never tried any slimming method before
      Anything else you would like your Pro to know?create a heathly diet plan for me
    • “weight loss without hunger”

      Hong Kong-Central

      What type of dietitian treatment are you looking for?Slimming Instrument
      What kind of slimming method have you tried before?Slimming treatment devices
      Where should the dietitian focus?Hips, Arms, Legs
    • “loss weight”

      Kowloon-Lok Fu

      What type of dietitian treatment are you looking for?Exercise plan
      What kind of slimming method have you tried before?Never tried any slimming method before
      Anything else you would like your Pro to know?want to learn some weight loss exercise at home

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