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  • kingsmac Int'l Co
    Security System,Graphics,Design & Renovation,Workspace & Equipments,and others
    Hired rate68
    Experienced - more than 2️⃣0️⃣ years of experience in professional air-conditioning installation and disassembly💨 Peace of Mind Guarantee - Registered Mechanic 📜 ✨Service Contents✨ ...
    Air Conditioner Installation and Repair
    Office Interior Design & Renovation
    + 44
    • 面盆維修,sink repair
    • 電力測試, electrical test
    • 電力檢查,electrical  Test
    • Plumber works, 水箱維修
  • Pudding I.T Workshop
    Hired rate72
    👨‍💻Pudding IT Workshop丨2016 ⚡️More than ten years of rich experience👍 🛠️To undertake basic computer software and hardware computer maintenance, computer ...
    Computer Repair and Support
    Data Recovery
    Laptop Repair
    + 10
    Kwai Chung
  • Gloria Chan
    Graphics,Design & Customization
    Hired rate65
    Hello, I'm Gloria from Ikigai Creative Limited. I am a full-time Freelance graphic designer in Hong Kong. I have been engaged in advertising and different ...
    Advertising Sticker Production
    Outdoor Advertising Production
    Backboard Design
    + 11
  • 瑜伽導師 | Jennifer
    Graphics,Fitness,Yoga,Professional Skills,and others
    Hired rate2
    🧘Jennifa Chan丨Since 2010 Core/ Hatha / Hot / Restorative/ Vinyasa / YinYoga Therapy 【Definitely Pro】>10 years experience 👩🏻‍🏫Tutor in Pure ...
    Advertising Sticker Production
    Outdoor Advertising Production
    Stage and Set Design
    + 27
    All Hong Kong
  • SHERGON Smart Publishing
    Hired rate0
    UI Design
    Website Design
    Website Development
    + 6
    Kwai Chung
    • 基金概覽內容自動化出版展示了如何簡單、有效和高效,一眨眼的功夫便可完成製作數十張基金概覽,包括銀行保
    • 名片內容自動化出版展示了如何簡單、有效和高效,一眨眼的功夫便可完成製作數張或萬張名片,比你想像中更快
    • 處理名片更新是一項瑣碎和耗時的工作。名片內容自動化出版展示了如何簡單、有效和高效,一眨眼的功夫便可完
  • Picture & Tones
    Editing,Graphics,Audio Visual Lessons,Exercise & Fitness,and others
    Hired rate15
    🔍PS retouching (Toby No.🥇) 🎥Advertising/Video shooting 🎞Video editing post-production -9 years of production experience in producing and editing moving/still images -The team ...
    Popular Music Production Lesson
    Film Production Course
    Music Performance
    + 19
    Tsing Yi
    • 舊照片修復高清
    • 舊照片修復高清
    • 物件移除
    • 精修產品物品
  • Johnny Lee
    Lifestyle Photograhy,Web,Editing,Graphics,and others
    Hired rate9
    Johnny firmly believes that serving customers with professional attitude and heart is our core value! work experience: In 2003, he started to operate a commercial ...
    Photography Lesson
    Pre-Wedding Photography
    Graphic Design
    + 20
    • 維港夜景
  • 辛辛
    Editing,Graphics,Arts & Culture,Design & Renovation,and others
    Hired rate5
    [{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"text":"⭐培育學生視藝的興趣|得到正確的繪畫基礎教室|分析視藝與社會展望⭐"}]},{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"text":""}]},{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"text":"18歲已獲全港繪畫比賽冠軍,作品在香港20年後至今還未有人超越這個技法和水準!"}]},{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"text":"另設星期五放工輕art jam繪畫教育設計,希望培育傳藝新一代有更好的繪畫能力!"}]},{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"text":"培育學生視藝的興趣並得到正確的繪畫基礎🎨🎨🎨。"}]},{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"text":""}]},{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"text":"從事周刋插畫設計師、4A廣告設計公司美術指導及則師樓室內設計二十多年時間"}]},{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"text":"設計和繪畫經驗!項目包括:酒店大堂、大堂會所、品牌商店及名人發哥和不同豪宅"}]},{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"text":"室內設計,香港、澳門、北京國內等地方!!"}]},{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"text":""}]},{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"text":"專業繪畫課程技巧/ 藝術文創/ 提供家居、辦公室及酒店裝飾畫/ "}]},{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"text":"書畫買賣及裝裱服務/ 代客繪畫/ 畫展/ art jam/ 藝術生日派對/"}]},{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"text":"結婚相片執相處理服務/ ...
    Painting Lesson
    Flower Arrangement Lesson
    Restaurant Interior Design & Renovation
    + 7
    • 展覽
    • 18歲全港西畫繪畫比賽冠軍-水彩畫
  • Sarah Lee
    Hired rate0
    Advertising Sticker Production
    Outdoor Advertising Production
    Backboard Design
    + 12
    All Hong Kong
    • 刀模繪畫
    • Business card Design
    • Business card printing
    • Instagram post design
  • Inframe Creation
    Lifestyle Photograhy,Editing,Graphics,Equipment & Supplies Rental,and others
    Hired rate2
    Founded in 2020, Inframe Creation is a one-stop media production company, from ideation, preparation, script creation, filming to post-editing. The original intention of the founding ...
    Photography Lesson
    Wedding Registry Photography
    Wedding Photography
    + 23
    • Working Photo
User Review
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  • Nanumaya Rana Thapa
    March 5, 2024

    I liked it all perfect as much I wish

  • 陳小姐
    March 4, 2024
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    Friendly, will help you save some money, professional and reliable

  • Ms. Wong
    November 9, 2023
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    The pictures were professionally retouched and I am very satisfied with the finished product. I will hire him again if I need to retouch the pictures.

  • Penny Chan
    November 8, 2023
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    Respond quickly and politely

  • Ivan
    May 30, 2023
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    Good conscientious follow up.

  • Anonymous
    April 29, 2023
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    The design is in place once, and I am very satisfied with the design quality. Have a sense of responsibility and deliver manuscripts on time. In addition to following the requirements, I will also give my own professional advice👍🏻