Home Renovation in Ap Lei Chau

  • MattLtd
    Design & Renovation,Office Repair & Installation,Home Repair & Installation,Small Renovation
    Hired rate23
    Emergency power inspection, plumbing, toilet and air-conditioning maintenance MATT Engineering Company, a government-registered hydropower license, professional hydropower maintenance, qualified hydropower engineering, quality service, free of ...
    Lighting Service
    Electricity Engineering Service
    Home Plumbing
    + 7
    To Kwa Wan
  • 華麗樓宇檢測工程有限公司
    Lifestyle Photograhy,Graphics,Proofreading & Translation,Design & Renovation,and others
    Hired rate20
    Established for more than 10 years, Gorgeous Building Inspection Engineering Co., Ltd. has a team of professionals to provide the highest quality services, including building ...
    Clear Clogged Drain
    Home Plumbing
    Property Inspection
    + 27
    Yau Ma Tei
  • 邱生 - 用心服務
    Design & Renovation,Small Renovation
    Hired rate24
    Hello, my name is Qiu, and the team will provide you with one-stop home service. Services include: interior design, decoration works, home and office cleaning, ...
    Home Renovation
    Interior Design
    Partial Renovation
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    Diamond Hill
  • 蔡師傅
    Design & Renovation
    Hired rate31
    35 years of professional interior decoration and maintenance inspection, hydropower engineering, muddy water, paint, wood furniture My philosophy is to provide guests with a comfortable ...
    Whole Home Remodeling
    Home Renovation
    Partial Renovation
    Yau Ma Tei
  • 東師傅
    Security System,Workspace & Equipments,Design & Renovation,Office Repair & Installation,and others
    Hired rate68
    Your Dream House ~ you should have it! * The first in Hong Kong to provide * acceptance list * customers can have * seven ...
    Furniture Service
    Home Gate Installation and Repair
    Air Conditioner Installation and Repair
    + 38
    Kwun Tong
  • 建安工程有限公司
    Design & Renovation,Office Chores,Small Renovation
    Hired rate21
    Loyal and reliable, reasonable price, time cooperation, far and near, welcome to inquire...
    Air Conditioning Cleaning
    Home Renovation
    Partial Renovation
    + 11
  • 水道屋有限公司
    Design & Renovation
    Hired rate9
    你好! 我們剛剛收到你裝修工程的服務請求! 「水道屋」是香港唯一的日資水電維修裝修企業。 水道屋每一...
    Home Renovation
    Build Integrated Furnitures
    Whole Home Remodeling
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    • 更換馬桶施工前后
    • 更換水箱零件
  • CksChan阿新
    Design & Renovation
    Hired rate0
    I am engaged in home renovation hydropower projects. I have a qualified electrical contractor, electrician license, and first-class plumber license. I provide 24-hour hydropower repair ...
    Glass House Build-up and Design
    Whole Home Remodeling
    Restaurant Interior Design & Renovation
    + 7
  • Keith Wong
    Design & Renovation
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    Home Improvement, Smart Home Power Network Design, Safe Power Applications, Solar Power Assembly, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Registered Electricians...
    Office Interior Design & Renovation
    Shop Renovation
    Home Renovation
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  • 雅陶裝修工程有限公司
    Design & Renovation,Workspace & Equipments,Office Repair & Installation,Home Repair & Installation,and others
    Hired rate13
    Home is where your heart is. Yatao Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. has a professional team that understands the various needs and considerations of customers exactly, ...
    Demolition or Restoration Service
    Paint Job
    Furniture Service
    + 27
User Review
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  • Joey Lee
    August 12, 2019
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    The team listened carefully to our request, especially considering that the bathtub was modified due to the inconvenience of the elderly, which was a convenient tank for the elderly to enter and exit the bath chair. It is recommended to install anti-fall armrests. Made a waterproof film.

  • Hedy Oy Leung
    January 6, 2019
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    It’s fast!! The price is reasonable!!

  • Robbie Leung
    December 14, 2018

  • 梁先生
    September 2, 2018

  • Queenie Wong
    December 23, 2017

    Highly recommended this authentic Italian designer with great minimalist style and constructive advice!

  • Frankie Lam
    September 18, 2017