Home Plumbing in Kowloon Tong

  • 心仔
    Workspace & Equipments,Quality Inspection,Office Repair & Installation,Storage & Moving,and others
    Hired rate4
    Evaluate the situation before quoting, seek facts, and the price is fair....
    Furniture Service
    Demolition or Restoration Service
    Lighting Service
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    All Hong Kong
    • 焊錫工藝,專門修復LED燈具
  • 852.repair
    Security System,Workspace & Equipments,Quality Inspection,Household Service,and others
    Hired rate13
    Professional water and electricity maintenance experience to solve all household problems for you; Leakage and water seepage, pipe replacement, air-conditioning maintenance, emergency unlocking, etc., Hello ...
    Air Conditioner Installation and Repair
    Air Conditioning Cleaning
    Furniture Service
    + 30
    Tuen Mun
    • 🇱🇷美國Richford R690 
創新無框沖水技術 🚽 減少細菌滋生🦠
無咁容易痴污垢 無論地去水 高低咀都可以貼牆安裝🚽
    • 🇱🇷美國Richford R698
無咁容易痴污垢 無論地去水 高低咀都可以貼牆安裝🚽
    • 火炭緊急開鎖
    • 觀塘更換外牆座廁去水喉
  • 蔡師傅
    Office Repair & Installation
    Hired rate81
    30 years of professional interior decoration and maintenance, window inspection, water and electricity engineering, mud water, paint, wood furniture My philosophy is to make guests ...
    Door Repair, Replacement & Installation
    Electricity Engineering Service
    Home Plumbing
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    Yau Ma Tei
  • Dreamer Decoration & Design
    Security System,Design & Renovation,Workspace & Equipments,Quality Inspection,and others
    Hired rate22
    [{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"text":"We provide professional home design & decoration service with 1 to 1 follow up.\n我們提供專業的家居設計和裝飾服務,1對1跟進。\n\nHome maintenance services.\n家居維修服務。"}]},{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"text":""}]},{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"text":"Taobao furniture installation services."}]},{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"text":"淘寶傢俬安裝服務。"}]}]...
    Air Conditioner Installation and Repair
    Move in Cleaning
    Unfurnished Cleaning
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  • 宥承水電
    Design & Renovation,Workspace & Equipments,Office Repair & Installation,Home Repair & Installation,and others
    Hired rate5
    I am Master Zheng, a hydropower technician. I have 10 years of experience in hydropower engineering, and have served more than 100 customers and have ...
    Partial Renovation
    Whole Home Remodeling
    Office Interior Design & Renovation
    + 9
  • Program Host 忠程維修
    Office Repair & Installation,Home Repair & Installation,Small Renovation
    Hired rate20
    Buy Zuo Fan Li do not know how to install. You can ask us for help! We are specially designed for customers to complete the ...
    Furniture Service
    Home Plumbing
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    • 專業鑽孔
    • 安裝燈牌
    • 300kg不銹鋼座枱安裝
  • 專業家庭電器水電維修
    Security System,Workspace & Equipments,Quality Inspection,Household Service,and others
    Hired rate14
    ❗️Services Provided❗️ 💦Professional Repair Washing Machine❄️Refrigerator 🧊Air Conditioner 🔥Kitchen Stove 🚰Plumbing & Water ⚡️Electrical Engineering 💧Dehumidifier 💡Light ...
    Air Conditioner Installation and Repair
    Air Conditioning Cleaning
    Lighting Service
    + 10
  • 通渠王
    Office Repair & Installation
    Hired rate26
    I have been engaged in plumbing and channelling for many years. Hope to provide you with quality service. Thank you....
    Clear Clogged Drain
    Home Plumbing
  • 保~家居服務公司
    Security System,Workspace & Equipments,Design & Renovation,Quality Inspection,and others
    Hired rate1
    Since its opening, more than 400 projects have been completed, including public housing, HOS, private buildings, village houses and shops. The album will be continuously ...
    Office Interior Design & Renovation
    Restaurant Interior Design & Renovation
    Shop Renovation
    + 28
  • 鋁門窗工程
    Quality Inspection,Office Repair & Installation,Home Repair & Installation,Small Renovation
    Hired rate2
    Registered and licensed by the Buildings Department, with more than ten years of professional experience in aluminum windows. Emergency repairs can be arranged, and the ...
    Leak Repair & Waterproofing Service
    Window Replacement & Installation
    Home Plumbing
    + 7
    Kwai Chung
    • 可開啟安全鎖(可替代窗花)
    • 不銹鋼防蚊蟲网
    • 趟式蚊网(不銹钢网)
    • 風琴蚊网
User Review
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  • 姚太
    April 19, 2024
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    Master Chen responded quickly and could come to your door for repairs on the same day🧰 Neat, polite and attentive. Thank you Master Chen for his careful inspection and found that the water pipe was broken and immediately helped to replace it👍🏻 They are also very professional and fast👍🏻

  • Chloe Huang
    April 18, 2024

    professional and good

  • 鄧先生
    April 17, 2024
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    I don’t ask for five stars. It comes from my heart. The price is reasonable and the workmanship is reasonable. I feel good after one day. Although I’m a little late, it’s within an acceptable range. I’ve shared my experience and noted the precautions. I hope it can help everyone.

  • Anonymous
    April 17, 2024

    Very good and very fast

  • Ellis Lam
    April 16, 2024
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    Master Huang answered the questions attentively, was polite, and carefully worked on the steps; he will continue to observe the condition after replacing the toilet. Thank you!

  • April 14, 2024
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    It was the first time I looked for a repairman online. I checked at 11:45 in the evening. Master Chen responded quickly and asked me to take pictures of the location to be repaired before making a quotation. Master Chen repaired the toilet with great care and effort, and explained clearly the reasons for the toilet problems. In addition to the pipes that originally needed to be replaced, he helped check other parts of the toilet and replaced the aging parts. In addition, I would like to express special praise to Master Chen for being so polite and tidy. After the repair was completed, he wrapped up the old parts and dirt in the bathroom and cleaned up the sewage on the floor so that I could handle the subsequent cleaning more conveniently and quickly. Very good!