Violin Lesson in Kowloon Tong

  • 雙對論琴弦中心 弦樂課程
    String Instrument Lessons,Guitar Courses
    Hired rate112
    The center of the double-parameter string is the center of the popular music classroom in North Point. The piano room is near the exit of ...
    Violin Lesson
    Viola Lesson
    Cello Lesson
    + 4
    North Point
  • 男小提琴上門導師 Cyr...
    String Instrument Lessons
    Hired rate28
    Male violin home instructor Cyrus Suen. Earlier in 2014, he obtained a violin certificate of level 8. From 2014 to 2017, he was the second ...
    Violin Lesson
    Ma On Shan
  • 部落音樂
    String Instrument Lessons,Percussion Lessons,Keyboard Lessons,Vocal Lessons,and others
    Hired rate6
    Tribal Music Quotes Introduction to Tribal Music "Tribal Music" is named after the Music Community. It was founded in 2017 by a team of well-known ...
    Keyboard Lesson
    Piano Lesson
    Ukulele Lesson
    + 11
    Lai Chi Kok
  • Jaspar
    Lifestyle Photograhy,Editing,String Instrument Lessons,Audio & Visual Production,and others
    Hired rate4
    I am a Photographer with 5 years professional in food, event, product, portrait, interior, landscape and sports photography. I am also professional in videography and ...
    Animation Project
    Corporate Video Project
    + 22
  • 全職小提琴老師,因材施教
    String Instrument Lessons
    Hired rate9
    The full-time violin teacher has obtained the violin level eight at the Royal College of Music. He has many years of experience in orchestra performance ...
    Violin Lesson
    Kwai Chung
  • Herbert Cheung
    String Instrument Lessons
    Hired rate0
    At the age of six, he began to learn violin. He graduated from the Music Department of Hong Kong Baptist University and majored in performance ...
    Violin Lesson
    Viola Lesson
    Prince Edward
    • 與張學友@《梅艷芳.10.思念.音樂.會》
  • Tony Lam
    String Instrument Lessons,Wedding Performance,Keyboard Lessons,Other Music Lessons
    Hired rate7
    I graduated from the Hong Kong University of Education, majored in contemporary music and performance education, and studied jazz. I have obtained a second degree ...
    Keyboard Lesson
    Piano Lesson
    Violin Lesson
    + 7
  • DC Music Studio
    String Instrument Lessons,Performers & Artists
    Hired rate1
    香港小提琴家鄭蘇佳先生畢業於香港演藝學院,現任於香港專弦音樂&卡貝斯音樂學院音樂总监及Mr.Quartet,致力推動各個領域的音樂文化及音樂教育。鄭氏活躍于古典音樂及流行樂壇,热衷于小提琴和大提琴的演奏。2007年起便開始擔任香港城市室樂團小提琴樂師,他也是很多香港著名樂團和海外樂團的客席音樂家,其中包括香港纯弦、香港愛樂樂團和澳门精英室樂團。鄭氏更擔任各著名的流行歌手演唱會演奏及海外巡回演出過百場。其中包括張學友、陳奕迅、鄭秀文,譚詠麟、徐小鳳,張敬軒,葉麗儀,顧嘉煇,李玟,陳潔儀,劉家昌,黃貫中,王苑之,李克勤,黃麗玲,容祖兒,梁靜茹等等。 鄭氏亦受邀擔任第23屆香港金像獎,香港電台,叱垞903,新城娛樂台慶,TVB2016勁歌金曲,TVB50週年台慶等表演 Danny Cheng is currently ...
    Violin Lesson
    Viola Lesson
    Cello Lesson
    + 1
    Mong Kok
  • 演奏音樂藝術中心 Recital Music & Art Centre
    String Instrument Lessons,Wind Instrument Lessons,Keyboard Lessons,Other Music Lessons,and others
    Hired rate6
    In 2008, he founded the Music and Art Center in Xianglongwan Square, To Kwa Wan. He has always provided quality music and visual arts education. ...
    Piano Lesson
    Ukulele Lesson
    Acoustic Guitar Lesson
    + 12
    To Kwa Wan
  • 全職私人上門教學 - 鍾老師 Tracy
    String Instrument Lessons
    Hired rate3
    The first half of the lesson is more than 7 years, and the violin students are taught 100% of the students with good results. The ...
    Violin Lesson
    Diamond Hill
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    April 16, 2019

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  • 馮任華
    February 10, 2018
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    Very careful and patient

  • Country mammy
    July 14, 2017

    Teach patiently with children. Thoughtful and confident.

    April 12, 2020
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    Thanks to the teachers ’professional professors, the children have made great progress in the past six months. You can challenge the animation music you like 🎵. The teaching skills of Sir make the practice of violin easy.

  • 溫先生
    February 29, 2020
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    Flexible time to go to school, carefully teach with professional knowledge, learn every time you go to school, and look forward to each time