Tennis Lesson in San Po Kong

  • 愛因斯坦Einstein...
    Ball Games
    Hired rate54
    Here is my self introduction: Einstein, who has been studying tennis for more than 25 years with a regular tennis coach, has represented the Hong ...
    Tennis Lesson
    Prince Edward
  • Lear Chang
    Ball Games
    Hired rate32
    I have taught junior and intermediate tennis classes for many years. Students come from all over the world, from 5 years old to retired people. ...
    Tennis Lesson
  • Tennis coaching course
    Ball Games
    Hired rate10
    採用現代教學方法,讓學生以最快捷、容易及達到效果來學網球 Using MODERN Methodology. Students learn tennis the QUICK and EASY way...
    Tennis Lesson
    San Po Kong
  • Wallace tsui
    Ball Games
    Hired rate5
    I am a tennis coach. I was the top ten player in the Hong Kong Youth Army in Hong Kong. I used to be the ...
    Tennis Lesson
    Sham Tseng
  • Coach Clare
    Ball Games
    Hired rate6
    In 2011, he began to teach full-time tennis, qualified as an ITF tennis coach, ATPCA tennis coach, ITF judge, registered coach of Hong Kong Tennis ...
    Tennis Lesson
    Yuen Long
  • William Lai
    Ball Games
    Hired rate3
    I hold an Australian ATPCA registered tennis coach and have many years of experience teaching individual and group tennis classes, including children, youth, adults and ...
    Tennis Lesson
    Fo Tan
  • Sam Lee
    Ball Games
    Hired rate15
    Hi there, my name is Sam Lee, junior tennis player, Trained in New Zealand and played for Auckland University tennis team. HKTA licensed Coach L1....
    Tennis Lesson
    Tsing Yi
  • Daniel Chow
    Ball Games
    Hired rate0
    Daniel Chow has 15 years of experience in tennis teaching: International Tennis Ferderation (ITF) Level 1 Coaching Qualifications Asian Sports and Fitness College (AASFP) Senior ...
    Tennis Lesson
    Mei Foo
    • 室外專項運動體能訓練
    • 保誠網球訓練推廣計劃
    • 明日之星網球訓練推廣計劃
    • 江蘇網球訓練推廣計劃
  • Step Tennis
    Ball Games
    Hired rate4
    Great sport service by HKG Sport Club
    Tennis Lesson
    Tai Po
  • Sam Wong
    Ball Games
    Hired rate1
    I have USPTA accredited coach qualification. Arrange suitable training for people who are interested in learning tennis and improving their skills. I have sufficient training ...
    Tennis Lesson
    Yuen Long
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User Review
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  • Eriko Yamamoto
    January 14, 2020

    Kind and nice. Kids enjoyed his lessons.

  • Ivy
    November 30, 2019
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    Teach with your heart, be courteous and kind, and continue to hire hoping to improve your skills

  • Amy
    October 16, 2019
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    Good, very patient

  • Crystal
    May 2, 2019

  • Wong Cassidy Kerwin Sy
    March 26, 2019

  • Yan Tan
    August 26, 2018