Home Plumbing in Shatin Town Centre

  • 華麗樓宇檢測工程有限公司
    Outsourcing,Design & Renovation,Workspace & Equipments,Quality Inspection,and others
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    Huali Building Inspection Engineering Co., Ltd. has been established for more than ten years. It has a professional team to provide customers with the best ...
    Air Conditioner Installation and Repair
    Post-renovation Cleaning
    Tile Grout Cleaning
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    Kwai Chung
  • 卓慧創建工程公司
    Quality Inspection,Household Service,Security System,Office Repair & Installation,and others
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    ❤️Professional team ❤️Provide customers with professional and fast service 🫶Let customers have a brand new experience Quotation is accurate and professional, as ...
    Air Conditioner Installation and Repair
    Furniture Service
    Door Repair, Replacement & Installation
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    Kwai Fong
    • 更換鋅盤去水組件一套
    • 更換銅底美國福馬水泵方便耐用英國製造
    • 有時候需要拆水箱處理工序比較複雜一點
    • 更換電熱水爐三相
  • 駿翹水喉渠務工程有限公司
    Quality Inspection,Office Repair & Installation,Home Repair & Installation,Small Renovation
    Hired rate151
    Engineering Corporation
    Business Anti-syphonage Pipe Installation And Repair
    Home Plumbing
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    • 更換住宅單位位於樓下天花之舊有去水喉管,將鐵喉換成膠喉
    • 客人要求改善廚房鋅盤去水經常淤塞問題,應客人要求將舊有牛角叉廢除,重造一套鋅盤去水喉及更換隔氣
    • 廚房鋅盤傳出臭味,客人要求廢除盤底垃圾軟喉套件,將全套垃圾軟喉套件換成白膠硬喉及標準樽形隔氣
    • 客人廚房鋅盤嚴重淤塞不能去水,利用高壓水機進行疏通及清洗喉管內之油脂油膏
  • +852 612***92
    Security System,Transport,Quality Inspection,Household Service,and others
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    My name is Min, with more than ten years of service experience, I have assisted many customers to solve problems, and gained the trust of ...
    Furniture Service
    Air Conditioner Installation and Repair
    Lighting Service
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  • kingsmac Int'l Co
    Security System,Graphics,Design & Renovation,Workspace & Equipments,and others
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    Experienced - more than 2️⃣0️⃣ years of experience in professional air-conditioning installation and disassembly💨 Peace of Mind Guarantee - Registered Mechanic 📜 ✨Service Contents✨ ...
    Air Conditioner Installation and Repair
    Office Interior Design & Renovation
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    • 面盆維修,sink repair
    • 電力測試, electrical test
    • 電力檢查,electrical  Test
    • Plumber works, 水箱維修
  • Bennyliu
    Quality Inspection,Office Repair & Installation,Home Repair & Installation,Small Renovation
    Hired rate87
    My name is Master Liao. I have 14 years of rich experience in drainage. I will help you solve all the drainage problems, no matter ...
    Home Plumbing
    Clear Clogged Drain
    Bathtub Replacement
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    Shek Kip Mei
    • 高壓水機清洗渠道
    • 裝拆座廁清理淤塞物
  • 雅陶裝修工程有限公司
    Security System,Office Repair & Installation,Home Repair & Installation,Small Renovation,and others
    Hired rate103
    🎖 The purpose of Yatao Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.🎖 🏡 Home is where your heart is. ✨ Company Profile ✨ Yatao Decoration Engineering Co., ...
    Demolition or Restoration Service
    Paint Job
    Furniture Service
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    All Hong Kong
  • 水道屋有限公司
    Home Repair & Installation
    Hired rate605
    水道屋是香港正規注冊持牌公司。 我們的服務范圍:專業冷氣清洗、專業通渠服務、水喉水務工程、油漆、防水...
    Bathtub Replacement
    Home Plumbing
    Air Conditioner Installation and Repair
    + 8
  • Carson
    Security System,Workspace & Equipments,Household Service,Office Repair & Installation,and others
    Hired rate59
    專業服務 價錢合理 操流利廣東話 普通話 Speaking fluent engish
    Air Conditioner Installation and Repair
    Flooring Service
    Electricity Engineering Service
    + 11
    Sai Ying Pun
  • KM Wong
    Quality Inspection,Household Service,Office Repair & Installation,Home Repair & Installation,and others
    Hired rate49
    [{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"text":"我是黃健明,從事建造業屋宇裝備工程已有十多年經驗,同時持有電力工程人員B級牌照w129945及一級水喉匠資格04910,可提供收樓後及裝修後水電設備檢查服務,一般水電安裝如水喉潔具,燈飾,電掣,插蘇等及維修服務亦可提供, 歡迎查詢"}]},{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"text":"主力協助沙田,馬鞍山,西貢街坊"}]},{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"text":""}]},{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"text":"This is Kin Ming. I have over ten years experience that working in building services engineering. Hold a certificate of registration of ...
    Air Conditioner Installation and Repair
    Engineering Corporation
    Lighting Service
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User Review
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  • Emma
    April 20, 2024
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    The master came to the door on time and was very efficient.

  • 姚太
    April 19, 2024
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    Master Chen responded quickly and could come to your door for repairs on the same day🧰 Neat, polite and attentive. Thank you Master Chen for his careful inspection and found that the water pipe was broken and immediately helped to replace it👍🏻 They are also very professional and fast👍🏻

  • Chloe Huang
    April 18, 2024

    professional and good

  • 鄧先生
    April 17, 2024
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    I don’t ask for five stars. It comes from my heart. The price is reasonable and the workmanship is reasonable. I feel good after one day. Although I’m a little late, it’s within an acceptable range. I’ve shared my experience and noted the precautions. I hope it can help everyone.

  • Anonymous
    April 17, 2024

    Very good and very fast

  • Ellis Lam
    April 16, 2024
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    Master Huang answered the questions attentively, was polite, and carefully worked on the steps; he will continue to observe the condition after replacing the toilet. Thank you!