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  • <資深的HR經理, 現並職人事顧問> Queenie@The Studio of Origin
    Proofreading & Translation
    Hired rate43
    The Studio of Worked as both external recruiter and in-house HR, lived in SG, Aus & UK. Queenie is fluent speaker and writer in ...
    Resume Editing
    Yuen Long
  • TSO (
    Corporate Training
    Hired rate32
    The Studio of Origin_ Worked as external recruiter and in-house HR and lived in SG, Aus & UK. Queenie is trilingual and interviewed more ...
    Interview Training
    Yuen Long
  • <資深的人事顧問> Queenie@The Studio of Origin
    Consulting Services
    Hired rate31
    The Studio of Origin_ Worked as both external and in-house HR, Queenie has experience in full cycle recruitment, employee engagement, final settlement, resignation, visa ...
    Human Resources Consultation
    Yuen Long
  • TSO (
    Dating & Relationship
    Hired rate31
    The Studio of Gender relations, a subject that must be repaired in interpersonal relationships. With the development of science and technology, getting along from ...
    Relationship Counselling
    Yuen Long
  • 手機維修
    Hired rate93
    Hello, I am Aguang Shichuan. I have more than 5 years experience in repairing mobile phones. I have repaired thousands of mobile phones and I ...
    Tablet Repair
    Mobile Repair
    Quarry Bay
  • Himawari Makeup
    Wedding Service
    Hired rate57
    Lisa graduated from UCLA and Zing Makeup School. It is a new-born, natural-inspired, age-reducing look that enhances temperament. Good at changing hair style and delicate ...
    Wedding Hair and Makeup
    Tin Hau
  • Himawari Makeup
    Hair & Makeup
    Hired rate22
    After Lisa graduated from UCLA, she decided to explore her passion for makeup by attending prominent academies including Zing the Makeup School and Glow Makeup ...
    Social Event Hair and Makeup
    Event Kids' Makeup
    Photoshoot Hair and Makeup
    + 2
    Tin Hau
  • Queenie-著重身心靈釋放的註冊瑜伽導師. 公司: The Studio of Origin
    Exercise & Fitness
    Hired rate37
    The Studio of Queenie is a registered yoga instructor who focuses on mind and body. At the same time, he holds a master&#39;s degree ...
    Yoga Lesson
    Stretching Lesson
    Yuen Long
  • ngai
    Other Music Lessons
    Hired rate0
    Aural Skills Lesson
    Song Composition Lesson
    Wong Tai Sin
  • 雙對論琴弦中心 管樂及其他課程
    Wind Instrument Lessons
    Hired rate35
    The center of the double-parameter string is the center of the popular music classroom in North Point. The piano room is near the exit of ...
    Flute Lesson
    Harmonica Lesson
    North Point