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  • 游泳教練Vic
    Water Sports
    Hired rate164
    您好,我是Vic. 我們是 Easy Swim ! 也是Hello推薦的金牌優質教練! 人人都讚好丨過百人聘請丨 我的教學經驗有十年。有游泳教練證...
    Swimming Lesson for Adults
    Swimming Lesson
    Swimming Lesson
  • fong pak wing (Joe sir )
    Water Sports
    Hired rate116
    Because we are teachers, we don't ......................... If we don't wave bells, I will not use ducks, but will use diversified thinking, enlighten the children's ...
    Swimming Lesson
  • 游泳運動員丨Chan Lok Ting Sammi
    Athletics,Exercise & Fitness,Water Sports
    Hired rate29
    游泳運動員丨Chan Lok Ting Sammi 🏊‍♀️游泳女教練、游泳運動員 Female swimming coach、swimmer 🏊‍♀️🚴‍♀️🏃‍...
    Swimming Lesson
    Aqua Fitness
    Personal Training
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  • Coach Alyssa
    Water Sports
    Hired rate16
    持牌教練、多年經驗、信心保證 Registered and Approved Coach License with 10 Years+ Experience 提供男/女教練 Provide Male/Female coach Swimming Coaching Experience: ...
    Aqua Fitness
    Swimming Lesson
  • 女游泳教練丨Rachel
    Water Sports
    Hired rate5
    ✦Rachel✦ I am a female coach, loving and patient to teach children, teenagers and women who are new to swimming. In addition, there are also...
    Swimming Lesson
    Mei Foo
  • 汛寶體藝 鄧教練
    Water Sports
    Hired rate18
    ✨✨Star Coach✨✨ 🔥Senior professional full-time swimming instructor with the second-level certificate of ASCA & HKASA 🔥Senior professional full-time swimming coach 🔥Served ...
    Swimming Lesson
  • 五星好評丨多元專業教學丨容和體育游泳班
    Water Sports
    Hired rate8
    The association was established in 2018 and is composed of a group of coaches who are enthusiastic about promoting sports. Every coach and teaching assistant ...
    Swimming Lesson
  • Nikkie
    Water Sports
    Hired rate3
    The most important thing to learn to swim is to have quality, but if you learn to swim badly, you will be miserable 😫 I...
    Swimming Lesson
    Tuen Mun
  • Tsz Yu 芷瑜
    Water Sports
    Hired rate11
    🌟Participated in many world competitions and achieved good results🌟Trilingual teaching; holding a bachelor’s degree, can teach in Chinese, English and Mandarin🌟Guarantee of confidence: years ...
    Swimming Lesson
  • ChingHei
    Exercise & Fitness,Water Sports
    Hired rate0
    🏊‍♀️Swimming fitness coach Ching Hei ⭕️With multiple swimming and fitness certificates ⭕️allow children to learn to save themselves on water ⭕...
    Personal Training
    Swimming Lesson
    All Hong Kong
    • Swimming class
    • 幼兒習泳自救班 (4歲以下幼兒)
(先)克服水的恐懼,(後) 學習水中自救技巧&泳式,課堂中不會使用浮板及浮輔物,包括(水手䄂/浮書包),減少倚賴和節省學習時間。
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    • 原來可以咁型,快d游到個25m啦
有意報名請聯絡 游泳健身教練Ching Hei 
☎️致電: +852 96848781
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  • Ranjith
    January 15, 2022

    Vic’s coaching is quite effective and he was able to identify and suggest corrections on many aspects of my freestyle especially breathing improvements. More importantly, he is committed and has a genuine interest to help me improve and achieve my goal. He is also patient, punctual while being flexible with the scheduling. Overall happy that I came across him.

  • Anonymous
    January 13, 2022
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    Coach Ray is a good professional and patient coach👍

  • Nafiseh
    January 10, 2022

    Coach Ray is the best! Highly recommended! He helped me to overcome my water phobia, after a few sessions the nightmares gone!! Now love swimming :) Ray is very patient, positive, punctual & courteous

  • Eric Sharabany
    January 6, 2022

    Fantastic Coach! In one lesson she helped improve my swimming tenfold. I intend to continue with her and recommend her to all my business colleagues and friends! 5 stars!

  • +852 981***18
    January 4, 2022
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    Go to adult freestyle Sammi, experienced classroom content, logical difficulty, step by step, trustworthy

  • Bomi Kim
    January 3, 2022

    I just did a trial class and I will continue on with lessons. She is very detail oriented and patient.