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Scalp Micropigmentation in Hong Kong

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP), as the name suggests, is similar to scalp tattoos. The latest SMP technology uses pigments that are similar in color to hair. Through micro-needles, the pigments are applied to the scalp, imitating the lines and directions of hair growth, creating the effect of short hair growth, making the hair look fuller and thicker. It conceals hair loss problems such as thinning hair, wide forehead, and receding hairline. Hairline, hairline partition, partial hair rotation, temple angles, and hairline are all common positions for SMP. However, You do not necessarily need to have a hair loss problem to get SMP. If you want to lower your hairline to modify your face shape, you can also get SMP on the hairline!

Am I suitable for Scalp Micropigmentation? What types of people with hair loss are suitable for Scalp Micropigmentation?

Since scalp micropigmentation is not a hair restoration technique, but rather a visual enhancement of hair volume and scalp shading, it is more suitable for people with a certain amount of hair, such as those with receding hairlines, sparse hairlines, and sparse hair on the top of the head. Scalp micropigmentation can be used to fill in the gaps in these areas. However, since scalp micropigmentation requires injecting pigment into the scalp, it is not suitable for people with acne, sensitive scalp, scalp eczema, folliculitis, and other scalp conditions. If you want to know if you are suitable for scalp micropigmentation, it is best to consult a doctor first. If you have had allergic reactions to tattoo ink before, you may not be suitable for scalp micropigmentation either.

How long does the scalp micropigmentation process and recovery period take? Does scalp micropigmentation hurt?

The Scalp Micropigmentation process uses professional equipment to inject pigment into the scalp dermis, making the hair restoration effect more long-lasting. During the process, the technician will apply anesthetic cream to greatly reduce the pain of the scalp micropigmentation process. The scalp micropigmentation process takes about 2 hours, including hair color design, anesthesia application, and coloring. The actual duration of the scalp micropigmentation process depends on the location of hair loss, the speed of the technician, and the scope of hair restoration.

How do I take care of my scalp micropigmentation after the procedure?

Taking care of the scalp micropigmentation after the procedure is simple. If the wound is well cared for, it can heal in about 2 weeks. After the scalp micropigmentation, there will be a period of mild swelling, scabbing, and flaking, with a recovery period of about 2 weeks. The scalp micropigmentation will leave a small wound on the scalp, so proper disinfection and care are needed to greatly reduce the risk of infection. Within 2 weeks after the procedure, avoid water splashing onto the wound, and use weakly acidic shampoo with a pH of 4.5-6.5. If there is any color fading during the maintenance period after the first scalp micropigmentation, the technician may arrange for free color touch-up; otherwise, additional fees will be required for the scalp micropigmentation touch-up.