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Toby No Hard Sell Certification

Long Hak Fong is awarded with the Toby No Hard Sell Certification, which guarantees that you will not face any lengthy, high-pressure hard selling and bombarding, so that you can enjoy your treatment in complete peace and quiet.
Want to know how Toby No Hard Sell Certification can protect you? Please refer to https://toby.fyi/5VCNO2 for more details.

Long Hak Fon: The Place for Cleansing Your Body & Mind

Long Hak Fong is conveniently located in Yuen Long and it is only a few-minute walk from the MTR station. The staff at Long Hak Fong believe that city dwellers should take better care of their health because accumulated stress can lead to various health issues, such as frozen shoulder, sciatica and weight gain, etc. Blockages in the meridians can affect blood circulation and Long Hak Fong can help you to upkeep your body, relieve aches and pains, and cleanse your body and mind.
A comfortable footbath area to relax your feet.
The venue is equipped with 4 warm-lit individual rooms and each room comes with separate air conditioning and disposable bed sheets.

Are you suffering from lymphatic obstruction?

If you always feel cold, stay in an air-conditioned environment, or need to stand, you are likely to experience swollen feet and fatigue.; therefore, you should definitely try lymphatic detox, hot stone massage, or magnetic therapy from Long Hak Fong!
【Lymphatic Detox】
Lymphatic Detox can clear blockages in the meridians and stimulate various pressure points and it can be combined with a patented essential oil to make your legs slimmer.
【Hot Stone Massage】
Compared to aromatherapy, hot stone therapy is more effective in relieving fatigue. The hot stones can enhance blood circulation and calm the nervous system. In addition, the use of essential oil can penetrate the body to relieve muscle pain, eliminate coldness and toxins from the body, and improve sleep quality.
【Magnetic Therapy】
Aside from prolonged physical activity, using a computer or mobile phone or carrying a heavy handbag or baby can cause strain in the arms and the meridians to accumulate toxins, thus leading to numbness, coldness, and lack of strength in the arms. Magnetic therapy can help to clear the lymph nodes and relieve muscle tension.
No Hard Sell
Comfortable Environment
Near MTR


Kay Mak
按摩時間足,最後有兩個人一齊入嚟一個按頭一個按腳。除咗位處嘅商場up dup 左d之外,其他都幾好。


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Gua Sha
Private Room
All Staff Wear Masks
Compulsory Hand Sanitizing for Staff
Regular Use of Sanitizer Spray
Body Temperature Check for Staff
Daily Deep Clean
Sanitize All Equipments Regularly
Sanitize the Massage Table After Use
Sanitize the Towel and Clothes After Use
Free Wifi