2022 Average Cost for Website Development in Hong Kong

Average 30,000 per service in Hong Kong

The average cost for Website Development is $30000 per hour. To hire a Website Developer, you are likely to spend between $5000 and $100000 total.

Minimum CostMaximum CostAverage Cost$ 5,000$ 100,000$ 30,000

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        Website Development Hong Kong Cost Details

        To introduce the company to the potential customers, many companies will set up their own websites. In the market, the content of the web development is not transparent that different private web companies provide different web development packages with different prices and different content. Your ideal website might need a tremendous effort by the web company. In this sense, how will the web company charge if they are employed to develop websites?

        1) Website Development Actual Cost

        Take a medium-scale company in Hong Kong as an example, they need around 10 to 20 webpages to fully introduce their company to the public, the web development cost is around $5000 to $100000. It is either charged on the basis of website design, website space and the URL.

        The website design is the biggest factor affecting the price of the whole web development. The website made from the template and the specifically designed website cost differently. The website made from the template is usually the web develop bought website template from other companies and modified it. This kind of package is usually provided by junior web development freelancer or small-scale web company and usually costs from $5000 to $30000.

        The specifically designed websites are designed and managed by the web company. It is charged based on the website structure like front page cover, content page cover, inactive html, multimedia content, and functions like shopping cart, discussion forum, and online communication.

        For the company website development, 10 to 20 pages, including social media linkage, latest updates, blog, email registeration, calendar, image base and simple animation, costs $70000 to $150000. For similar ecommerce website development, with shopping cart selling 100 to 500 products, costs $100000 to $300000. The web development price will be more expensive when the website includes backend system, report and third-part merge. When the website become more personalised, the price will be much higher since the web developers might take more time to test and deal with the software problem.

        After the website design, your also need space to save up your website. If you set up the server by yourself, it will be the most expensive means to save up your website. You can also consider renting server or saving webpages with different costs. The former one costs $1500 to $4000 while the later one costs $30 to $500. To set up your own website, you also need to set up your own URL which yearly costs $100 to $400.

        2) Website Development Services Content

        It is difficult to classify the template website and the specifically website from appearance. But the system of the specifically designed website is much more stable than the template one. Since the template one uses other system, the web developers might not be able to amend it when there is any problem. The specifically designed website is fully set up by the web developer, the high-technology and full control of the system make the technicians have more control over the website and more flexible to deal with the problem when there is an issue.

        The website development services charged for a few times. At the first stage, the web developer should understand the need the of customers and draft their ideal website out for the quotes. When they reach a consensus, they will sign contract and first installation payment shall be paid. The second installation payment will be made when the technicians set up the structure of the website. Afterwards, the web developers will construct the content, system and the animation while keep amending the content. The final payment will be made when the website is finished and the test on the stability of the website is done.

        3) Website Development Additional Cost

        The web development includes different additional costs. At the early stage of the web development, website space and the URL set up are not included in the package of the web development company. The web developers will only concentrate on the system management. The website content and picture still needs to provided by the customers. If the web develop company employs another web developers, the clients have to pay for it.

        As for the post-production, the website needs continuously update or maintenance. According to the maintaining quantity and kinds, it is charged $3000 per month. As for the internet marketing and search engine optimization, it costs $2000 per month.

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        • Justin L
          December 3, 2023
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          The website design is very professional and beautiful. The production and reply speed are very fast. Satisfied with this service!

        • Haruna
          March 15, 2023
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          The speed of webpage creation and WhatsApp reply is very fast. If you have any questions, you can ask in time, and you will not hard sell. I am satisfied with the service!

        • Johnson
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          January 6, 2023
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          major! quick! 5 minutes to solve my problem~

        • Sam
          September 27, 2022
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          Very professionally explain every detail, website production provides professional advice, and the finished product is very satisfied

        • Vicky
          July 19, 2022

          Responsive and responsible

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