Pean Beauty Beauty Pass (Facial + Medical Beauty + Body)(Only allow Monday to Friday)

Choose from a variety of facial, medical beauty and body treatments (Only allow Monday to Friday)
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・Pean Beauty Beauty Pass x 1 (Includes 3 treatments)
(Only allow Monday to Friday)

Beauty Pass Offerings

A) Facial Treatment (Choose 1 out of 3)

A1【Herb Regeneration Peel】(Original Price: $2,400)

Herb Regeneration Peel is a biologically-based method of skin regeneration that uses fractional prickle coral calcium to firm skin. Rich in minerals and vitamins, coral calcium and sponges are 5-6 times more effective than similar products and can regenerate cells and smooths skin faster to give translucent skin.


- Rejuvenates and whitens skin
- Evens skin tone

A2【Lifting & Firming Facial Treatment】(Original Price: $1,880)

Collagen can help with the production of collagen fibers, slow down aging and promote the metabolism of skin cells.


- Firms skin and reduces wrinkles
- Boosts skin elasticity

A3【Aroma & Moisturizing Facial Treatment】(Original Price: $1,880)

The treatment uses essential oil to give a detox and deswelling effect and then injects the skin with moisturizing essence to offer a moisturizing and relieving effect.


- Moisturizing & Calming
- Repair & Relief

B) Medical Beauty (Choose 1 out of 3)

B1【Ultrasound Moisturizing Treatment】(Original Price: $3,800)

Bellasonic uses a dual-frequency technology to create microbubbles in skin cells to promote metabolism, increase Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs) and Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs, retains moisture in the dermis) and reduce Matrix Metalloproteinases (MMPs, enzymes caused by inflammation or UV and can damage collagen).
Combining high-frequency (HF) ultrasound and low-frequency (LF) ultrasound, Bellasonic can vibrate up to 10M times per second and diffuse high-concentration growth factors into the skin to promote overall metabolism, increase moisture, boost skin softness and elasticity, reduce redness and inflammation and repair weakening skin.


- Removes toxins and metabolic wastes
- Whitens skin and refines pores
- Strengthens skin cells and improves circulation
- Strengthens tissues under the surface and injects oxygen
- Reduces redness and inflammation

B2【Microbubble Peel】(Original Price: $2,400)

Pulicious, a popular keratin treatment equipment among Korean hospitals, uses a diamond dermabrasion probe head and vortex suction to give a deep cleaning and clear pores of dirt, blackheads and acne. At the same time, the brand-new EP probe head will nano inject an essence to promote penetration and refine pores and LE blue light will be applied to calm skin, give an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effect and promote skin repair and regeneration.


- Gives a deep cleaning to remove allergens
- Treats folliculitis and removes skin mites
- Stimulates collagen production and boost skin metabolism
- Moisturizes and injects nutrients
- Removes blackheads, treats acne, refines pores and reduce sagging
- Removes aging keratin and evens skin tone
- Reduces undereye bags, dark circles and eye wrinkles
- Injects skin with moisture and oxygen to give a moisturizing and whitening effect

B3【HIFU Firming, Anti-Wrinkle & Lifting Treatment (Full Face) 】(Original Price: $5,800)

HIFU Firming, Anti-Wrinkle & Lifting Treatment (Full Face) uses the KFDA-approved Liftera V to instantly firm skin. The painless treatment only takes a while and has no downtime. In addition, the probe head is designed to better cover small areas like around the eyes.


- Reduces puffiness, sagging and double chin
- Lifts facial contour
- Enhance chin line
- Reduces smile lines, neck lines, nasolabial folds and forehead wrinkles etc.
- Evens skin tone and moisturizes skin
- Reduces fine lines around the eyes

C) Body Treatment (Choose 3 out of 1)

C1【BTL EMSELLA Chair】(Original Price: $2,300)

BTL EMSELLA Chair uses the patented HIFEM™ technology to stimulate and tighten pelvic floor muscles. HIFEM™️ can reach 10 cm into the pelvic floor muscles and a 28-minute session contains 12,000 contractions.


- Stimulates collagen production and treats vaginal vault prolapse
- Strengthens pelvic floor muscles and lifts the bladder, rectum and vagina
- Enhance muscle tension to treat incontinence
- Treats vaginal dryness
- Prevents vaginitis and yeast infection
- Stops vaginal itching and odor
- Improves sex life

C2【Pink Areola & Bust Lifting Treatment】(Original Price: $4,800)

Combined with bust acupressure, the treatment uses high-level antioxidants and multiple moisturizers to enhance luminosity and pigment metabolism and improve blood circulation around the areolas.


- Lightens the areolas
- Gives the areolas a pinkish tone

C3【30-Minute VIRTUAL GYM】(Original Price: $5,800)

Virtual Gym emits 4,000 combinations of signal waves to target 24 body parts. It can break down fat, give a slimming effect and minimize exertion on the muscles and fascia.


- Increase muscle mass
- Promotes metabolism and hormonal growth
- Gives multiple detoxes and enhances lymphatic circulation
- Boosts blood circulation and reduces aches and pains
- Eliminates subcutaneous and visceral fat
- Easily enhances body contour


- This offer can only be redeemed once.
- This offer is only available to new customers.
- Please remember to arrive on time. There might be no make-up for any lost time.

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Effective Period
Within 120 days of purchase
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Terms and Conditions
1. Each customer can enjoy the service offer once only. 2. This voucher can only be redeemed once and cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash. 3. This voucher is valid for 120 days from the day of purchase. Strictly no extension will be allowed. 4. The Redemption Code must be presented to the merchant and verified for redemption. 5. In case of a dispute, Toby reserves the right of the final decision on the interpretation of the Terms and Conditions.
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