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Black Ants / Cockroach Control

Toby is now collaborating with Tabo’s Service Limited to offer you professional pest control services to exterminate cockroach, black ants and any other pests. By using natural remedies ranging from highly-effective or environmental-friendly solutions to high-temperature steam, the experienced technicians can provide a tailored cockroach treatment to effectively eliminate any type of infestation. The treatment will include two on-site visits and one month of maintenance.
Toby is now collaborating with Tabo’s Service Limited to offer you professional pest control services to exterminate cockroach, black ants and any other pests. By using natural remedies ranging from highly-effective or environmental-friendly solutions to high-temperature steam, the experienced technicians can provide a tailored cockroach treatment to effectively eliminate any type of infestation. The treatment will include two on-site visits and one month of maintenance.

All-round Home Pest Control Service

Free On-site checking
Free On-site checking

On-site free checking, solution set-up and explanation on preparation beforehand can be arranged as early as today, so as to acknowledge the work process and result.

Professional Work Procedure
Professional Work Procedure

The appliance of 【environmentally-friendly insecticide】 and/ or cockroach killing baits effectively control and eliminate the problem. 1 month of maintenance will be provided.

Extended Free Maintenance
Extended Free Maintenance

We do care about service outcome and quality. 30-day free maintenance will be provided counted from the first service date and we will arrange on-site follow-up within 24 hours after issues reported.

Reliable Profession

Technicians are experienced in tackling different kinds of pest problems. On-site visits before services will be arranged. Extended free maintenance will be provided for all services. Arranging on-site follow-up within 24 hours after issues reported and quality after-sales service favours you with ease.
On-site Checking
Explanation Beforehead
Extended Free Maintenance
Low Toxicity High Effective Solution
No Harm to Human & Animals
Non-irritating, Cancel Free
No 2nd Harm to the Environment

3 Steps to Book the Service

Make a Reservation
Make a Reservation
Use 3 minute, fill out a few questions and pay to confirm.
Booking Confirmed
Booking Confirmed
A Confirmation email and SMS are sent to your account.
Service Completion
Service Completion
Our Pros will arrive at your spot punctually and deliver the perfect service to you.
Safety Guarantees
Self-training Pros vetted
All Service Pros are quality vetted with 10 years experience and secured with labour insurance. Doubly safety guaranteed.
After-sales Guarantee
If you have any question after service, we will be always happy to help and follow up.

Why Us?

The largest Home Services Reservation Platform in HK
Transparent price, no hidden charges
Services Cover all 18 districts in HK

Imported (non-PRC) formulation (patented)
Workers Skilled & Experienced
Equipment Full Gear
Extended Free Maintanace
Monday to Sunday Professional Customer Support



What are the Costs for Black Termite and Cockroach Control Services?

At Toby, we're proud to work with pest control service providers who bring extensive experience to every job. We offer standardized quotations for both residential and commercial pest control, determined by the saleable area. To receive a quote, simply fill out our service questionnaire.
Please note, the cost may vary based on factors such as the pest species, the severity of the infestation, affected areas, and the treatments required. In cases where the infestation is more extensive than initially assessed, there may be an adjustment of up to $500 to cover the additional requirements. Rest assured, we will always communicate any changes transparently, ensuring you're well-informed about every step of our process.

What Sets Toby's Cockroach Control Service Apart from Others?

At Toby, we take pride in providing top-notch pest control services, distinctly superior in several ways. Our highly skilled technicians come with years of experience, offering transparency in pricing with absolutely no hidden costs. Each service is backed by an extended free maintenance guarantee, reinforcing our commitment to your satisfaction.
Complementing our professional services is our stellar 7-day-a-week customer support, ensuring you receive assistance whenever needed. For non-residential areas, we offer free on-site quotations; simply call us at 37033250 to secure the best possible discount!

When is it Safe to Return Home After Cockroach Control Treatment?

Our pesticides are designed to be safe for human exposure, enabling you to return home immediately after the cockroach control treatment. In the event of bed bug treatments, where fumigators are utilized, you might need to vacate your home for a brief period - typically no more than six hours. Our technicians will always communicate this to you before the treatment commences, ensuring your safety and convenience at all times.

Can Cockroach Control Treatments be Performed with a New-born or Pets at Home?

Absolutely. However, we kindly ask you to inform our technicians in advance about any new-borns or pets in your home. This information allows us to implement necessary precautions, ensuring their safety while carrying out our pest control procedures.

Who is going to provide and bear responsibility for the black termite and cockroach control service?

All pest control services posted on the Toby platform are solely provided and performed by Tabo’s Service Limited (Tabo’s). HelloToby functions solely as a third-party platform to facilitate connection between consumers and suppliers and will only be responsible for booking enquiries.

Do I need to clear all clutters in advance?

Yes, you should clear all clutters before any work begins. After placing your order, we will contact you by phone or provide free consultation in person to brief you on pre-treatment preparations.

Can I cancel or reschedule the booking?

Yes, you can, but the following cancellation policy applies:

Cancellation - You need to cancel at least one business day before the service usage time. You will be charged a $100 administrative fee for cancellation, and the remaining balance of the service will be refunded within 7-14 business days. If you cancel on the day of the service, no refund will be given. We suggest you continue to let the service personnel serve you.

Changes - We only accept changes made at least one business day before the service usage time, and a $50 administrative fee will be charged for each change in service. If you request changes on the day of the service, your request will not be accepted. We suggest you continue to let the service personnel serve you.

If we are unable to successfully match a service personnel, and you request to change before the service usage time, you can change the service date and time for free.

Notes on Pest Control Service

The photos on our service page are for reference only, results may vary depending on the actual situation. For more Home Service FAQ, please call 3703 3250 to enquire.

About Cockroach - Cockroach size / Cockroach facts / Cockroach species

Understanding Cockroaches: Species, Habits, and Solutions

Cockroaches have been on earth for 320 million years and have evolved into approximately 4,600 species. Some of the species most commonly found in human habitats include the American cockroach, brown-banded cockroach, German cockroach, and Oriental cockroach.

Exploring Cockroach Types in Hong Kong

  1. American Cockroach: The largest among the four species, American cockroaches can survive for up to two years. They are reddish-brown to brown and thrive in warm, damp areas like sewers, drains, and household spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements. They have wings and can glide from high places to lower surfaces.
  2. Brown-banded Cockroach: These prefer warm, dry indoor places, like the interiors of electronics or behind refrigerators. Their color varies between males and females, with males being dark brown and females reddish-brown.
  3. German Cockroach: These light brown cockroaches are prolific breeders and can produce up to 30,000 offspring a year. Their eggs, known as oothecae, can hatch between 20 to 40 baby cockroaches.
  4. Oriental Cockroach: Also known as "water bugs," they are dark or glossy brown and prefer dark and moist spots. They usually stay hidden from human sight and have a lifespan of up to six months.

Cockroach Facts

Cockroaches are resilient creatures, capable of withstanding freezing temperatures and surviving without their heads for a week due to their open circulatory system. They pose a health hazard because they can pick up germs on their legs and transfer them to humans through food contamination, leading to illnesses such as E. coli and Salmonella.

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Your Home - What keeps cockroaches and their eggs away?

Cockroaches can invade your space through various means, including cracks, gaps, and ventilation systems. Here's how to effectively prevent a cockroach infestation and kill cockroaches that might already be lurking:

  1. Eliminate Attraction Sources: Prevent cockroach infestations by removing what attracts them, namely food, water, and shelter. Properly seal and store dry food, clean up spills promptly, dispose of trash daily, and declutter regularly.
  2. Block Entry Points: Block off any potential entrances, like gaps under doors or cracks in the walls, to prevent cockroaches from entering.
  3. Use a Cockroach Killer: If you're dealing with an existing infestation, use a proven cockroach killer. Whether it's a commercial roach killer product or a home remedy like a baking soda and sugar mixture, make sure it's safe and placed in child-proof locations.
  4. Call Professionals: If the infestation is severe or if DIY methods are unsuccessful, it may be best to call a pest control company. They will inspect your home, identify the species of cockroaches, their population, and nests. They can then proceed with effective methods to exterminate the infestation.

What is the best home remedy for cockroaches?

One effective home remedy involves mixing equal parts baking soda and sugar. Place the mixture where roaches frequent, and it should help reduce their numbers within 1 to 2 weeks. However, remember that home remedies may not be sufficient for larger infestations, and professional services might be necessary.

Professional Pest Control for Cockroach and Black Ant Infestation

A professional pest control company utilizes a comprehensive and targeted approach to effectively manage and eliminate cockroach and black ant infestations.

  1. Initial Inspection: The process begins with a thorough inspection to identify the specific species involved, estimate the population size, and locate the nests.
  2. Bait Placement: Following the assessment, pest control specialists strategically place baits in vulnerable areas like kitchens, living rooms, parlors, and other hidden spaces. This helps to prevent insects from infiltrating your home, especially via places like bathrooms.
  3. Biopesticide Application: The team then sprays a safe, potent biopesticide throughout the premises. This treatment targets and eliminates the pests while being mindful of your living environment's safety and well-being.
  4. Monitoring and Follow-up: To ensure long-term effectiveness, pest control companies may set up 'roach motels' or ant traps around your home for ongoing surveillance. These devices enable them to monitor the pest population, inspect the effectiveness of the baits, and provide valuable insights for additional measures if necessary.

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