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The first step of running a business is Company Incorporation. The procedures of Company Incorporation can be complicated and legal documents can be difficult to understand. Normally, companies need the help of professional Company Incorporation Centers. Do you want to set up an offshore company? An unlimited company? A company in Hong Kong? The Company Incorporation Centers on Hellotoby can give you a hand!

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                          What is the nature of the incorporating company?Commercial Organization
                          What type of company do you wish to incorporate?Company Limited By Guarantee
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                          Hong Kong - Sai Yin Pun

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                          Kowloon - Kowloon City

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                          What type of company do you wish to incorporate?Company Limited By Shares
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                        • Kitty Cheung
                          May 17, 2019
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                          I am so happy that Iki is the master of my wedding day! Includes a wedding ceremony at the White Church and a dinner at the Discovery Bay Hotel in the evening. Iki is a very professional master of ceremonies. Her pre-preparation work is sufficient. She is tailor-made for me to personalize the opening remarks. I personally prepare the lectures, which makes me feel relieved and relieves the burden of my husband and my husband. Careful confirmation of the wedding details, the atmosphere of the scene is also very good. After the event, the guests all praised her for her decent and lively performance. Thanks to Iki for all the help and assistance provided on the wedding day!

                        • Sue YUE
                          April 18, 2019
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                          I am looking for B&C to set up a limited company. After filling out a simple form, they are responsible for the follow-up. The process was quick, and Anita gave me a lot of accounting advice, and I also sent a free accounting template for my company.

                        • Catherine cheng
                          March 12, 2019
                          Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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                          On the wedding day, I was first put on the plane by my friend and went to Wilson. Wilson is efficient in answering the film Wilson is very dedicated and I am about 15:00 left. The channel has reached the surrounding inspection environment before 2:45. I have reached the mouth and the channel has been set up. I know the position of the mouth is a high pixel of 2000-300 million. On the day of the wedding, I saw wilson, professional, no worries, and I’m a good friend. I’m already on the left side of the left. I’ve already collected it. Wilson's shadow method is naturally good with the angle, so I am satisfied with my husband.

                        • Chris Chan
                          May 5, 2019

                          Wilson was punctual, very professional and polite! We got the touch-up photos just one day after the party, super efficient and the quality was great!! We would definitely recommend Wilson to other clients! Thx again Wilson!! 😊😊👍🏻👍🏻

                        • Jerry Chan
                          July 28, 2018

                        • Suey Tang
                          June 16, 2018

                          Emily is such a professional and helpful translator. Appreciate her effectiveness! I will definitely ask for her help if I got any translation or proofreading next time! Highly recommend👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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                        What is the difference between a limited company and an unlimited company under company registration?

                        It is When the owners encountering the business loss, the owner of a limited company only has to compensate the amount of the registered capital to the creditors while the owner of an unlimited company has to bear all the debts of the company. After the limited company owner pay the certain amount he or she should bear, he can declared the bankruptcy of the company.

                        What kind of information is needed to establish a new company in Hong Kong?

                        According to the regulations of business registration hong kong, the name of the company, registered capital (usually $10000), a list of the founders, information of the shareholders, company secretary and directors of board, and the registered address.

                        Can we change the registered name of the company after the company set up?

                        Yes! If the company has passed this motion through a special resolution meeting, they can change their name! They need to report to the government and pay the business registration fee through the website of Companies Registry. You can go to their office for that as well.

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