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Lighting is an important part of interior design. Lighting at home has to be practical and aesthetic at the same time. Good lighting design is the first step of constructing your sweet home. Do you want to keep your lamps under maintenance? Look for a lighting service company right now to help you with lighting design, ceiling lights repair, chandelier repair, home lighting service, living room lighting design, light repair, and so on.

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  • Crystal Lighting
  • LED Lighting
  • Pendant Lighting
  • Ceiling Light
  • Ceiling Fan Light
  • Wall Light
  • Table Lamp
  • Floor Lamp
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Featured Lighting Service Companies

  1. Lighting design - home lighting service - tree of life design-生命樹設計工程有限公司
    • Lighting design - lighting sevice - 揮師傅-找師傅
      • Lighting design - lighting design - 灝升設計工程有限公司-灝升設計工程公司
        • Lighting design - designer lighting - LMP International Limited-LMP International Limited
          LMP International Limited
          • Lighting design - indoor lighting - 譽高發展-譽高發展
            • Lighting design - ceiling lights - Kapo-張嘉寶
              • Lighting design - table lamps - Alan-奕星裝修工程
                • Lighting design - lamps - yukyui-邱生 - 用心服務
                  邱生 - 用心服務
                • Lighting design - chandlier - Sam-Sam
                  • Lighting design - designer lighting - 水道屋-水道屋
                  • Lighting design - indoor lighting -Liquid Interiors Limited-Liquid Interiors Limited
                    Liquid Interiors Limited
                    • Lighting design - lamps - 希軒工程公司-希軒工程公司

                      Actual Lighting Service Requests

                      See other similar requests in Hong Kong

                      • "Urgent ceiling lights repair"

                        Elvia Lam

                        Kowloon- Diamond Hill

                        Which of the folllowing service(s) do you need?Lighting Repair
                        Where is this lighting service for?Home
                        What type(s) of lighting is it?Crystal Lighting and LED Lighting on the ceiling of my house
                      • "Office needs a new chandelier"


                        Hong Kong - Sheung Wan

                        Where is this lighting service for?Office
                        Which of the folllowing service(s) do you need?Lighting Design; Lighting Customisation
                        What type(s) of lighting is it?Crystal Lighting; Ceiling Light
                      • "Home lighting service required"

                        Mrs. Ng

                        New Territories - Tung Chung

                        Where is this lighting service for?Home
                        Which of the folllowing service(s) do you need?Lighting Maintenance
                        What type(s) of lighting is it?Table Lamp; Floor Lamp

                      Customer Reviews

                      Based on 486 reviews
                      Average Lighting Service Rating
                      • Karki Chan
                        September 17, 2018
                        Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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                        Master regardless of attitude. work. The profession is so good! I am more troublesome. The master and the partner are very patient and help me solve them one by one! I am sure I will return to you if I need it. You will also introduce you to the decoration of the monks. The most important thing is to have a conscience and a master. You are absolutely! ❤️

                      • 甄先生
                        September 7, 2018

                        Professional!! Smart and very effective and efficient!! Really worth !!!

                      • 杨小姐
                        August 22, 2018
                        Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
                        show original review

                        At the last minute, I found this company to replace the master I hired before. The price of their home is not the lowest, but the service is thoughtful and the service attitude in Hong Kong is very small. A total of 8 lights and two sockets were installed, which took half a day. The height of the dining room was changed twice. The masters were not angry or black-faced. Thanks for their patience and professional service.

                      • Kiki
                        August 12, 2018
                        Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
                        show original review

                        Big Brother is very hard to have a chance to recommend friends around you.

                      • 朱小姐
                        August 30, 2018
                        Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
                        show original review

                        The service is very good. The response is fast and the attitude is first class. Thank you for installing the lighting for us very late.

                      • 黃浩然
                        September 30, 2018
                        Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
                        show original review

                        Conscience company worthy of promotion

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                      How can we ensure the saftety of the lighting equipment?

                      The subpar lightings might cause electric leakage or even a fire. Before choosing the lightings, you have to make sure that the chosen lightings comply with the Electricity Safety Guidelines. You can observe the Certificates of Safety Compliance attached to the electric appliances and make sure the below information is included. This includes the manufacturer's name and its address, the brand and model of the electric appliance, its safety information, the information of the manufacturer authorized person, issue date, and the company chop (if necessary).

                      What is the safety standard of the lightings?

                      For daily use, the safety standard are IEC60598-2-1 with IEC60598-1 , EN60598-2-1 with EN60598-1 , GB7000.10 with GB7000.1. For the event purpose, the safety standard are IEC60598-2-4 with IEC60598-1 , EN60598-2-4 with EN60598-1 , GB7000.11 with GB7000.1.

                      How can we make sure that the electric contractors are permitted to undertake the job?

                      The lighting installation suppliers should be either as a registered contractor or a registered electric worker. Or else, it is illegal for them to undertake the light installation jobs. You can request them to show you the registration documents issued by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department. There are five types of registration documents, which are Grade A Electrical Work, Grade B Electrical Work, Grade C Electrical Work, Grade R Electrical Work, and Grade H Electrical Work.

                      Average cost for hiring a lighting service company
                      Average 1,500/project
                      Average$ 1,500MinimumMaximum$ 500$ 2,000

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