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Featured Painting Experts

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              Actual Paint Job Requests

              See other similar requests in Hong Kong

              • "Professional wall painting in Hong Kong"


                Kowloon-To Kwa Wan

                What kind of painting service are you looking for?Plaster and sandpaper before applying new paint
                What kind of paint would you prefer?Odourless paint
                How is the current condition of the wall?The original paint is rather old and the surface is not smooth
              • "Looking for an acrylic paint job quote"


                Hong Kong-Kennedy Town

                What kind of painting service are you looking for?Paint renewal
                What kind of paint would you prefer?Acrylic paint
                How is the current condition of the wall?Fair
              • "Pet-friendly wall paint services"

                Mr Wong

                Kowloon-Kowloon Bay

                What kind of painting service are you looking for?Removal of wallpaper and application of new wall paint
                What kind of paint would you prefer?Odourless; pet and child friendly
                How is the current condition of the wall?A few bumps

              Customer Reviews

              Based on 264 reviews
              Average Paint Job Rating:
              • Yuen nga kiu
                March 30, 2019
                Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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                The master brother has been in advance for half an hour, and it’s really super fast, and it’s a new house. People are super good, and they are also very good. (Important 3 times) Business is booming! ! ! Friend / I will definitely ask you again next time I need it.

              • caleb
                January 12, 2019
                Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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                Master Guo is super good, and he has good experience with both the master and the craft, and the good man and the nice one. The charges are good and reasonable. The Zhongjiao I will maintain the wall of the block than the opinion. Finally, I will leave the oil to me. The land is used, because when the master is in the wild, I have set a left to go, and I am shocked to return to the room. Thank you, Master Guo for your hard work, and I will definitely see you again! Hard work!

              • Karki Chan
                September 17, 2018
                Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
                show original review

                Master regardless of attitude. work. The profession is so good! I am more troublesome. The master and the partner are very patient and help me solve them one by one! I am sure I will return to you if I need it. You will also introduce you to the decoration of the monks. The most important thing is to have a conscience and a master. You are absolutely! ❤️

              • Doris
                December 3, 2018
                Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
                show original review

                Master Chen’s quotation is reasonable, the gesture is good, the oil is well and evenly and carefully, better than I imagined. It is polite to be buried and ask for clarity. 👍🏻 I feel that the price is too expensive for the downstairs. I feel that the opinions are positive on Toby, and I am very grateful to you, thank you Master Chen!

              • 葉小姐
                June 21, 2018
                Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
                show original review

                I took a bold job at the Toby platform this month to find a master paint project. I have already had a master offer in less than ten minutes. Lucky Color found Master Chen Jialong immediately answered many questions for me. Master Chen knew that I was in a hurry to do the project. She helped the room with oil within a few days. The batch of ash that had been done the next day had been painted like a paint. It is also very reasonable and very grateful.

              • 朱小姐
                September 21, 2018
                Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
                show original review

                Master Chen is polite, reasonable and extremely efficient, and the house after the oil is like a new one. The most touching thing is to know that my family has breathing problems, and I am afraid of the mildew stains of smallpox. I will take the initiative to buy mildew water to clean the wall first. Also, I saw the tiles in the kitchen popping up, and I also took the initiative to help me use the ash, no extra charge, I really serve the guests. Thank you.

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              How is the structure of wall surfaces like?

              There are three layers constructing the wall surface. The bottom layer is the plaster on the surface of the cement. The second layer is the base of the painting. The first layer is the print or the latex paint.

              What does it mean by "removing existing paint"?

              In general, the painters take it as only removing the base and the first layer of the painting. He will only remove the bottom layer once if you request to fully remove all the painting specifically.

              What does it mean by "plastering"?

              Usually, the painters will paint one more plaster layer on the bottom layer which aims to make it smooth. It is more easy for the painters to paint, paste on the wall afterward.

              Average cost for hiring a Painting Expert
              Minimum$ 3,000
              Average$ 15,000
              Maximum$ 50,000

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