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Featured Relocation Companies

  1. Relocation-Relocation Company-東亞搬運有限公司
  2. Relocation-Relocation Company-東華搬屋服務有限公司
    • Relocation-Relocation Company-Faithful Moving Service Company
      Faithful Moving Service Company
    • Relocation-Relocation Company-螞 蟻 搬 家
      螞 蟻 搬 家
      • Relocation-Relocation Company-Eric Leung
        Eric Leung
        • Relocation-Relocation Company-柴生
          • Relocation-Relocation Company-泰利搬運有限公司
            • Relocation-Relocation Company-力達專業搬家
              • Relocation-Relocation Company-邱生

              Actual Relocation Requests

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              • “Finding a top moving and relocation company”

                Ken Lee

                Hong Kong-Mid-Levels

                Where is the destination for the relocation? (Enter District)Tai Hang
                Please tell us the quantity and type of furnitures you would like to be relocate.Bed, boxes, kitchenware, clothes, etc.
                Where are you relocating from? (Enter District)Mid-levels
              • “Urgent. Contact me ASAP”


                Hong Kong-Tin Hau

                Where is the destination for the relocation? (Enter District)Kennedy Town
                Please tell us the quantity and type of furnitures you would like to be relocate.Ottoman, Fainting couch, Bed, Television set, Dining table, Bookcase, etc.
                Where are you relocating from? (Enter District)Tin Hau
              • “Please take care of my furniture”

                King Man

                Kowloon-Wong Tai Sin

                Where is the destination for the relocation? (Enter District)North Point
                Please tell us the quantity and type of furnitures you would like to be relocate.Filing cabinet, Cupboard, Closet, Washstand, Bed, Stool, etc.
                Where are you relocating from? (Enter District)Wong Tai Sin

              Customer Reviews

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              Based on 239 reviews
              • 劉小姐
                May 21, 2018

                遲來的5星好評。 在整個搬屋過程中﹐最成功便是找到忠信這家搬運公司。由報價、搬運、拆卸再組裝家私﹐整個過程都十分順暢。 當天劉先生連同四名手足﹐一行5人來到我家, 廿多個紙箱﹐十多件傢俱﹐及大大小小的多不聲數雜物﹐不用一小時多已經搬到同區的新家了。團隊很有默契﹐很多地方不用交待都已經照顧到。做事仔細﹐見到傢俱有「舊患』﹐會立即知會。做事很有交待。而且拆卸組裝傢俱時也極為小心﹐每人分工很清淅﹐所以搬運得非常有效率, 乾淨利落﹐還會清理新舊屋搬運時留下來的垃圾。也留意到他們用的板車及其他工具是十分整潔的﹐不用擔心傢俱雜物會被弄髒。 另外﹐劉生十分好人﹐即使檔期差不多爆滿﹐也盡力配合顧客的要求。謝謝劉生及他手足們的帮助才減輕了搬屋的痛苦。 這是一家收費公道﹐交足十二分功課的好搬運公司。一定會推薦給其他好朋友採用。

              • 郭小姐
                May 18, 2018


              • Fanny Hui
                May 15, 2018


              • Jessie
                May 14, 2018


              • 严华
                May 14, 2018


              • Albee
                May 13, 2018


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