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"A house is much more than a mere shelter, it should lift us emotionally and spiritually" - John Saladino, one of the world's most distinguished Architectural and interior designers once said. As nano flats are on the rise in Hong Kong, the importance of interior design and home decor is crucial to create a living space.

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  • Mr Yau
      (4 reviews)
    • Chung's Design
        (9 reviews)
      • Celes Chan
          New Pro
        • JAS DESIGN LTD
            (4 reviews)
          • Design Cool Concept
            • Accredited
            (8 reviews)
          • settedue (urbancraft ltd.)
              (2 reviews)
            • a.space_interior
                (1 reviews)
              • Eagle Development (Holdings) Company Limited
                  (1 reviews)
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                  Based on 61 reviews
                  • 梁先生
                    九月 2, 2018

                  • Queenie Wong
                    十二月 23, 2017

                    Highly recommended this authentic Italian designer with great minimalist style and constructive advice!

                  • Frankie Lam
                    九月 18, 2017

                  • Sharon Chan
                    六月 24, 2017
                    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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                    The attitude is serious, very polite, fast, and the result is very satisfactory.

                  • Joey Lee
                    八月 12, 2019
                    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
                    show original review

                    The team listened carefully to our request, especially considering that the bathtub was modified due to the inconvenience of the elderly, which was a convenient tank for the elderly to enter and exit the bath chair. It is recommended to install anti-fall armrests. Made a waterproof film.

                  • Hedy Oy Leung
                    一月 6, 2019
                    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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                    It’s fast!! The price is reasonable!!

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                  Interior Design Average Cost

                  $20,000/Total Price
                  $50,000/Total Price
                  $80,000/Total Price
                  Interior Design cost table
                  $20,000/Total Price
                  $50,000/Total Price
                  $80,000/Total Price
                  How do we get this data? Toby collects the quotations for the projects that are completed. We also actively conduct cost surveys with our network of pros with regard to the services they provide. After compiling and organizing, we report this data back to you as a cost guidance on your next project. DISCLAIMER: The price range published by Toby is a estimate only and is not indicative of what you will be charged by the pro. Please note that your project cost will vary based on the scope of the service that will be provided.

                  Actual Interior Design Requests

                  • “Stylish Japanese Bathroom Design”

                    New Territories-Tseung Kwan O

                    What kind of interior design service do you need?Bathroom design
                    Which style of interior design would your prefer?Japanese
                    Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Japanese soaking tubs <3
                  • “Create a comfortable home”

                    Kowloon-Wong Tai Sin

                    What kind of interior design service do you need?Spatial design refinement, Kitchen design, Bathroom design, Color palette/paint selection , Furniture selection, Curtain selectio, Lighting selection
                    Which style of interior design would your prefer?Natural
                    Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Master bedroom, one childrens room, one guest room, and a helpers room
                  • “Visitor Center design”

                    Hong Kong-Tin Hau

                    What kind of interior design service do you need?Color palette/paint selection, Furniture selection, Curtain selection, Lighting selection, Full design starting from a bareshell space
                    Which style of interior design would your prefer?Imperial
                    Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Building a new tourist centre in one of the MTR stations in Hong Kong

                  About Interior Designers - Home Design, Home Decor, Interior Design in Hong Kong

                  The interior designers and one-stop interior design companies (interior design + home renovation) on our platform are verified and reviewed on a professional level. Our interior designers are experienced in interior design, home decor, home renovation or makeover, customized furniture... most importantly - passionate! The pros on Hellotoby are here to help you solve any of your concerns!

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                  What service can an interior designer offer?

                  An interior desginer or home decoratior is responsible for arrange your space and furniture, and colour coordination. Home design includes bedroom design, living room design, kitchen design etc. Usually the interior designer requires to submit relevant layout and floor plan. Besides providing aesthetic designs, the interior designers shall provide legal advice on building codes and regualtions. Additionally, they can give furniture or renovation knowledge and suggestions about the planning and execution of the home decor.

                  What do I have to pay attention to while designing the living space?

                  Every designer entails different design styles such as minimalist, modern/contemporary, scandinavian, rustic etc. Therefore, the customer should reference to the interior designers previous design work and portfolio to assess the best-suited style with them. For example in living room design, design for specifc parts like window still, door gate, shoe cabinet are all essential. The living room is the most important space in the entire home design, main colour tone, furniture layout, wall and floor pattern should be considered altogether collectively.

                  What should I prepare before meeting the interior designer?

                  You can ideate the overall atmosphere you want to create in the given space. Collecting photos or catalogues are good inspirations and means of communication with the interior designer.

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