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  • Mr Yau
    (4 Reviews)
    Hi there, I am here to provide one-stop home decor and maintenace service to all customers, from interior design, home renovation and decor, home cleaning, part time helper, office cleaning, relocation services, installation and so on... Professional and detail-oriented no matter the scale of the service. We pay full attention to your needs, aim to deliver and pefect your home and living experience, and yet a dream home. We can provide blue print, 3D sketches, and customized furniture design as well.
  • Chung's Design
    (9 Reviews)
    80s Freelance Interior Designer from Hong Kong. •Design Concepts •3D Rendering •Interior Design •Construction Drawings Contact me to learn more!
  • Celes Chan
    Creative desgins without boundaries cutomized for you! Hi, I am a freelance designer and aim to fulfill your satisfactions. Passionate for drawing, illustration and especially logo and business card designs.
    (4 Reviews)
    Since our inception in 2007, JAS Design Limited (HK) has established an extensive portfolio of innovative projects ranging from residential projects, retail outlets, bars and restaurant. While working locally, we are also competent in handling pro...
  • Design Cool Concept
    (13 Reviews)
    Hello there, our company has a team of top designers that expertise in creating the most innovative and practical design concepts for residential, offices, restaurants, hotels, banks, clinics, airlines, international brands, exhibition halls, shopping malls, etc. at any size or budget. Our professional project team will continue to deliver impeccable service as well as high quality workmanship within your deadline and budget.
  • settedue (urbancraft ltd.)
    (2 Reviews)
    Hello, this is Stefano Caglioni. Thanks for surfing on our page! I am an Italian architect, working between HK and mainland China. My pure passion is residential design, with particular attention to space-saving solutions. I founded a company in H...
  • a.space_interior
    (1 Reviews)
    A.Space Interior offers interior desgin to residentials, stores and office space. Providing CAD outlines, 3D modeling, shop drawing etc.
  • Eagle Development (Holdings) Company Limited
    (1 Reviews)
    Yugao Development (Holdings) Co., Ltd. specializes in central air-conditioning, interior design, engineering supervision and construction one-stop service engineering operators, serving Chinese and Hong Kong and Macao business customers, as well as the residential customer market. Yugao Development (Holdings) Co., Ltd., headquartered in Hong Kong and wholly-owned by Macau’s Yugao Development Engineering Co., Ltd. and China’s Shenzhen Qianhai Yugao Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., Yugao insists on doing the engineering purpose of the project, all Innovations that are helpful, enhanced, optimized, or intelligently humanized in engineering cost control, construction schedule, and quality are all goals of high development integration.
  • Customer Reviews
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    Oct 22 2022
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    I choose more than 3 decoration companies, and each company has a score

    Eugene Li
    Aug 31 2022
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    Quick and pretty

    Aug 02 2022
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    The price is fair, the construction effect is good, the communication customer service is very patient and scheming to answer our questions one by one, I am very satisfied with their flooring service this time

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    Actual Interior Design Requests

    • “Japanese Interior Style for a small apartment in HK Island”

      New Territories-Tseung Kwan O

      What kind of interior design service do you need?Bathroom design
      Which style of interior design would your prefer?Japanese Interior Design
      Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Want a Japanese soaking tubs <3
    • “Finding a reliable Interior Designer. Price is negotiable.”

      Kowloon-Wong Tai Sin

      What kind of interior design service do you need?Spatial design refinement, Kitchen design, Bathroom design, Color palette/paint selection , Furniture selection, Curtain selectio, Lighting selection
      Which style of interior design would your prefer?Muji style
      Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Master bedroom, one childrens room, one guest room, and a helpers room
    • “Visitor Center Interior design”

      Hong Kong-Tin Hau

      What kind of interior design service do you need?Color palette/paint selection, Furniture selection, Curtain selection, Lighting selection, Full design starting from a bareshell space
      Which style of interior design would your prefer?Industrial Interior Design
      Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Building a new tourist centre in one of the MTR stations in Hong Kong

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    Thinking of revamping your home? You can reach out to the right interior design companies and home designers in Hong Kong! It's all here at Toby: Interior Design, Home Decor, Customised Furniture, Home Renovation, Ceiling & Floor work, and more. All home designers and interior design companies are strictly verified and rated by clients and professional consultants.

    Looking for more Home Design Ideas?

    You can also browse all renovation companies for reference. Interior Style includes: Japanese Interior Design, Scandinavian interior Design, Industrial Interior Design and more. You may also filter interior design for Kitchen Design, Living Room Design, Bathroom Design, and bedroom design.

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    In addition, our project manager will provide additional services for quality inspection and time management. In terms of quality inspection, the project manager will ensure that irreversible problems can be avoided and risks can be minimised. In terms of time management, our project manager will advise on the renovation schedule and monitor he project progress in order to minimise the chance of delay.

    What service does a freelance interior designer or a interior design company offer?

    An interior desginer or home decoratior is responsible for arrange on-site measurement for a more accurate price estimate and quotation. Interior desginer will provide you with previous interior design projects for your reference. You may compare their interior design styles to see it it fits your needs and preferences. Interior design includes bedroom design, living room design, kitchen design etc. Usually the interior designers will prepare relevant Space Plans, Materials, Design Boards etc. The Interior Design Drawings includes floor plans, water and electricity configuration drawings, furniture placement, perspective drawings, site plans, floor plans, reflected ceiling plans, design elements, etc. Besides providing aesthetic designs, the interior designers shall provide legal advice on building codes and regulations. Additionally, they are knowledeable to advise on custom furniture or renovation about the space planning and execution of the interior design project. If you have chosen a interior design packages (includes interior design, renovation and custom furniture), after entering the renovation stage, the interior designer will help with the work inspection, including the project progress and the renovation work quality. Many interior design companies will provide one to three years of maintenance.

    What do I have to pay attention to throughout the interior design process?

    There are a few popular interior design styles in Hong Kong, including Scandinavian design, Japandi (modern Japanese design), modern and contemporary interior design, industrial design, modern luxury style, and MUJI-inspired interior design. Every interior designer entails different interior design styles. Therefore, the customer could study the interior designers' previous home design work and portfolio to assess the best-suited style with them.

    What should I prepare before meeting the home designers?

    The interior Home Designer will contact you to understand your requirements, including budget, square footage, renovation design needs (new home occupation, whole-room remodeling or partition renovation), interior design style, etc. Collecting case photos or catalogues are good inspirations and means of communication with the interior designers.

    What are the Trending Interior design styles In Hong Kong?

    Do you need some interior design ideas and home design style recommendations? At Toby, you may find the popular interior design styles in Hong Kong. You may consider the below 6 Interior design styles In Hong Kong for your interior designer’s reference.

    1) Scandinavian interior design style

    Scandinavian interior style is getting more popular in Hong Kong in recent years. Scandinavian interior design is a minimalistic style using a blend of textures of natural and raw materials. Its highest principle is "simplicity, functionality, and connection to nature”, creating a cozy and balanced home design.

    2) Japanese interior design style (Japandi style)

    Modern Japanese interior design style is also influenced by the Scandinavian design style, which makes it named the Japandi style. Instead of emphasising the white and calm colour tone in Scandinavian design, Japandi focuses on warm colour and wooden furniture to provide a natural comfiness to your home.

    3) MUJI-inspired interior design style

    Talking about Japanese interior design, you might have already thought of the popular MUJI-inspired interior design style, which is commonly applied in Hong Kong homes. Sometimes, it might look like Japandi style. Still, MUJI-inspired design concentrates on the "Zen" philosophy by appreciating the well-crafted wooden furniture and the high-quality decorative fabrics.

    4) Modern interior design style

    If you want to make your home stylish and trendy, you might be interested in the Modern interior design style. Modern interior design style focuses a lot on monochromatic colour, with sharp and clear lines under natural light. You may also apply and play with your favourite colour to make your home a unique design!

    5) Industrial interior design style

    To pull the modern interior design further in a cool way, you can literally apply the metallic colours in the home design to achieve the Industrial Interior Style. The industrial interior design style emphasises rawness. You may use plenty of metal and lighting; sometimes tiles and bricks, giving your home a warmer human touch.

    6) Modern Luxury interior design style

    Do you want to stay cool but still elegant? Try another way round in "Modern Luxury Style". It would be a bit more decorative and “shiny” - placing mirrors and luxurious stone materials.

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