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What are the principles of industrial interior design?

Industrial interior design style has become a popular interior design style in Hong Kong in recent years, not only for office decoration, but also for home design. Industrial home design combines minimalist design, metal and natural concept, mainly divided into four design principles:

1. Color

Industrial interior design mainly uses the classic black, white, and gray with the original color of the building materials, such as metal and wood as embellishments. The intrinsic color of the materials, such as wood color, can balance the warm atmosphere of the home, such as wooden flooring, wooden furniture, original wood furniture, etc.

2. Material

The most important design element of industrial interior design is the use of material. Make good use of cement, stone, metal iron, plate, glass, leather and other elements to create a sense of industrial style decoration. Iron frames, exposed ceilings, red brick walls, concrete, and unpolished old wood are all essential elements of Loft industrial design.

3. Furniture

Practical furniture also brings out the industrial style decorations, such as iron frames, exposed light bulbs, metal chandeliers, antique leather sofas, and vintage furniture. Meanwhile, the industrial interior design makes good use of storage cabinets and integrates minimalism to create a practical and unique industrial interior design and Loft style.

4. Decoration

One of the key points of industrial interior design is to make good use of lighting decoration, be it chandeliers, wall lamps, recessed lights or incandescent bulbs. It could highlight the unique furniture and materials with different shapes and light, to create a spontaneous industrial-style home!

Can small units in Hong Kong also be designed with industrial interior design?

Many people think that industrial interior design styles must be large in size. In fact, homes under 600 square feet can also be designed with industrial interior design, but with a little more tricks. Since there is not much space for decorations, it is especially important to use wall design, cabinets and wooden doors to express the industrial style for small units.

Choose a small area of wall in a walkway or dining room to add industrial style decorations. Add red brick, cement, stone, metal iron, plate, glass, leather and other elements at the right place, with simple furniture combinations and lighting decorations. You can already create a spontaneous industrial interior design at home.

In Hong Kong, small sized homes emphasize storage, and industrial interior design incorporates minimalist design. Therefore, it is recommended to use highly practical storage wooden cabinets as a highlight in a black, white and gray industrial-style home environment.
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