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The cause of the leakage has been in the unit upstairs for some time, and the situation got worse on April 6th. So on Sunday the 7th, I asked Mr. Huang to come to do emergency repairs on the toilet ceiling and room wall leakage. Mr. Huang analyzed
Careful, wild and quick!
Nanumaya Rana Thapa
I liked it all perfect as much I wish
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How to design and decorate my living room?

Here are Toby’s tips on living room design and decorating your living room. If you would like to re-design your living room, an interior designer would be the best to consult. Your interior designer could help you plan for a living room design based on your budget and needs. No matter a MUJI-inspired style or modern luxury style living room design, your interior designer would provide you with the best living room design solution with a 3D rendering floorplan to showcase the design effect.

If you plan to update your living room interior design and decoration from time to time, you may consider a more minimalist design such as Scandinavian style and modern design, to provide more flexibility to refurbish with only the fabric decoration instead of a whole renovation. For example, if you take a Scandinavian style with white as the key colour tone for your living room, you could highlight the mix and match of colour with sofa covers, curtains and other decorative materials, such as green plants, paintings and lighting design. The decoration and design element not only bring colours and warmth to the living room design, but also help you play with different textures and create different vibes.

What do I need to consider for my living room design?

While designing the living room, it is essential to think about what the primary purpose of the home space would be - do you usually welcome friends, or mostly enjoy me-time yourself? Do you have a lot of books, or do you prefer a larger living room space for excellent television and audio equipment? The more fundamental question is - do you need spaces in the living room for storage? How many shelves should you spare?

These questions greatly influence the utilization of space and the general design direction of the living room. Therefore, before designing a living room and consulting the interior designer, you might need to get clear on what you need and what you like. Your living room is the most important space of your home, and probably the most stayed area. Therefore, you and your family's preference and needs for a living room is essential.

What living room design styles are trending in 2023?

In 2023, you may love the trendy Japandi design evolving both Japanese style and minimalist Scandinavian interior design style for your living room. The MUJI-inspired design is also popular in Hong Kong homes especially for the living room. Of course, you cannot forget industrial design style if you prefer an intelligent, cool and moody home atmosphere. Toby provides you with over thousands of living room design ideas for your reference. Pick your favourite interior design style and consult our interior designers for the best fit for your own living room!

How can I start with my living room design?

Are you struggling with your living room design? You do not have to do it yourselves in Hong Kong, especially on Toby. Simply submit your request, preference, ideas and decoration budget, you could find the best Hong Kong living room interior designer on Toby. Check our designers’ portfolio, living room design ideas, and various case studies for your reference.
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