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What are the interior styles for study room design?

The study room is a space where children can concentrate on their homework and adults can concentrate on their work. The overall design principle should be organized, furnished and decorated in a way that helps you focus and improves productivity. In terms of room types, study rooms can be divided into small study design and large study design. It could be a children's study room, guest study design, study room in a bedroom, etc. According to the study room design style, many people choose Japanese, Scandinavian, and industrial style as the study room design style.

How to create an amazing study room design in a small apartment?

You do not need to own a large home to include a study room. A small home can incorporate a study room with the right interior design plan. If you make good use of space, a small study room could also be practical. Place your desk and chairs near the artificial or natural light. Do not forget to furniture your study room design with cabinets or shelves to store all the stationary, books, computers and necessities. You can also well-utilize the wall by adding in white boards and chalkboard for quick notes.

If there is no singular room for a study room, many families try the combination of study and living room. You may consult the interior designers for planning a space in the back of the living room as a study room.

What study room design tricks can help to enhance concentration and work efficiency?

In study room design, the color tone is very important. Interior designers believe that the study room design should use cool colors instead of warm colors. It is because cool colors in a study room make people feel calm, focused, and conducive to work/study. Therefore, it would be great to use white, light blue, cream color for the study room furniture or wall color.

In terms of materials, wooden bookshelves or desks, with a glass door is a good choice. The texture of wood gives a quiet and calm atmosphere; while the transparency of the glass material makes people feel refreshed. Glass material generally has many color options, with wooden furniture, transparent and light blue is suitable for study room design.
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