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Living in a decent living room is important to maintain a good living standard in Hong Kong. Home Renovation and Interior Design are crucial to maximize the use of the living space, especially small apartments in Hong Kong.

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  • 邱生
    Supreme Service
    Supplier of the Year
    Gold Tier
    (91 Reviews)
    Hello 😊 My surname is Qiu. Provide you with interior design and large and small decoration engineering services. One-stop home service. Professional ~ Follow up every project carefully. Communicate opinions with guests attentively. In order to create a comfortable snail that guests love☺️. In addition, we can also provide interior design drawings such as construction drawings, 3d renderings, various plane and elevation interior design drawings, furniture drawings, etc. Our team also provides custom-made furniture ~ furniture assembly and disassembly ~ house moving ~ drilling installation ~ painting ~ furniture removal ~ post-installation cleaning service ~ home cleaning ~ housekeeping assistant ~ home size problems, etc. ~ can also be Provide service at any time. Make sure to help customers quickly ~ properly ~ attentively ~ professionally. Reassure customers 😉 You can contact me directly by phone or wts to arrange service. 517***88 Be...
  • 創盟製作
    (2 Reviews)
    All the production processes are handled in one hand to provide customers with a complete service. We adhere to the business philosophy of [fast, professional and considerate], are committed to providing high-quality services, and strictly supervise the quality of services to achieve the best results for customers, in order to meet customer requirements.
    (4 Reviews)
    Since our inception in 2007, JAS Design Limited (HK) has established an extensive portfolio of innovative projects ranging from residential projects, retail outlets, bars and restaurant. While working locally, we are also competent in handling pro...
  • 灝升設計工程公司
    (13 Reviews)
    Hello, our company is a member of hellotoby website decoration experts. If you know that your house is going to be decorated, please add me to whatsapp or wechat. You are welcome to leave a phone number or any contact information. If the guest has photos of the scene, reference photos requested in his mind, or furniture sketches, styles, dimensions, etc., you can send them, and the estimate will be more accurate, or you can call to communicate first, or make an appointment for a free scale at the above address, interactive communication , Understand the actual requirements of your customers. *Our company's service scope: design includes plans, construction drawings, 3D effect color pictures, professional advice, construction technology and process requirements. *Our domestic furniture workshop, to meet the needs of the project, production and contracting The scope of works includes:
  • Chung's Design
    (9 Reviews)
    80''香港•Freelance Interior Designer •Design Concepts •3D Rendering •Interior Design •Construction Drawings Contact / Whatsapp : +852 566***99 E-mail : siu***@*****.com.hk Design Page: http://instagram.com/chungs_design https://m.facebook.com/Chungs...
  • Botanic Ark
    (3 Reviews)
    Botanic Art has undertaken various sizes, offices, homes, clinics, house inspections, environmental protection and greening projects. From design to engineering and maintenance, there are professional teams to follow up. Taking service as the first, we will personally answer and follow up your decoration needs.
  • Cielo Paint
    (5 Reviews)
    Hello, I am CIELO PAINT. The decoration engineering company of Le Shifu has been established for 5 years. I have more than 10 years of experience in decoration and painting. I hold the qualification of construction industry paint mechanic and the minor works license. Whole house decoration and maintenance New furniture paint All the works of the project are personally followed up by me. The price is reasonable, and the price is not outsourced. Paint renovations are also provided. Maintenance series paints are also used. Nippon and Dulux latex paints are of guaranteed quality. 907***84 whatapps:907***84 FB page: www.Facebook.com/free1882882000
  • 譽高發展
    (1 Reviews)
    Yugao Development (Holdings) Co., Ltd. focuses on central air-conditioning, interior design, project supervision and construction one-stop service project operators, serving the industrial and commercial customers in China, Hong Kong and Macao, as well as the residential customer market. Yugao Development (Holdings) Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Hong Kong, and wholly-owned by Yugao Development Engineering Co., Ltd. in Macau and Shenzhen Qianhai Yugao Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. in China. Innovations that are helpful to engineering cost control, construction progress and quality, improvement, optimization or intelligent humanized control are the goals of Yugao's development and integration. Yugao Engineering Department realizes 24-hour preparation, more than 40 engineering and technical personnel, directly employs full-time personnel, does not judge projects, effectively controls costs, and uses engineering efficiency, quality and...
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    Jan 08 2023


    Oct 22 2022
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    Don't post Toby, Ye Zhong wants you to go to Tai Po 🙏🏻 I can also see the problems that I can't see 🙏🏻 You shouldn't post home delivery either, this problem will be dealt with immediately the next day🙏🏻🙏🏻

    Tang Hon Ting
    Oct 22 2022
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    Toby is really a very conscientious and patient decoration platform. For my husband and I, it really helped us a lot in decoration, because we have zero experience in decoration. When we first chose a decoration company, Toby not only He gave us a lot of tips, taught us the things we didn't pay attention to, and also provided professional Feng Shui advice. During the final acceptance, it helped us a lot of decoration issues that we didn't pay attention to or ignored. I am really grateful to Toby and the others.

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    Home Renovation Average Cost

    How do we get this data? Toby collects the quotations for the projects that are completed. We also actively conduct cost surveys with our network of pros with regard to the services they provide. After compiling and organizing, we report this data back to you as a cost guidance on your next project. DISCLAIMER: The price range published by Toby is a estimate only and is not indicative of what you will be charged by the pro. Please note that your project cost will vary based on the scope of the service that will be provided.

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    • “Custom Home Renovation”

      Kowloon-Tsim Sha Tsui

      How can the renovation company help?Demolition or Restoration Service, Electrical & Plumbing Service, Plasterwork, Woodwork, Flooring Service, Furniture Customization and Assembly, Paint Job, Waterproofing Service, Aluminum Window Repair
      Please describe the renovation project in details450 sq ft useable space. Need walls knock down, partia ceiling, all wooden flooring removed. Cabinets removed. Kitchen and bathroom utilities stays as is. Need new floor tiling, new glass wall for bathroom...
      How many rooms are there? (Excluding kitchen and bathroom)One living room One bedroom
    • “Simple job for a handyman or carpenter”

      Hong Kong-Quarry Bay

      How can the renovation company help?Woodwork
      Please describe the renovation project in detailsInstall some wood shelves in an alcove
      Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Install some wood shelves in an alcove. Cut shelves to size and fit to wall
    • “Minor renovations for a rental”

      Hong Kong-Mid-Level

      How can the renovation company help?Electrical & Plumbing Service. Woodwork
      Please describe the renovation project in detailsInstallation of spotlights, adding shelving to existing cupboards, installation of light fixtures and addition of some electrical sockets
      Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Installation of spotlights, adding shelving to existing cupboards, installation of light fixtures and addition of some electrical sockets

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    Thinking of renovating your home? You can reach out to the right home renovations and interior designers in Hong Kong with 100% FREE quotes. No matter you are planning to revamp a village house or renovate an apartment, it's all here in Toby: Partial Renovation, Whole Home Remodeling, Interior Design, Ceiling & Floor work, and more! All Home Renovation Companies in Toby are strictly verified and qualified in Hong Kong.

    Looking for Kitchen Design, Living Room Design, Bathroom Design and more Home Design Ideas? You can also browse all completed cases for reference.

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    Don’t know how to begin? 3 Simple steps at Toby to instantly connect with Renovation Companies in Hong Kong. As soon as you have submitted your personalised request on home renovation, you will receive quotations from at least 3 Renovation Companies and Contractors for FREE. Free on-site measurement service will also be arranged by Toby's consultant. You can compare their prices, previous home renovation projects and customer review to choose the right Renovation Company who mostly fits your Interior Design Style and budget.

    Home Renovation Project Management (Free Service offered by Toby)

    Upon successfully matched with a Renovation Company and signing a renovation contract via Toby, you will receive free acceptance service from our professional renovation consultant with over 10 years of experience. Our consulatant will ensure that the whole Interior Design and Renovation Project would complete properly. The free service offered by Toby worths up to $4,500. In addition, our project manager will provide additional services for quality inspection and time management. In terms of quality inspection, the project manager will ensure that irreversible problems can be avoided and risks can be minimised. In terms of time management, our project manager will advise on the renovation schedule and monitor he project progress in order to minimize the chance of delay.

    How can Home Renovation and Interior Design maximize the use of space of apartments?

    Ultizing storage space and using customised furniture can minimize cluttering in the living space. For example, you can renovate the kitchen into kitchen bar or open kitchen style, it this way you can save space for a dining table. Opening up space can make all the difference even for a tiny small apartment. Toby has numerous pros specializing in home renovation and decoration projects that can be customized according to your personal preference, room spacing and size, colour/design themes and so on! You are welcome to provide pictures similar to your space with your home renovators.

    How long does it generally take to complete a renovation project?

    The whole house renovation time generally takes at least 90 working days. The more complicated the whole house renovation process is, the longer renovation time is required. The actual time depends on the complexity of the project, the material delivery period, the number of workers, etc. If you have a target completion date, it should be proposed to our consultant and the renovation company before confirming the project. If the project is expected to be too urgent, there is a chance that the renovation budget will be adjusted by adding more technicians and workers to catch up with the work; or the scale of the project will need to be reduced to speed up progress. For your first time renovation, it is suggested to understand the project schedule set by the renovation company, as well as the renovation steps and process, in order to monitor the progress and quality of construction. Toby's renovation consultants will advise on and monitor the renovation company's schedule to reduce the chance of project delays.

    How do you select flooring for my house renovation?

    The material and colour of the floor tiles are very important elements for interior design. Wood tiles set a warm tone, while ceramic tiles are easy to maintain, seamless flooring has the benefits of durability and resistant to temperature which is perfect for the humid weather in Hong Kong. Make sure to consider non-slip, abrasion-resistant and the aesthetics of the flooring.

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