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Home Design: 5 steps to design your dream home

1) On-site measurement

The interior Home Designer will contact you to understand your requirements, including budget, square footage, renovation design needs (new home occupation, whole-room remodeling or partition renovation), interior design style, etc. They would arrange an on-site measurement in advance of quotations. Home designers will provide you with previous interior design projects for your reference. You may compare their interior design styles to see it it fits your needs and preferences.

2) Preliminary Home Design Plan

After completing the measurement, the interior designer will start to develop a home design plan, discuss the preliminary design concept, interior design style, expected renovation procedure, furniture, material samples, etc. After reaching a consensus, you may discuss the price and details to prepare a detailed home design quotation and contract signing.

3) Home Design Contract Signing

Before signing the design contract, you need to carefully check the listed home design service items. It is recommended to reach an agreement with the interior designer first regarding the service scope, such as the number of modifications, more detailed 3D drawings, etc. After signing the contract, both parties should retain the contract for mutual interests and avoid losses. In addition, you can ask to pay in installments stage by stage.

4) Design Drawing Stage

The interior designer will start to prepare design drawings, including Space Plans, Materials, Design Boards etc. The work includes floor plans, water and electricity configuration drawings, furniture placement, perspective drawings, site plans, floor plans, reflected ceiling plans, design elements, etc. The home designer will modify the plans according to your opinion and professional judgment. After confirming the project budget and renovation schedule, you could sign the quotation in order to reach a project agreement.

5) Renovation Supervision

If you have chosen the whole house renovation packages (includes interior design, renovation and custom furniture), after entering the renovation stage, the interior designer will regularly report the project progress and inspect the renovation work. Many interior design companies will provide one to three years of maintenance. There are also home designers who will help order custom furniture and electrical appliances.

How much does it cost to make a blueprint for a home design?

In Hong Kong, most interior design packages include the blueprint of floor patterns, layouts, lighting plans, 3D rendering plans, amendments, project management and inspection. The price of interior design packages depends on the size of your house—for example, a package for a 400-square-foot interior design costs around HKD250k to HKD400k. If you need the home design blueprint only instead of the interior design package, you might need to consult your interior designer and get a more accurate quotation.

6 Interior design styles In Hong Kong you should consider

Do you need some interior design ideas and home design style recommendations? In Toby, you may find the popular home design styles in Hong Kong, including Scandinavian design, Japandi (modern Japanese design), modern and contemporary interior design, industrial design, modern luxury style, and MUJI-inspired interior design. You may choose from the above design styles with home design images for your interior designer’s reference.

1) Scandinavian interior design style

Scandinavian interior style is getting more popular in Hong Kong in recent years. Scandinavian interior design is a minimalistic style using a blend of textures of natural and raw materials. Its highest principle is "simplicity, functionality, and connection to nature”, creating a cozy and balanced home design.

2) Japanese interior design style (Japandi style)

Modern Japanese interior design style is also influenced by the Scandinavian design style, which makes it named the Japandi style. Instead of emphasising the white and calm colour tone in Scandinavian design, Japandi focuses on warm colour and wooden furniture to provide a natural comfiness to your home.

3) MUJI-inspired interior design style

Talking about Japanese interior design, you might have already thought of the popular MUJI-inspired style, which is commonly applied in Hong Kong home design. Sometimes, it might look like Japandi style. Still, MUJI-inspired design concentrates on the "Zen" philosophy by appreciating the well-crafted wooden furniture and the high-quality decorative fabrics.

4) Modern interior design style

If you want to make your home stylish and trendy, you might be interested in the Modern interior design style. Modern interior design style focuses a lot on monochromatic colour, with sharp and clear lines under natural light. You may also apply and play with your favourite colour to make your home a unique design!

5) Industrial interior design style

To pull the modern interior design further in a cool way, you can literally apply the metallic colours in the home design to achieve the Industrial Interior Style. The industrial interior design style emphasises rawness. You may use plenty of metal and lighting; sometimes tiles and bricks, may give a warmer human touch and make the home design brighter and funkier.

6) Modern Luxury interior design style

Do you want to stay cool but still elegant? Try another way round in "Modern Luxury Style". It would be a bit more decorative and “shiny” - placing mirrors and luxurious stone materials. How classy and glamorous it could be!

All you need to know about Home Design

Your home design may need to fit with different people’s needs in the present and future. Please assure your home design could be flexible enough throughout the time, especially for families with children who might have to consider kids’ changes of status and taste. You could discuss your interior design ideas, preferences in interior design styles and concerns with your designer and get the best home design solution. In Toby, we thrive for your best home design in just one click.

Why Toby Interior Design and Renovation Platform?

Toby connects you with local designers and renovators; as well as offers at least 3 quotes according to your home design budget and requirements. We ensure that all the Interior Design and Renovation Companies in Toby are strictly verified and qualified. You can easily compare and match with the right company in Hong Kong. You can compare their prices, previous home design projects and profile. This will save you 99% of the time of searching online and offline.

Home Design Tips for Saving more Space in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong homes are generally small in size. It is crucial for every family to plan for a small home with limited space (i.e. home under 400 square feet), especially the small apartments, public housing, HOS and nano-flats.

1) Design for Proper Storage

Your home design plan should consider more deliberately especially on the storage furniture and cabinets. It is useful to increase more open space by avoiding clutter and managing storage. Wall-mounted furniture, wall cabinets, floor storage and shape-shifting furniture are wise choice for hong kong home designers to declutter the space.

2) Removing walls and changing partitions

Saving space from creating an Open Kitchen Design is another approach. Open kitchen is commonly seen in Hong Kong small flats which open up the partition and combine cooking and dining space. This home design tip is useful to increase the living and dining room space.

3) Space Planning and Furniture Placement

Let the professionals help! Interior design companies and renovation companies will provide you with guidance in space planning and custom furniture design. They would plan for the interior design style, furniture placement and decoration according to your preference, house partition, area, actual needs, etc. Browse for more real case studies in Toby for your home design reference!
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