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Is simple kitchen design the most common kitchen design styles in Hong Kong?

A kitchen design and remodel is expected to last 10-15 years. Therefore, your kitchen design must be sustainable and functional - so a simple yet timeless kitchen design is popular among Hong Kong families. The most popular HK simple kitchen design styles are 1) Japanese kitchen design and 2) minimalistic kitchen design. Hong Kong flats are generally small in size, so a simple kitchen design could save space by minimising the fancy kitchen decor.

Why is cabinet design for kitchen important in Hong Kong (especially a small kitchen) ?

Most Hong Kong families have one-shaped kitchens (l-shaped kitchen) and , L-shaped, and open kitchen layout. And the kitchens are generally small in size in Hong Kong apartment. WIth smart and wise choice of cabinet design for kitchen, you could save more spaces withoiut giving up on the functionality. Toby's kitchen designers could create the best small kitchen design and custom kitchen cabinets according to your kitchen layout and style.

What are the trending kitchen cabinet design in 2023? (Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas)

Simple and modern kitchen cabinets are always popular and trending in Hong Kong. In a simple and modern kitchen design, if you are going to paint your kitchen cabinets, you may consider your home design style and the colour palette. The most popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors are 1) classic and neutral colors - light gray, dark gray, white and black ; 2) retro colors - green, blue and charcoal ; 3) Natural wood cabinets. *Kitchen Interior Design Tips: Top cabinets and the base cabinets should be of the same color to keep the same tone.

Why is Open Kitchen Design popular recently in Hong Kong?

A more common and popular kitchen design in Hong Kong homes is the "Open Kitchen Design". Many newly completed 300 square feet flats are dominated by open kitchen design. The "Open Kitchen" means breaking the wall of separation between the kitchen and the living room. Open Kitchen Design combines kitchen and dining room space together. by a dining table or bar.

What are the benefits and limitations of open kitchen design?

Open kitchen design combines cooking and communication space, which increases the living and dining room space. You can invite friends and family members to eat and chat while cooking. However, if the problem of grease and smoke is serious, the design can be changed to a "semi-open kitchen". That is, adding glass as a partition to solve the problem of grease and smoke dispersal. The law also restricts open kitchens from cooking over an open fire. While renovating, you should consult with your kitchen designer for professional advice.

Kitchen Design Ideas: How to save space in a small kitchen?

Local interior designers in Hong Kong are experienced and have a lot of tips for small kitchen designs! Open kitchen is the first choice for small units to enlarge the indoor space. With a special wine cooler, bar table and lighting, a small kitchen design can be very stylish! You can also use glass partitions to increase the sense of transparency in the room. The kitchen cabinet design and colour should be as simple as possible in a small kitchen, so that the whole area does not look cluttered and the colors remain uniform.

Kitchen Design Ideas: Which type of tile is the best for kitchen design? (floor and wall tiles)

Ceramic tiles, natural stone tiles or marble tiles are very popular floor and wall tile options for your kitchen design. Those kitchen tile design is timeless and trendy. If you use the kitchen frequently, it is highly recommended to choose a durable and easy-to-clean tile for your walls and floors in the kitchen. For example Porcelain and Ceramic tile, both have high resistance to water infiltration.

Kitchen Design Ideas: What kitchen tile colour is the best for kitchen design?

Other than the tile material, the color, shape, style and size of the kitchen tile design is also important. We suggest to keep the flooring and wall tile colour simple and clean so as to maintain a modern and tidy kitchen design. Kitchen tile colours such as: beige, egg white, and light grey and blue. Avoid Kitchen tile with dark colors, sharp red, purple, orange, which will cast a shadow on food and darken the space. In terms of the shape, while straight lines might be boring, geometrical tiles like hexagons or triangles are perfect to create a modern appeal in your kitchen.

Toby - Kitchen Design Ideas and Simple Kitchen cabinets pictures gallery

If you would love to explore more Hong Kong Kitchen Design ideas and Kitchen cabinets with pictures, you could browse 4688+ kitchen design images on Toby. No matter you are looking for kitchen design ideas for a small kitchen, a semi-open kitchen design or an I-shaped kitchen design. Besides, you may calcuate the kitchen design and renovation cost by our online cost calculator! Plan ahead for you Kitchen interior design and budget!
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