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What is minimalist interior design?

Many Hong Kong families pursue the minimalist design style without too many fancy designs and decorations, to create a clean, comfortable, and uncluttered environment. Minimalist design principles are reduction, simplification, and unification. It can be divided into Scandinavian minimalist design, modern minimalist design, and Japanese minimalist design. You can refer to different minimalist interior design cases before decorating, so that you can express your needs more clearly when communicating with the home designer.

How to create a minimalist interior design in Hong Kong?

Minimalist interior design emphasizes "simplicity is beauty" and “less is more!”. It incorporates open space, light, simple materials, sleek line furnishings, monochromatic palette with color. It employs minimal necessities and removes unnecessary features. Instead, it uses simple materials such as steel, concrete, stone, or glass to make an uncluttered space. Minimalism does not mean to be all white, but to limit the number of colors to fewer, and choose colors that harmonize with furniture and decorations.

In Hong Kong, home spaces are generally small in size. The utility of storage cabinets is important to increase more storage and avoid clutter. Decluttering your space is the key to creating a peaceful and relaxing home environment for minimalist interior design.

Is minimalist interior design costly?

Minimalist interior design could save money from fancy decorations and furnishing. However, simple design does not mean that the less effort required, as well as the less budget. On the contrary, it takes more effort to achieve a minimalist feeling. For example, walls and floors require high quality treatment to achieve a unique and flawless effect. For built-in walls such as hidden storage space, wood trim walls, etc., it requires special custom woodworking, which in effect increases the cost. If you want to change to open partitions, you need to set aside a budget for wall removal.

The actual cost may vary based on different factors. You may consult the design company to understand the actual budget for a minimalist-style home. We also have an online price estimator, so you can get a budget for your interior design project!
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