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Any bedroom design ideas for my small bedroom, master room and bedrooms for kids?

Bedroom design styles could be different for different room types and people. There are master bedroom designs, small bedroom design, and kids bedroom design for boys and girls. In terms of space, it can also be divided into 30 feet to 100 feet. For small bedroom design, the room design design style, bedroom furniture and ceiling design for bedrooms could be different from the large bedroom. If you want to explore more small bedroom ideas & unique bedroom design ideas, you may browse the above images and cases in Hong Kong Flats designed by interior designers.

What are the small bedroom design tips to save more space?

Hong Kong's apartments are generally small in size, so as the bedrooms. The size of the bedrooms will never be a barrier for a good room design and décor. There are many small bedroom design tips from designers to save space by room designs & bedroom furniture placement. For example, bright colors are better than dark colors in increasing the feeling of space in a small bedroom.

Small bedroom design ideas (1) : Furniture selection

If you are designing for a small bedroom of about 40-50 square feet, one of the bedroom decorating suggestions is to choose a combination bed. A combination bed could provide more storage space, where the bed, closet and desk are combined into one piece of furniture. It could save more space while satisfying your needs. Besides, in a small bedroom, designers would suggest to buy custom furnitures that fir with the room size and angle.

Small bedroom design ideas (2) : Storage Space on the Floor

The storage space under the beds should not be wasted. Floor platform design is frequently seen in Hong Kong small flats to add more storage on the floor. It could hide and store all the miscellaneous items in your smalle bedrooms while combining the bed frame with the floor design.

What do I need to pay attention to for master bedroom design?

In a master room, many people may consider to buy a bigger bed. However, if your beds in a master room is too big in size, while the bedroom space is limited, there may not be enough space to place other furniture in the bedroom (closet, dressing table, bedside tables, etc) Hence, it is recommended not to blindly choose the oversized double bed for your master bedroom. You may choose a smaller size of the double bed, so as to keep your room design less crowded and more spacious and comfortable!

Any false ceiling design ideas for a simple and modern bedroom design style?

A tray false ceiling (also called an inverted or recessed ceiling) in a bedroom is still popular in Hong Kong room design. The tray ceiling creates a simple and modern bedroom design by hiding superfluous wires or plumbing in modern homes. The recessed LED lights and cove lights could add light texture in the gap. By controling the amount of brightness, the lights on the ceiling could light up your bedrooms evenly.

Any Kids bedroom design ideas in Hong Kong?

In terms of kids bedroom design, you need to consider the practicality and keep space for book table, wardrobe, bookshelves, etc. Besides, a durable and simple bedroom design style is prefered. You may want to decorate a themed bedroom for your girls and boys with their favorite cartoon character and color. However, since children is growing fast, a themed bedroom may not be suitable when they grow up as teenagers. Therefore, kid bedroom design should be as flexible as possible to avoid redesigning the bedroom after a few years. While planning to renovate a bedroom for kids, it is strongly suggested to ask your kids about their bedroom design ideas and preference.

If siblings share one kid bedroom, how to plan for the Sibling Bedroom Design?

Accommodating two kids in one bedroom can be challenging. The bedroom design interior style, and the storage spaces would be very different. In Sibling Bedroom Design, you may finding a colour scheme and space style that works with both the kids (especially for a brother and sister). Besides, privacy is very important in a room. You should seperate their storgae spaces for clothes, shoes, accessories and toys. In a small kid bedroom design, a bunk bed (raised bed design) is a good choice of furniture to give each kid a private space.

How can I plan for the small bedroom design in Hong Kong?

To start planning for the small bedroom design and room renovation in Hong Kong, it is recommended to carefully calculate the storage space and partitions you need. For example, if you have more dresses and coats, you will need more space for upright hanging closets. Before proceeding with the bedroom design, you should carefully discuss with the bedroom designer how to handle the situation.

Choose your Bedroom Design Style - modern bedroom design or simple bedroom design?

You may also need to understand your target bedroom design style (e.g. preference for simple bedroom design, modern bedroom design, Japanese bedroom design, minimalist bedroom design etc). Do not hesitate to share reference pictures with your bedroom designer, in order to grasp your preferences for a Bedroom Design.

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