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What are the principles of the Scandinavian interior design style?

Scandinavian interior style is gaining popularity in Hong Kong in recent years. Scandinavian interior design is a minimalistic style using a blend of textures of natural and raw materials. Its highest principle is "simplicity, functionality, and connection to nature”. Scandinavian interior design creates a cozy and balanced feeling in a space, no matter if it is a Scandinavian living room, Scandinavian bedroom, Scandinavian furniture, Scandinavian decoration, etc.

1. Neutral Color Palette

Scandinavian interior style in the Nordic design utilizes neutral color palette, such as white, gray, and tan color, to make a space feel uniform and bright. Scandinavian interior design uses a lot of light or white colors throughout the house, such as a simple and refined Scandinavian TV wall.

2. Scandinavian Open LDK layout (living room, kitchen, dining room)

Scandinavian interior design follows a “less is more” design principle. The Open LDK layout is a common Scandinavian interior design technique. The Open kitchen design is particularly suitable for small units in Hong Kong by eliminating excess partitions in the living room. It makes the space feel more spacious by avoiding ornate or excessive decoration.

3. Natural Lighting

Scandinavian interior design emphasizes bright, light, and open spaces. It will use natural lighting to illuminate spaces, making your homes feel bigger and brighter.

4. Scandinavian Modern Furniture

In Scandinavian Interior style homes, you may find the furniture design is sleek and simple with warm wood tones, gentle lines, and subtle curves. Scandinavian modern furniture is designed with simplicity and functionality as people living in nordic areas value utility over decoration.

How to apply Scandinavian interior design to Hong Kong homes?

Scandinavian style is an unified design style. The key point is to have a consistent Scandinavian decor throughout the home. Therefore, whether it is a Scandinavian bedroom, a Scandinavian living room or a Scandinavian TV wall, there should be a consistent design approach to highlight the Scandinavian minimalist style.

Explore Scandinavian interior design ideas on Toby

The interior design companies on Toby are experienced and most designers are specialized in Scandinavian interior design especially in Hong Kong. Wanna get more Scandinavian interior design ideas for Hong Kong apartments? You may take a look at our Scandinavian interior design cases for reference.
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