2018 Average Cost for Paint Jobs in Hong Kong

Average 15,000 per hour in Hong Kong

The average cost for pet grooming is HKD15,000 per hour. To hire a pet groomer, you are likely to spend between HKD3,000 and HKD 50,000 total.

Minimum CostMaximum CostAverage Cost$ 3,000$ 50,000$ 15,000

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          Paint Job Hong Kong Cost Details

          Do you want to give your apartment a fresh new look? Getting a paint job done can be the first step of embellishing your home. If cracks, molds, or water droplets appear on your walls, you need a painting expert to help you with that. Don't miss out this article if you want to know the cost details of paint jobs in Hong Kong.

          1)Paint Job Actual Cost

          The cost of paint jobs depends on the project itself, area, brand of the paint, quality of the wall surfaces, difficulty of the assignments, and actual conditions. The more paint jobs you need, the more it costs. It costs around $3,000-$15,000 to repaint walls for 1,000-square-feet flats; around $6,000-$25,000 to demolish and repaint; around $15,000-$50,000 to demolish, apply cement, and paint. The larger the area, the more it costs. For every additional 100 square feet, there is an additional cost of $800-$2,000.

          Brands also make price differences. Famous brands are more expensive, as well as water-proof, mold-proof, odorless, non-additive and non-formaldehyde paint. Also, the condition of wall surfaces will affect the progress, for example the condition of the apartment, shade of the original paint color, number of cracks, and so on.

          2)Paint Job Services Content

          Most painting experts have to check on the spot to make a quote. They will also ask if you want a whole package including labor and materials. Before a paint job begins, paint experts will move your furniture and cover the ground with a big piece of plastic cloth, making sure that objects are well-protected.

          If it is a new apartment that needs paint, paint experts will only apply paint directly. The walls and ceiling will be made smooth with sandpaper, then painted using latex paint.

          If the walls are fairly strong with just minor damages like cracks, chips, bumps, etc., your walls will be demolished and repainted. The walls will first be repaired with cement then painted.

          If the the quality of walls is too worse, with its cement and concrete separating, The walls will need removal of its original cement, application of damp-proof paint, re-demolition, sandpapering, and application of paint on the surface. After the paint job, the painting experts will clean the site and the job is completed.

          3)Paint Job Additional Cost

          Normally, paint jobs are charged according to the materials and manpower required. Say if the house owner wants to make huge changes in the color shade, more paint will be needed, implying that the cost of paint materials will rise accordingly.

          Moreover, unless the apartment is completely empty, extra cost might be charged as relocation services will be involved. If the house owner wants the job down earlier than said, more manpower will be needed and cost will rise accordingly.

          Paint jobs for furniture will be charged separately. It costs around $700-$1,500 to have a set of door and door frame painted.

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            From the beginning, I felt that DCC was very respectful. Patiently understand customer requirements and provide appropriate suggestions. In addition, they also provide services for moving and temporarily storing furniture. It can really help me solve a lot of decoration troubles. I will definitely introduce DCC to relatives and friends.

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            Very friendly and enthusiastic. Excellent!

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            Very ideal, flexible adjustment, honest and polite, complete the work

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            The master is very responsible and he doesn't care about how much he does. It is worth recommending.

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            The master is very professional and efficient👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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            The master's work efficiency is fast, the door-to-door is also punctual, and the degree of completion is high.

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