2022 Average Cost for Lighting Service in Hong Kong

Average 1,500 per hour in Hong Kong

The average cost for lighting service is HKD1,500 per hour. To hire a lighting service company, you are likely to spend between HKD500 and HKD 2,000 total.

Minimum CostMaximum CostAverage Cost$ 500$ 2,000$ 1,500

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          Lighting Service Hong Kong Cost Details

          Among renovation costs, lighting service costs take up a large proportion. If the budge of lighting is well-planned, not only will you make your home more aesthetic, you can also save some money. How should you budget your lighting service costs? Let's look at how the lighting service market is like!

          1)Lighting Service Actual Cost

          Types of lighting can be generally categorized as regular lights and LED lights. Regular lights have a neon light source while LED lights have a LED light source, which is more power-saving. But the price of LED products would be slightly more expensive, around 2%-5% more expensive than the regular. Apart from that, according to the lighting equipment you choose, in terms of its brand, model, and size, there is a huge difference in price. Taking the regular chandelier as an example, its quality and number of parts will make huge differences in its cost. Imported lamps will be priced more than 10% than local brands, natural crystal is more expensive than artificial crystal, ranging from a few thousands to a few millions.

          As for other lamps such as crystal desk lamps or wall lamps, it costs around $600-$2800, chandeliers from a few hundreds to a few thousands. As for regular ones in bedrooms and study rooms, it ranges from a below a hundred dollars to a few hundred dollars.

          The quotes of lighting installation is made by case and by model, according to the number of lights and their complexity. Generally speaking, for homes with a common room and three rooms, the total installation fee would be $1500-$3000. If the package you choose belongs to a high quality brand and includes installation service, there will not be extra installation fees.

          Installation fees are not too high in general. Normally, the installation of chandeliers is around $300, and ceiling lights are relatively less expensive, around $80-100 each. But if they are big brands, after-sale services might include installation of lights at your apartment.

          2)Lighting Service Content

          There are many types of lamps, such as chandelier, ceiling lights, table lamps, floor lights, spotlights, and so on. The light colors can be colorless, white, pink, light blue, light green, gold, creamy white, etc., up to you to make a decision. When you choose domestic lamps, do not only consider the appearance and price of lamps, but also consider the brightness. You should also consider the occupation, interests, and habits of the house owner to make your decision, as well as the lights' alignment with furniture and wall color.

          Concerning the installation process, the company will ask you for the time of installation and check the condition of the lamps, assemble them for you, and test if electricity is going through properly. The lighting service experts will check if the appearance of the lamp is normal, whether there are scratches, chips, or corrosion of the lamps. They will fix them accordingly and insulate some parts as necessary.

          3)Lighting Service Additional Cost

          During the installation process, if additional accessories or tools are required, technicians will inform you before purchasing them.

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          • Anonymous
            April 22, 2024

            Good efficient service. Responsive to help prepare and schedule. Bought all required parts before arrival and repaired efficiently. Able to accommodate non standard hours.

          • Adrian
            April 16, 2024
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            Good attitude, reasonable fees, and willing to share useful opinions

          • 劉生
            April 11, 2024
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            Come to your door the same day and complete the project on time. The process is negotiable.

          • 陳太
            April 8, 2024
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            Master Fu is punctual and responsive, providing practical and reasonably priced advice on lighting repairs. Highly recommended.

          • 劉小姐
            March 28, 2024
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            The communication was straightforward, the master was polite and professional, and the problem was solved smoothly, thank you!

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            March 24, 2024
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            Reasonable price, good service attitude, recommended

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