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  • allstareducation
    Gold Tier
    (145 Reviews)
    星河教育分校: 九龍灣、太子、荃灣、葵芳、沙田、元朗、屯門、炮台山、香港仔. 提供中小學及成人//小班,大班,1對1//各科補習!
  • Tutor Circle 尋補
    Supreme Service
    (121 Reviews)
    補習介紹📕只收導師首堂學費作為中介費 學生免費 🔺私補、導師加盟、小組補習可在本網站登記,亦可留資料,等我們細心替你揀最適合都可以!😀
  • TutorDuck
    Supreme Service
    Supplier of the Year
    (167 Reviews)
    Tutoring introduction 📕Only charge the tutor's first class tuition as an intermediary fee for free for students ! 😀
  • Charlotte Tsang
    (4 Reviews)
    I am currently a medical student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, with a 44/45 in the IB exam. In addition, I passed the ABRSM piano and cello grade 8 distinction. Two years of tutoring and piano teaching experience :)
  • Rachel
    (6 Reviews)
    Graduated from the UK, I can provide English tutorial classes for secondary, primary and kindergarten students. With the knowledge of Linguistics and Phonetics, IPA and phonics lessons could be provided. Please contact me for more details. Thanks.
  • 花朝月夕書室
    (5 Reviews)
    *Services: 1. Chinese tutoring: primary school, junior high school, DSE courses (including local school, international school courses) 2. Mandarin tutoring: children, adult courses 3. Primary school entrance interview class *Company philosophy: tailor-made for learners Create courses to help learners achieve success. *Tutor qualifications: -Registered teacher -National first-level Mandarin level -Twenty years of teaching experience *Charge: $400-$500/hour, please call for inquiries.
  • basketball
    (6 Reviews)
    Have obtained relevant certificates with many years of experience Have obtained relevant certificates with many years of experience Have obtained relevant certificates with many years of experience Have obtained relevant certificates with many years of experience Have obtained relevant certificates with many years of experience Have obtained relevant certificates with many years of experience
  • Jumbo Tutor
    Silver Tier
    (8 Reviews)
    資優補 私人導師上門教授 優質、專業、信心 理念: 資優補深信每一位孩子在適當的栽培下都能在其專長的範疇裡成為優秀、獨當一面的人才。 資優補鼓勵家長更多瞭解及發掘孩子的專長、鼓勵孩子培養自己的興趣,好使將來能在各自專長的領域裡有所貢獻。 資優補相信世界上最成功的人不一定是賺錢最多的人,而是在生活的各個層面,包括:人際關係、健康、個人興趣、工作、家庭,都能取得平衡的人。 資優補希望孩子在成長的過程中能有機會發掘自己的潛能之外,更加能夠健康快樂地成長。成為一個身、心、靈健全的人,將來能成為社會的棟樑。這是資優補所希冀的,相信亦是家長們所期盼的。
  • Nomis
    (4 Reviews)
    Chinese University of Education Diploma in secondary school mathematics, more than 5 years of private tutoring experience (including junior high school, DSE mathematics and M1 M2, IB Maths, GCE Further Maths, etc.) Played Trumpet in middle school and knew how to play brass instruments
  • Tiffany Ip
    (4 Reviews)
    I am a graduate of the University of Toronto (University of Toronto) in Canada and am now a full-time private tutor. I now teach Chinese and English remedial classes in elementary schools on Saturdays, and after-school homework remedial classes and Chinese intensive classes in elementary schools from Monday to Friday. Currently teaching one-to-one students: Kindergarten, Primary 1 to Primary 6, Secondary 1 to Secondary 6, Associate Degree, Year 1 to Senior 4, Adult English (students with learning disabilities, traditional schools, international schools) - If parents need teaching materials and test questions, I will can provide. I graduated from BAND 1 English-Chinese Girls' School in Shatin District (F.1-5), and achieved excellent results in Chinese Language, English Language and Mathematics in the HKCEE. After the exam, I chose to study abroad instead of staying in...
  • Terence
    (3 Reviews)
    Teacher profile: Terence Ng Terence is a friendly and intelligent tutor, who has been teaching piano and providing tutorial classes to students for more than three years. HKDSE Results ENG: 5🌟🌟 Maths: 5🌟 Phy Chem Bio: 5 Undergraduate of Survey
  • Kevin
    (1 Reviews)
    I am a full-time tutor, graduated in Australia, and I am doing Chinese and English, mathematics, and economics. 9 years of experience, very familiar with the course, and focus on teaching course concepts and test skills. Appropriate teaching materials will be provided according to the progress of the students.
  • Customer Reviews
    Based on 203 reviews
    Ho Wai Yan
    Dec 24 2021
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    Dress up like a Christmas tree, serious, cute, and potential

    Sep 09 2021

    Good job bro

    Aug 25 2021

    Very all rounded tutor, on time in his scheduled times, clear and easy to follow notes. Lesson is well constructed and helped my child to achieved level 7 in Econ HL

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    Actual Biology Tutoring Requests

    • “Biology Exam”

      Hong Kong-Quarry Bay

      Which area do you prefer?Eastern District
      What is the student's current academic level?S.5
      Which medium of instruction from the tutor do you want?Cantonese
    • “DSE Biology Tutor near me”

      Kowloon-Shek Kip Mei

      What is the student's current academic level?S.6
      Which medium of instruction from the tutor do you want?Cantonese
      Purpose of attending classes:Preparing for the HKDSE exam
    • “Biology Homework”

      Kowloon-Choi Hung

      What is the student's current academic level?S.4
      Which medium of instruction from the tutor do you want?English
      How often would you like to meet?Once Per Week

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    The costs of biology tutors for secondary school students can go from $100 to $300 per hour depending on the experience of the HKDSE biology teacher. The rates of lower secondary school are marginally lower than that of the upper secondary with most biology tutoring centres charging somewhere close to $100- $160 per hour. It increases to $10 to $30 for upper secondary classes. There are also biology tutors near me, biology tutors for college students, online biology tutors, biology homework helps, etc.

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