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Featured Piano Teachers

  1. Piano Lesson-Piano Teacher-徐Sir/ Kelvin Sir演奏
    徐Sir/ Kelvin Sir演奏
    6 Reviews
    背景: - 皇家音樂學院演奏級全職專業導師 - 師承俄羅斯老師,以俄式教學法教導學生 - 大學畢業,精通鋼琴教學法,擁資深教學經驗,富教學熱誠 - 專業資格多為「 傑出」水平,並曾獲滿分 - 獲頒「最佳導師」,曾被報章訪問其教學心得 學生層面: - 小至幼兒(四歲) - 大至成人(己成母親) - 國際學生(以英語授課) Motto: - 我未必彈得最佳,但我必教得最好 課堂特色: - 並非琴行式單調學習,學生能得到外國式般的All-rounded musical training - 極為...
  2. Piano Lesson-Piano Teacher-雙對論琴弦中心
    15 Reviews
    鋼琴、小提琴、中提琴、大提琴、手風琴 香港青少年音樂公開比賽評審 超過十五年教學經驗 英國倫敦聖三一音樂學院 鋼琴、小提琴、中提琴 高級演奏文憑 大提琴 演奏文憑
  3. Piano Lesson-Piano Teacher-Jackie
    9 Reviews
    香港中文大學畢業 鋼琴演奏級(第二級)LTCL with distinction 八級樂理 師從演藝學院盧嘉博士 10年經驗
  4. Piano Lesson-Piano Teacher-P&B流行音樂教室
    9 Reviews
    P&B流行音樂教室主要提供專業音響及燈光租用為主,及後服務擴展至開辦各類型音樂課程,如木結他,電結他,低音結他,流行鼓,木箱鼓,電子琴,Ukulele,鋼琴,唱歌等等的P&B 流行音樂教室,及維修電子樂器的Wai's Amplification Workshop。 網址
  5. Piano Lesson-Piano Teacher-Ka Sing
    Ka Sing
    6 Reviews
    陳sir , 擁有鋼琴演奏級, 8級樂理, 7 級小提琴, 亦會結他,有多年教鋼琴經驗, 能透過有趣教學, 令大人小朋友也能感受和培養出對音樂的興趣, 並幫助學生參考鋼琴/樂理考試. 用心教學, 有耐性, 另外亦會幫助學生訓練聆聽考試和各樂器術科考試專業伴奏
  6. Piano Lesson-Piano Teacher-Joyce Koo TS
    Joyce Koo TS
    1 Reviews
    本人於2002年畢業於香港城市大學,獲得公共及社會行政 (榮譽) 文學士。另於2003年於香港教育學院畢業,副修音樂。2005年曾修讀中國中央音樂學院音樂碩士進修班,另於2009年畢業於香港浸會大學,修讀音樂系,當中有修讀鋼琴教學選修單元,取得優良碩士,並擁有中、英語能力。本人擁有英國皇家音樂學院 (第八級) (1999) 證書及樂理 (第五級) (1992) 證書,第五級樂理證書獲87/90之成績。 本人曾於中學擔任音樂科主任12年,面對不少學習能力較弱而遲遲未能接觸音樂的同學,擅於使用...
  7. Piano Lesson-Piano Teacher-Matthew Lennard Wong
    Matthew Lennard Wong
    4 Reviews
    I. 簡介 Matthew Lennard Wong是一名富經驗的樂手,精通鋼琴及流行鼓。自幼接受音樂培訓,十八歲首組獨立樂隊草音。畢業於香港中文大學,副修音樂系;後攻讀音樂教育文學碩士,主力研究教育理論、學習認知心理學,對解決兒童及青少年學習障礙素有心得。畢業後繼續深造,師承郭婷、Franky Leung、Michael Yau等。現與柏斯音樂集團、柏茵音樂有限公司等行內知名企業合作,並曾與Chockchockmo、鐵樹蘭等本地知名樂隊同台演出,音樂資歷紮實,確保教學內容豐厚。 II. ...
  8. Piano Lesson-Piano Teacher-Jessica Li
    Jessica Li
    3 Reviews
    本人已有鋼琴演奏級LTCL,學理八級,並持續進修, 有多年教鋼琴經驗,為全職教琴老師,學生由3歲至成人,每年考試100%合格率,超過70%考獲Merit 或 Distinction,因材施教,因應不同學生性格配合適合的教學模式。
  9. Piano Lesson-Piano Teacher-Leona Wu
    Leona Wu
    2 Reviews
    LEONA WU was awarded an Advanced Diploma in The Art of Piano Teaching and Performance and also the ATCL certificate in piano recital performance. She joined the Hong Kong Chamber Flutes in 2015 as a pianist. She is now a piano instructor for 10 ye...
  10. Piano Lesson-Piano Teacher-Yuyumcheung
    16 Reviews
    First of all thank you for your interest in Cheung’s tutor and giving this opportunity to introduce myself in-front of you. Here this is Mr. Cheung(Tyrian). I'm form Hong Kong. My strength is my positive attitude towards my goals. I'm hard working...
  11. Piano Lesson-Piano Teacher-Kayson Wong
    Kayson Wong
    New Pro
    Award-winning pianist. Student of internationally renowned pianist Sown Le Choi, winner of multiple Asian competitions at Macau, Korea, Japan & Hong Kong, including 2nd Korea -Asia Piano Open Competition, 15th Hong Kong - Asia Piano Competition & ...
  12. Piano Lesson-Piano Teacher-Carman Cheung
    Carman Cheung
    New Pro
    I'm a very cheerful and proactive person. I love all kinds of music, and I accomplished Grade 8 in my piano skills. On the other hand, I am also fluent with my language skills, either both English and or Mandarin. Interested parties you are welcom

Actual Piano Lesson Requests

See other similar requests in Hong Kong 

  • “2 - 3 Times Per Week”

    Elvia Lam

    Kowloon-Diamond Hill

    What is the student's current piano level?Grade 5 - 6
    Which language do you prefer to conduct the lessons in?English
    Which piano style do you prefer?Jazz
  • “Returning Adult Learner”


    Hong Kong-Sheung Wan

    What is the student's current piano level?Grade 3 - 4
    How old is the student who wants to learn piano?45 - 64 years old
    Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Attempting level 5-6 pieces but probably only solidly 3-4
  • “Want a Right Teacher”

    Mrs Ng

    New Territories-Tung Chung

    What is the student's current piano level?No experience
    Which piano style do you prefer?Classical
    Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Very patient and understanding Pro and never get angry

Customer Reviews

Average Piano Teacher Rating:
Based on 136 reviews
  • Rainbow Tsui
    13 days ago

    Ms Peggy Fung is a good, knowledgeable and patient teacher, always prepare good materials for the students, highly recommend for Piano leaner!

  • Kenny Wong
    15 days ago

    nice service

  • Ka Ming
    4 days ago


  • Jacob
    5 days ago

    Thank you wholeheartedly. I appreciate your approach in teaching my two kids. Feel like you are helping them to grow as little musicians.

About Piano Teacher

General piano teacher charges between $ 120 and $ 600 per hour. The piano tuition fees are varied across several factors which include when you want the lesson, where you hope to learn, and the number of pupils in the class. They all have impact on the tuition fees. Piano Center normally will charge according to their teachers’ fame and their located district. For example, centers located in central urban district will charge more than usual. Furthermore, if you hope to have lessons at your place, some teachers will charge more for the price adjustment on transportation fare. Hong Kong piano lessons are generally in the form of one-on-one teaching. Some teachers could provide piano classes with two students. It will be more economic if you share the class with your friends for you can enjoy price discounts. In addition, some adult piano classes will be more expensive than children’s piano classes.

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General piano classes could last around 45 minutes to 60 minutes. Most students choose to attend 1 to 3 times a week and increase the frequency before having the exam. It is the responsibility of the piano teacher to understand the student’s learning ability and to develop a corresponding learning plan. Some would also deliver music theory during the class, and some would enhance students fingering skills and performance skills. Students tend to choose private one-on-one piano courses because private piano teachers can immediately comment and correct the mistakes and deliver adequate support, while students also have flexibility to ask the teacher of any practice questions they have doubt on.

Average cost for hiring a Piano Teacher
Average 250 /hour in Hong Kong
Average$ 250MinimumMaximum$ 120$ 600

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