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Featured Piano Teachers

  1. Piano Lesson-Piano Teacher-P&B Music Group
    P&B Music Group
    • Piano Lesson-Piano Teacher-Musikholic
      • Piano Lesson-Piano Teacher-Music Buddy
        Music Buddy
        • Piano Lesson-Piano Teacher-弦天音樂
          • Piano Lesson-Piano Teacher-Ka Sing
            Ka Sing
            • Piano Lesson-Piano Teacher-Kelvin Sir 皇家演奏級導師
              Kelvin Sir 皇家演奏級導師
              • Piano Lesson-Piano Teacher-Little Musician & Artist
                Little Musician & Artist
              • Piano Lesson-Piano Teacher-Matthew Lennard Wong
                Matthew Lennard Wong
                • Piano Lesson-Piano Teacher-MusicPan
                  • Piano Lesson-Piano Teacher-Chris Ma
                    Chris Ma
                    • Piano Lesson-Piano Teacher-Solo Studio
                      Solo Studio
                      • Piano Lesson-Piano Teacher-雙對論琴弦中心

                      Actual Piano Lesson Requests

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                      • “2 - 3 Times Per Week”

                        Elvia Lam

                        Kowloon-Diamond Hill

                        What is the student's current piano level?Grade 5 - 6
                        Which language do you prefer to conduct the lessons in?English
                        Which piano style do you prefer?Jazz
                      • “Returning Adult Learner”


                        Hong Kong-Sheung Wan

                        What is the student's current piano level?Grade 3 - 4
                        How old is the student who wants to learn piano?45 - 64 years old
                        Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Attempting level 5-6 pieces but probably only solidly 3-4
                      • “Want a Right Teacher”

                        Mrs Ng

                        New Territories-Tung Chung

                        What is the student's current piano level?No experience
                        Which piano style do you prefer?Classical
                        Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Very patient and understanding Pro and never get angry

                      Customer Reviews

                      Average Piano Teacher Rating:
                      Based on 174 reviews
                      • Sandy Lai
                        May 10, 2018


                      • 黃昆明
                        May 10, 2018


                      • 陳耀林
                        May 3, 2018

                      • Louis
                        April 30, 2018


                      • Wymond Wong
                        April 29, 2018


                      • Miss Wong
                        April 23, 2018


                      About Piano Teacher

                      General piano teacher charges between $ 120 and $ 600 per hour. The piano tuition fees are varied across several factors which include when you want the lesson, where you hope to learn, and the number of pupils in the class. They all have impact on the tuition fees. Piano Center normally will charge according to their teachers’ fame and their located district. For example, centers located in central urban district will charge more than usual. Furthermore, if you hope to have lessons at your place, some teachers will charge more for the price adjustment on transportation fare. Hong Kong piano lessons are generally in the form of one-on-one teaching. Some teachers could provide piano classes with two students. It will be more economic if you share the class with your friends for you can enjoy price discounts. In addition, some adult piano classes will be more expensive than children’s piano classes.

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                      General piano classes could last around 45 minutes to 60 minutes. Most students choose to attend 1 to 3 times a week and increase the frequency before having the exam. It is the responsibility of the piano teacher to understand the student’s learning ability and to develop a corresponding learning plan. Some would also deliver music theory during the class, and some would enhance students fingering skills and performance skills. Students tend to choose private one-on-one piano courses because private piano teachers can immediately comment and correct the mistakes and deliver adequate support, while students also have flexibility to ask the teacher of any practice questions they have doubt on.

                      Average cost for hiring a Piano Teacher
                      Average 250 /hour in Hong Kong
                      Average$ 250MinimumMaximum$ 120$ 600

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