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Piano is one of the most popular musical instruments to learn in Hong Kong. The piano keyboard might look intimidating at the very beginning, but professional piano teachers can definitely teach you from the basics, from fundamental music theory to performing skills, there must be a piano teacher out there that suits your needs.

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Featured Piano Teachers

  1. P&B pop music center - Piano Lesson - Piano Teacher-P&B流行音樂教室
    • piano lesson - Piano Violin duo workshop - piano lesson hk-雙對論琴弦中心
    • Piano Lesson - J.A.M. Just About Music - Piano Teahcer in Hong Kong-Kanice Hoi Ling Kwan
      Kanice Hoi Ling Kwan
      • Piano Lesson - Pop Piano Lesson - Piano Teacher-Ka Sing
        Ka Sing
        • Piano Lesson - Jackie - Piano Teacher Hong Kong-Jackie
          • Piano Lesson - Miss Carol - Piano Teacher-皇家音樂學院演奏級全職專業導師
          • Piano Lesson - Matthew Lennard Wong - piano lesson for beginners-Matthew Lennard Wong
            Matthew Lennard Wong
          • Piano Lesson - Joyce Koo TS - piano lesson tutorial-Miss Koo TS Joyce
            Miss Koo TS Joyce
            • piano lesson - origin fitness - piano lesson exercise-鋼琴
            • Piano lesson - piano lesson beginner - Yuyumcheung-Yuyumcheung
              • Piano lesson - piano lesson levels - Little Musician & Artist-Little Musician & Artist
                Little Musician & Artist
              • piano lesson - piano lesson songs - Jessica Li-本人已有鋼琴演奏級LTC...

                Actual Piano Lesson Requests

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                • “2 - 3 Times Per Week”

                  Elvia Lam

                  Kowloon-Diamond Hill

                  What is the student's current piano level?Grade 5 - 6
                  Which language do you prefer to conduct the lessons in?English
                  Which piano style do you prefer?Jazz
                • “Returning Adult Learner”


                  Hong Kong-Sheung Wan

                  What is the student's current piano level?Grade 3 - 4
                  How old is the student who wants to learn piano?45 - 64 years old
                  Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Attempting level 5-6 pieces but probably only solidly 3-4
                • “Want a Right Teacher”

                  Mrs Ng

                  New Territories-Tung Chung

                  What is the student's current piano level?No experience
                  Which piano style do you prefer?Classical
                  Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Very patient and understanding Pro and never get angry

                Customer Reviews

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                • Oscar Chau
                  September 11, 2018

                  Love Mis yip 😆

                • happychui
                  September 8, 2018
                  Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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                  The tutor is very attentive and clear in teaching

                • Tanya Berry
                  September 8, 2018

                • 姚繻媗
                  September 7, 2018

                • Ronald Miu
                  September 5, 2018

                • Latte Blue
                  September 3, 2018
                  Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
                  show original review

                  Teacher Huang is very patient with the child.

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                What is the best time to start learning the piano?

                The best time for children to learn the piano is after 4 or 5 years old because their performance might not be the best when their biological (e.g. muscles and coordination) and psychological (e.g. patience and attention) is not completely developed yet. Some piano courses are designed for parents and children to learn together.

                What difficulties would adult face in learning the piano?

                Everyone can learn to play the piano regardless of age. Adults might find it a bit challenging though to read music scores. Also, adults' fingers are not as flexible as kids, so it might take a longer time to practice before being able to take part in piano examinations.

                Is there a shortcut to become a piano expert?

                Want a shortcut? Given that you are hardworking enough to play the same piece repetitively, you will be able to play that piece with muscle memory. There are piano lessons that are suitable for students who want to be able to play one particular song within a short period of time. However, this might not be favourable for students who aim at taking part in piano examinations or have higher artistic pursuits.

                What are some of the piano-playing styles?

                Generally, teachers specialize in classical, pop, and jazz piano. You should look for a suitable piano teacher based on your needs. On HelloToby, you can specify the style you are going for so that the teacher can prepare respective teaching materials.

                Can I teach myself to play the piano? How can I verify teachers' qualifications?

                Piano tutorials are available online. However, the quality is not guaranteed. If your gestures are flawed, it is difficult to correct yourself in the future. Moreover, one-on-one piano lessons allow you to grasp skills like reading music scores, preparing for piano examinations, etc.

                Average cost for hiring a Piano Teacher
                Average 250 /hour in Hong Kong
                Average$ 250MinimumMaximum$ 120$ 600

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