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Featured Yoga Instructors

  1. Yoga Lesson - aerial yoga - Sue Yue-Almond yoga
    Almond yoga
  2. Yoga Lesson - yoga pose - Apple Ho-Yoga
    • Yoga Lesson - hatha yoga - Inhale Yoga Studio-Inhale Yoga Studio
      Inhale Yoga Studio
    • Yoga Lesson - yoga fitness - Miss Graz Chow-Miss Graz Chow
      Miss Graz Chow
      • Yoga Lesson - yoga pants - Fitpoint-Fitpoint
      • Yoga Lesson - yoga class - Angie Lam-Yoga Actually
        Yoga Actually
      • Yoga Lesson - yoga room - Agnes CHAU-Agnes. Oh La La Workshop Yoga & Fitness
        Agnes. Oh La La Workshop Yoga & Fitness
        • Yoga Lesson - laughter yoga - Tracy-瑜伽導師 Yoga Teacher
          瑜伽導師 Yoga Teacher
          • Yoga Lesson - hot yoga - Hailey Wong-Hailey
            • Yoga Lesson - yoga studio - Pit Stop Fitness-Pit Stop Fitness
              Pit Stop Fitness
            • Yoga Lesson - tentra yoga - Yinoga-Yinoga
              • Yoga Lesson - yoga alliance - Fiona Wong-Fiona Wong
                Fiona Wong

                Actual Yoga Lesson Requests

                See other similar requests in Hong Kong 

                • “Want to learn Aerial Yoga in Tsuen Wan”

                  Sandy Wong

                  Hong Kong-Tsuen Wan

                  What kind of yoga would student like to learn?Aerial Yoga
                  How old is the student who wants to learn yoga?26 - 44 years old
                  What kind of benefit does student want to get from the yoga lesson?Keep Fit & Loss Weight
                • “Looking for Lai Chi Kok Hot Yoga Lesson”

                  Kimmy Leung

                  Kowloon-Lai Chi Kok

                  What kind of yoga would student like to learn?Hot Yoga
                  How old is the student who wants to learn yoga?26 - 44 years old
                  What kind of benefit does student want to get from the yoga lesson?Better Physical Health, Keep Fit & Loss Weight
                • “Good Fly Mong Kok Yoga Instructor”

                  Vicky Chan

                  Hong Kong-Mong Kok

                  What kind of yoga would student like to learn?Fly Yoga
                  How old is the student who wants to learn yoga?19 - 25 years old
                  What kind of benefit does student want to get from the yoga lesson?Better Physical Health, Keep Fit & Loss Weight, Relaxation & Reduce Pressure

                Customer Reviews

                Based on 1555 reviews
                Average Yoga Instructor Rating:
                • Maranda Mak
                  December 22, 2018

                  Ms. Sue is my first 1-to-1 yoga teacher and I love her. She accesses and understands my ability very quickly and patiently guide me to the level of exercise that I need. Ms. Sue constantly pushes me to go beyond my perceived limits and even though the process was tough, I always appreciated that I went with Sue and be very proud of myself after. She is a very good teacher. I am naturally a very lazy person, but when I am with Sue, I always achieved something that I would never be able to do

                • Maggie Cheung
                  October 10, 2018

                  Sue is very patient and encouraging. She will ask us the main focus & purpose for the day's class so as to instruct us the most suitable poses. It happens we have fitballs in office so she made use of that & held a super successful session! Everyone loves the back stretching with the fitball as the other day all the back pain disappeared! We all like attending Sue's classes!

                • Shan Chan
                  August 22, 2018
                  Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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                  The teacher is really super-courteous, and is buried with flexibility. With a few friends, the group is smashing into the church. I have been doing yoga for the first time, but I am talking about it. The team has to worry about time, the teacher is very patient and has a good time with me. So lucky to have Ann as our 1st yoga teacher :D

                • Winnie Yung
                  April 4, 2019
                  Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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                  Ann's profession is very enjoyable, communicate with each other, and will recognize the personal physique. Carefully explain the meaning of each action. Very good tutor

                • Helen
                  July 8, 2018
                  Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
                  show original review

                  The teacher is very careful to teach and explain in detail. My humpback problem has improved, and my chest feels a lot looser and my breathing is much smoother. Thank you teacher for your help. 😊👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

                • 劉太
                  June 7, 2018

                  I have refeshing my mind after finished the yoga lesson. Tutor is professional and experienced. Yes, i choose a right tutor by luck.

                About Yoga Lesson

                The Yoga Instructors on HelloToby have been authenticated and reviewed. They are sincere, professional, and experienced. Your needs will be catered by Yoga Instructors, no matter if you want aerial yoga, hot yoga, fly yoga, hatha yoga, laughter yoga, and so on, you can hire our Pros without worries. Whether you are looking for yoga class in Kowloon (eg Kwun Tong yoga, Lai Chi Kok yoga, Hong Hom yoga), New Territories yoga class (eg Tuen Mun yoga, Yuen Long yoga, Shatin yoga, Tai Po yoga) or yoga teachers in Hong Kong Island (eg yoga Kennedy Town, yoga Causeway Bay), we have the relevant yoga teachers for you!

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                What does 'yoga' mean?

                Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means union and accordance. This word has Indian-European roots, meaning to attach, join, harness, and yoke. To be concrete, the word 'yoga' can be translated as unity in Sanskrit.

                What types of yoga are there?

                There are many types of yoga, but mainly five - Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Bikram and Iyengar Yoga

                Is yoga an aerobic exercise?

                Aerobic exercise refers to exercises that can speed up the heart beat for 20 minutes or above. These exercises can strengthen the heart and burn extra fat, as well as speeding up metabolism. Yoga can be a very good aerobic exercise. However, its effectiveness varies from one student to another depending on the course they take and the perseverance in maintaining hearbeat rate. Students should practise yoga postures seriously and keep participating in challenging courses.

                Average cost for hiring a Yoga Instructor
                Minimum$ 300
                Average$ 400
                Maximum$ 600

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