2018 Average Cost for Yoga Lesson in Hong Kong

Average 400 per service in Hong Kong

The average cost for yoga lesson is HKD400 per hour. To hire a yoga teacher, you are likely to spend between HKD300 and HKD 600 total.

Minimum CostMaximum CostAverage Cost$ 300$ 600$ 400

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      Yoga Lesson Hong Kong Cost Details

      Similar to other sports, yoga pose has to be instructed by professional yoga teachers. There are different yoga, such as Aerial Yoga , Fly Yoga , Prenatal Yoga , Hot Yoga etc. Yet, how much do we need to hire a yoga teacher?

      1) Yoga Lesson Actual Cost

      According to the statistics, the group yoga class and one-to-one yoga class cost differently. Hiring a private yoga teacher for an hour needs $300 to $600, generally it needs $450. For the group yoga class, it needs around $90 to $300 per hour. In general, it costs $195 per hour. Some yoga class in groups will have trial lessons, package discounts, long-term membership discounts to save cost.

      The actual cost varies owing to the venue, types of yoga, and the qualifications of the yoga teachers. Special types of yoga, such as Prenatal Yoga, Fly Yoga, Hot Yoga will cost slightly higher than other Yoga courses. They charges $150 to $350 per lesson.

      2) Yoga Lesson Services Content

      Yoga lesson usually lasts for 1 hour. Most yoga courses available in the market are those introduction to yoga. For the advanced yoga courses, they are organised by the experienced yoga teachers.

      Most of the yoga lessons will start from stretching and balancing body. The yoga teachers will specifically design class content, such as breathing exercise, cardiopulmonary training, core training and whole body strength training. At the end of the lesson, the yoga teacher will lead the students to end the lesson with Savasana by lying down on the back, placing the arms slightly away from the body, palms face up, allowing fingers to softly curl.

      3) Yoga Lesson Additional Cost

      If you hire a private yoga teacher, you might need to additionally pay for the rental fee of the yoga room. The hourly rate will be $100 to $300 based on the space of the venue. For the yoga mat, it will cost around $60 to $600, depends on the brand and texture of the mat.

      User Review
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      • Lee
        May 18, 2022


      • Feather
        May 16, 2022

        Friendly instructor & good venue located 3 mins from Kwun Tong mtr station. Very clear instruction & detail focusing on every posture. i like the last 10 mins of the meditation! Thank you!

      • Anonymous
        May 8, 2022
        Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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        Because of the epidemic, I chose the upper left zoom. Dan is a very caring coach with professional knowledge. During the course, movements and techniques will be analyzed from a scientific perspective. Actions will also be suggested according to the student's physique and physical condition. Dan has different competition experience, I believe it can help you whether you want to play fitness or bodybuilding . Dan will also answer your various training or diet questions outside of class. This is my first time using Toby as a fitness trainer, and I am very satisfied with this experience. After the gym opens, I will also ask Dan to be my physical trainer.

      • Thomas
        May 8, 2022

        Clean and tidy environment . Professional and nice trainer !!!👍🏻

      • chan tai ming
        May 4, 2022
        Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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        The female coach is very professional and helped me design training plans and menus. When I have doubts or questions after class, the female coach immediately answers and carefully answers my questions! Recommended!

      • Anonymous
        May 3, 2022
        Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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        I can't imagine that there is a gym in Tuen Mun. The coaches are professional and attentive, and they help me quickly fix my wedding dress.

      Actual Yoga Lesson Request

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        Hong Kong-Shek O

        Does student have yoga learning experience?No
        How old is the student who wants to learn yoga?26 - 44 years old
        What kind of benefit does student want to get from the yoga lesson?Relaxation & Reduce Pressure
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        Kowloon-Hung Hom

        How old is the student who wants to learn yoga?26 - 44 years old
        Does student have yoga learning experience?Yes, learnt Aerial Yoga before
        What kind of yoga would student like to learn?Aerial Yoga
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        Hong Kong-Sai Ying Pun

        What kind of benefit does student want to get from the yoga lesson?Better Physical Health, Keep Fit & Loss Weight
        Which type of lesson does student prefer?Private Small Class (2 - 6 persons) (non open to other students)
        How often would you like to meet?Once Per Week

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