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Featured Swimming Instructors

  1. Swimming Lesson, Vince Lo-Vince Lo
    Vince Lo
    • Swimming Instructor, Li Pui Ling Angie-Li Pui Ling Angie
      Li Pui Ling Angie
      • Baby Swimming Lesson, Coach Wing-COACH WING
        COACH WING
        • Swimming Coach, Kowloon Park-Max Chan
          Max Chan
          • Swimming Techer, Thomas Tam-Thomas Tam
            Thomas Tam
            • Swimming lesson for kid, winglo-winglo
              • Swimming Lesson for adult, Raymond Lee-Raymond Lee
                Raymond Lee
                • Prviate Swimming lesson, Fun, Funity-Fun
                  • Swimming class in Hong Kong, Charmaine Chan-Charmaine Chan
                    Charmaine Chan
                    • Swimming club, Yukai-Yukai
                      • Swimming Class, Simon Cheung-Simon cheung
                        Simon cheung
                        • Swimming Team, Mr Zhang-張sir

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                          • "Wanna Get my son a private swimming teacher "


                            Hong Kong-Central

                            What is the student's current swimming level?Elementary
                            Gender Preference for the InstructorMale
                            Which class type do you prefer?1-to-1 Tutoring
                          • "Beginner. want to learn how to swim in different forms"

                            Mrs. Chan

                            Hong Kong- Sai Yin Pun

                            What is the student's current swimming level?No Experience
                            Gender Preference for the InstructorFemale
                            Which class type do you prefer?Small Class (~2-6 Students)
                          • "Preparing myself for a professional swimming contest. "

                            Toby To

                            Kowloon- Kowloon City

                            What is the student's current swimming level?Advanced
                            Gender Preference for the InstructorMale
                            Which class type do you prefer?1-to-1 Tutoring

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                          • Rita
                            May 18, 2018

                            啊sir 十分有耐心,上堂認真又有趣💪🏻👍🏻

                          • Kelvin Chiu
                            May 17, 2018


                          • Hinson Law
                            May 2, 2018

                          • seewon oh
                            April 30, 2018

                          • J Pa Chan
                            April 29, 2018

                            有心有料有禮貌 多謝 Jason sir

                          •  雅麗
                            April 28, 2018

                          About Swimming Lesson - Private Swimming Lessons for Kids or Adults

                          Hire a Swimming Teacher with HelloToby Now!

                          The swimming coaches on the HelloToby platform are verified by real name and professional examination. They are sincere and have professional swimming knowledge and rich teaching experience. Both one-on-one private swimming coach or swimming class coach can fully get to know your needs; both beginners and advanced swimmers, children or adolescents may improve their swimming according to their technology and degree in teaching and practice; you can absolutely hire them.

                          All you need to do is to post your requirements for the service of swimming, such as the location of class, your experience in swimming, etc. The swimming instructor will contact you soon to provide the quotation. You can easily contact at least four private swimming coaches and compare their quotes and past scores to choose the best swimming instructor for you. You will get the best solution for your services anytime and anywhere.

                          Cost to Hire a Swimming Instructor in Hong Kong

                          Swimming is one of the basic survival skills, and everyone should learn to swim. On the one hand, swimming belongs to aerobic exercise, which is beneficial to cardiopulmonary function. On the other side, there is no age limit for swimming, and both men and women, the old and the young are suitable for training. What is the tuition fee for adult swimming classes, children swimming classes and swimming classes on the market? Note the following cost guidelines for swimming classes:

                          1)The specific charge of swimming coach

                          The tuition fee for swimming classes is more affordable than many interest-oriented classes because its supply and demand rate is larger. Generally, the tuition fee is different according to the institutions (LCSD swimming classes/swimming association/Hong Kong swimming association/swimming association, etc.), the number of students per class, students level, quality of coaches, as well as the venue.

                          For all institutions, the LCSD swimming class is the cheapest, requiring only $100 for 10 swimming lessons. If the students are older than 60, they can enrol in adult swimming classes for free. However, due to a large number of swimmers, there are limited in the number of students of the LCSD swimming class and the quota is allocated by lottery.

                          Students may also consider swimming classes held by swimming association and swimming schools at a price of $100-$280 per hour. For reference market prices, the average tuition fee for infant swimming classes is about $143 per hour. The average tuition fee for children swimming classes is about $137 per hour. The average tuition for adult swimming classes is about $116 per hour. The tuition fee for infant swimming classes will be higher, because the proportion of teachers and students is smaller, and it requires the swimming coach to supervise and teach along them. The number of participants in the classes by swimming association and swimming school is ranged from 5 to 20.

                          If students have more budgets, they can find a private swimming coach for one-on-one or one-on-two swimming lessons. For the market price, hiring an ordinary private swimming coach is priced about $400 per hour on average; a senior coach is priced about $600 per hour on average.

                          2)The duties of swimming coach

                          There are all kinds of swimming classes, including the classes based on age or degree. Swimming beginners will mainly learn floating, self-standing and water breathing. When students are familiar with water, they will be taught the freestyle or breaststroke skills, breathing techniques and basic leg movements. Most of the swimming courses are based on 25 meters, and students can successfully learn a kind of swimming stroke.

                          In the intermediate swimming course, students can learn more about backstroke and butterfly stroke. Advanced swimming courses will teach students to further improve four types of movements, such as the decomposed practice of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly stroke, as well as endurance and speed practice. The children or adults who learn to swim will learn the competition movements at the same time, such as diving, turning in water and so on.

                          3)The addition charge of swimming coach

                          The maximum additional cost for swimming classes is swimming pool’s entrance fee. For adult trainees, $17 to $19 is required for the single entry and exit of public swimming pool. $8-$9 is for the people aged 60 or above, children aged 3 to 13, full-time students and disabled persons. A monthly admission fee without unlimited times for adults is $300. Additional rent will be paid if you need to rent pool lanes.

                          How to learn swimming? What swimming courses are there in the market?

                          Private swimming coaches/swimming schools offer different types of swimming lessons. A one-on-one swimming coach can develop a learning plan for students. The swimming classes of swimming association will set the lessson in accordance with the situation, with different number of students per class. The LCSD swimming class has a lot of students.

                          Swimming for kids: Are children suitable for learn swimming?

                          Although children at the age of 1 and 4 are less likely to suffer from drowning when swimming, parents should depend on their children’s acceptance of the water and their psychosomatic development to determine whether to learn. In addition, children with poor resistance should not learn to swim too early in order to avoid being infected by water bacteria.

                          What difficulties are there for adult to learn swimming?

                          The difficulty of learning swimming for adults lies in buoyancy, weight, bones, joints and so on. If you are afraid of embarrassment, it will affect your swimming performance. The swimming students can first check the coach’s gender, experience, resume... Whether a man or a woman, an adult or a child can find a suitable swimming class.

                          How do you check the qualification of swimming coach?

                          In Hong Kong, it is temporarily unable to stipulate that swimming coaches must have any qualification. However, the Hong Kong Amateur Swimming Association, the Hong Kong Swimming Coach Association and the Hong Kong Swimming Teachers' Association have accreditation and set a roster of coaches. Guests can check the swimming instructor if necessary.

                          Average Cost for Hiring a Swimming Teacher
                          Average 250/hour
                          Average$ 250MinimumMaximum$ 100$ 600
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