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Featured Swimming Coaches

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                      • "Wanna get my son a private swimming coach in Hong Kong"


                        Hong Kong-Central

                        What is the student's current swimming level?Elementary
                        Gender Preference of the InstructorMale
                        Which class type do you prefer?1-to-1 Tutoring
                      • "Beginner. Want to learn different swimming styles"

                        Mrs. Chan

                        Hong Kong- Sai Yin Pun

                        What is the student's current swimming level?No Experience
                        Gender Preference of the InstructorFemale
                        Which class type do you prefer?Small Class (~2-6 Students)
                      • "Preparing myself for a professional swimming contest. "

                        Toby To

                        Kowloon- Kowloon City

                        What is the student's current swimming level?Advanced
                        Gender Preference of the InstructorMale
                        Which class type do you prefer?1-to-1 Tutoring

                      Customer Reviews

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                      Average Swimming Instructor Rating:
                      • Pauline Tse
                        August 15, 2019
                        Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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                        The first time I used this platform, I met a good coach - sir. I am afraid of water and I know the water, I know how to breathe, and I feel that my hands and feet are coordinated with the woman. 😅 Up to now, I have been able to swim to the left, and I have been able to swim to a small number. If I participate in a tour, I may be able to learn how to play with the water. I believe that I can practice more and I can learn quickly. ✌🏻 In the process of learning, sir is very clear and careful in every movement and skill. I absolutely feel that the department is a sincere professor, without delaying the study time, and giving a lot of encouragement in the process, making the whole course atmosphere easy. Everywhere, there will be progress in every class. Zhong has a personal opinion that he wants to learn to speak, and it is best to study one-on-one. 😊

                      • Cassie
                        August 11, 2019
                        Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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                        Coach Joe is very professional and knows how to teach in accordance with his aptitude. Every time he sees him, he will bring a lot of teaching tools, and he will teach according to the degree of each person and his ability to comprehend. At the same time, Joe coach is also very patient. When he can't comprehend the essentials of the action, he will personally demonstrate and think of many different ways to make me understand. In the end, I have to say that Joe's personality is also incomparable to Nice. It is very talkative. The chat between him and his chat will make people very relaxed and happy. Five stars recommended! ! 👍👍👍

                      • annie
                        June 11, 2019
                        Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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                        Unconsciously, I have been in three classes, and Vic and Eunice teach with intent and teach in accordance with their aptitude. The two little girls have different personalities, but the professionalism of vic and the gentle patience of the Eunice female coach make them all beneficial. They are very afraid of water, not resisting, and expect to attend classes every week. In addition, Eunice's love is so touching, she took the initiative to help my daughter wipe the nose, I believe this is not love, certainly can not do it! She is not only caring, but also has methods and techniques. She makes water-loving girls love to play with water. It is amazing!

                      • Summer Yung
                        June 14, 2019
                        Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
                        show original review

                        I have tried several times in the past few years to learn to swim, to go to swimming classes, and to try one-on-one private teaching, but I can't even learn the most basic frog style. . . This time I was lucky to meet Vic on the platform of HelloToby. I only learned about my breaststroke after 4 lessons! ! ! Although I have to continue training, I will swim well, but it is really not easy for Vic to teach a sports idiot in 4 halls. hoho🤦‍♀️😆😆

                      • Echo Zhao
                        July 29, 2019

                        Jimmy is professional at teaching swimming. You can definitely master swimming skills within short period given the instructions and help by Jimmy. There is no doubt that he is the best swimming coach I have ever had and thanks so much for his skillful teaching method and patience, I have learned four styles within two months. Reasonable price, excellent instructor and useful tips from Jimmy is of so much help and every lesson is interesting based on his great sense of humor. Jimmy is the best!

                      • Tracy Shek
                        May 7, 2019

                        Vic is an excellent instructor. He was extremely patient, caring and I had so much fun during our sessions. With Vic’s help, I went from not knowing how to swim to meeting my goal of 200m breaststroke with good technique in under a month. For things that I found hard to grasp, he would patiently keep trying different methods of explaining until I understood. I would highly recommend Vic to anyone who wants to improve their swimming – from absolute beginners to elite athletes.

                      About Swimming Lesson - Swimming Lesson for kids, Swimming Coach Hong Kong, Private Swimming Lessons for Adults

                      The Swimming Coaches on HelloToby have been authenticated and reviewed. They are sincere, professional, and experienced. Your needs will be catered through one-to-one private Swimming Lessons or addressed by a Swimming Coach. Beginners, advanced swimmers, children, and teenagers can all find the right swimming coach suitable for their levels, improving their swimming skills through learning and practicing. You can hire our Pros without a doubt.

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                      How can I learn swimming? What kinds of swimming courses are there?

                      Swimming lessons are mainly provided by private coaches and swimming schools/ associations. One-on-one lessons can cater the specific needs of students and customize personal training plans for them. As for swimming associations, they arrange classes based on the number of students. For classes held by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, swimmers are usually taught in classes.

                      Is there any age limits for leaning swimming? Is it suitable for children to learn swimming?

                      The difficulty of learning swimming for adults lies in floating and problems with weight and joints. If you feel uncomfortable about swimming, you can specfify for coach's gender and experience beforehand. For both male and female, adults and kids will be able to find a suitable swimming coach on our platform.

                      How can I verify the coach or swimming instructor's qualification? What qualifications should I look for?

                      There are no laws in Hong Kong so far which require coaches to acquire a particular qualifications. The Hong Kong Amateur Swimming Association, Hong Kong Swimming Coaches Association, and Hong Kong Swimming Teachers' Association certify professional swimming coaches. Exams for swimming coaches are also available. Feel free to enquire swimming coaches when needed.

                      Around how much does it cost to learn swimming? How are the fees calculated?

                      Swimming lessons cost $100 at least, and the average cost per hour is $250 in Hong Kong. The cost taught by either a female or male coach is practically the same. As the law has no requirement concerning coaches' qualifications, private coaches with a certificate will charge slightly more. Fees might also be higher for professional memebrs of the Hong Kong Swimming Coaches Association, Hong Kong Swimming Association, and anything in similar nature.

                      Average Cost for Hiring a Swimming Teacher
                      Minimum$ 100
                      Average$ 250
                      Maximum$ 600

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